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Brazil will receive an additional search and rescue aircraft C-295

Airbus has announced that the Brazilian Defense Ministry has exercised the option to supply the Amazon SC-105 Amazonas (Brazilian designation C-295) in the search and rescue version, reports TSAMTO.

Brazil will receive an additional search and rescue aircraft C-295

The contract for the additional aircraft was signed in December 2017 of the year. After its delivery in 2020, the total number of C-295 in the Brazilian Air Force will be 15 units.

Currently, the Brazilian Air Force is armed with ten C-295 in the version of the military transport aircraft and three C-295 in the search and rescue version.

"SC-105 airplanes are equipped with an electro-optical system to search for objects over land and sea in the visible and infrared range, installed in the nose of the EL / M-2022A (V) 3 X-band synthesized radar, satellite communication system, control system Fits. Radar provides simultaneous detection in the 360 sector hail. to 640 targets within a radius of 200 nautical miles (370 km). The station allows you to detect targets that are similar in size to the boat, and accompany them at speeds up to 75 nodes (139 km / h), ”says the material.

In addition, the radar allows you to receive images of the earth's surface with a resolution of up to one square meter in the area 2,5x2,5 km.

The crew of each aircraft consists of 9 man: two pilots, an engineer, two operators of the detection system (radar and thermal imaging system of the front view) and 4-x observers.

The aircraft may drop rescue equipment or essential items. SC-105 can be reconfigured for use in medical evacuation or transportation of troops and cargo, as well as other tasks.
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    RASKAT 25 January 2018 14: 44 New
    I would like to criticize our IL-112 a bit against the background of this aircraft. The same weight, dimensions, amount of fuel, etc., but the range and carrying capacity are 2 times higher for the C-295. Thanks to the Pratt Whitney Canada PW127G engines. Damn, maybe we will buy a couple of planes through some kind of Kazakhstan or Minsk and copy engines. And somehow it’s a shame slightly for the homeland. request
    1. san4es
      san4es 25 January 2018 16: 11 New
      hi ... Add for clarity:
      SC-105 Amazonas
    2. Topotun
      Topotun 25 January 2018 16: 17 New
      It is not a design, the problem is in the materials, production technology, etc.