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75 anniversary of the liberation of Voronezh from the Nazi invaders

Today Voronezh celebrates the 75 anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders. At the same time, it is useful to remind that Voronezh did not fully submit to the invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

From the very morning solemn events in honor of the defeat of the German fascist invaders, in which were not only soldiers of the German army, take place in the capital of the Black Earth Region. Occupied part of Voronezh and representatives of the Allied Wehrmacht armies - Italians, Hungarians and others. Recall that near Voronezh (near the settlement of Boldyrevka) is the world's largest military burial of Hungarian soldiers as a reminder of what ended Hitler's adventure on the banks of the Don.

75 anniversary of the liberation of Voronezh from the Nazi invaders

The President of Russia sent a telegram of congratulations to the citizens of Voronezh. We give its text:
For centuries, Voronezh has played a large, significant role in the development of the country, strengthening Russian statehood, and increasing the martial glory of the Fatherland. But special, unforgettable pages stories cities associated with the Great Patriotic War. More than two hundred days and nights the defenders of Voronezh confronted the cruel enemy. The soldiers and officers of the Red Army, the militia, without sparing their lives, displaying unparalleled courage and resilience, fought for every street, every house. For every inch of native land. And on January 25, the city of 1943 was liberated.

The fighting for Voronezh largely predetermined the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad, of all the key battles of 1943 of the year, became an important stage on the path to the Great Victory.

Today, the capital of the Russian Chernozem region proudly bears the honorary title of the City of Military Glory. Voronezh people love and know how to work, honor the traditions of many generations of their countrymen, and cherish the memory of the heroic deed of the liberators.

And of course, the most sincere words - to veterans. Thank you for your valor and courage, for the peaceful sky above your head, for the happiness of living and working in a prosperous and strong country.

Once again, I congratulate you on a significant date, I wish you success and fulfillment of your plans.

Acting Governor of the region Alexander Gusev took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the military memorial. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of veterans and other public organizations, the Russian Orthodox Church, and law enforcement agencies.

Recall that Voronezh has the status of the City of Military Glory.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 25 January 2018 14: 17
    Congratulations to Voronezh and veterans. I bow to you!
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 25 January 2018 14: 39
      Maybe at least on this date Voronezh will be awarded the title of Hero City?
      In WWII, only in two cities did the front line pass through the city - Stalingrad and Voronezh. And in the duration of the battles, Voronezh is second only to Sevastopol and Leningrad.
      Only in the Voronezh direction were destroyed 26 German divisions, the 2nd Hungarian and 8th Italian armies, many Romanian units. The enemy suffered losses of 320 thousand people, 75 thousand were taken prisoner, which is more than in Stalingrad. But our 400 thousand fighters laid their heads there. Eternal memory to them and Glory!
      1. Cobalt
        Cobalt 25 January 2018 17: 27
        There is a lot of iron in the Voronezh land! Defenders of the fatherland bow low.
        1. Firework
          Firework 25 January 2018 17: 44
          recently concluded that under other circumstances, the USSR could lose the war by Nazi Germany, provided that:
          1. Germans attack in May
          2. Turkey and Japan also enter the war
          3. USA and England do not include USSR in Lend-Lease supplies
          4. the winter of 1941 is milder and the Germans stock up in advance with everything necessary for war in the winter
          1. Orionvit
            Orionvit 25 January 2018 18: 59
            Quote: Salute
            recently concluded that under other circumstances the USSR could lose the war by Nazi Germany

            A lot if, yes if only. Do not fool your head, not to yourself not to others. Negotiated on this topic already so much that is simply not interesting. Our war ended in Berlin, the complete defeat of Nazi Germany, and the point. Yes, I forgot about Japan, and the complete defeat of the Kwantung army.
            1. Firework
              Firework 26 January 2018 01: 43
              I’m talking about the fact that the victory over the Nazis is a common cause, without lendlis and with a more unfavorable military situation when the number of German allies was a bigger loss. There are those who consider the help of Americans so insignificant that supposedly it can be neglected and not taken into account
          2. antivirus
            antivirus 25 January 2018 21: 35
            May 1 were occupied by Yugoslavia, for Italians and to Greece - Suez
            2Turks and Yapis also knew their weaknesses - you can’t fight in winter.
            only in the summer, and the number of ICE and other equipment (easily tanks) in the USSR, a huge number =. they are weak against Germany, and for the natives there would be enough light
            3. The Britons would not be friendly, against the Germans at all, they had to see them 3-5 years ahead — THE RIGHT DECISIONS ARE MADE.
            4. THERE IS SR MAX AND MINIMUM BY CENTURIES. there was no data for the 19th century and they broke the blitz-krig
  2. faterdom
    faterdom 25 January 2018 14: 20
    Hungarians need to send congratulations. It was near Voronezh that the 2nd Royal Army of Hungary proved extremely cruel to civilians. For which almost everything was destroyed, hardly more than the Germans from the Stalingrad boiler survived from it.
    Well, not to be forgotten ...
    1. Dormidont
      Dormidont 25 January 2018 14: 35
      Strange are these Europeans. They get the third thousand years from Russian stars, and they won’t calm down
      1. faterdom
        faterdom 25 January 2018 14: 42
        Yes, the jackal states. Themselves, alone, naturally, neither Hungary, nor Romania, nor Italy would have climbed into the USSR, but with the Big Bandit together - yes, all of a sudden, there’s something to profit from there. Then they mourn their cemeteries, which were formed on the Don - and who called you?
        So the current tobacco is scurrying around, asking for more American troops, Russian built-up airfields offer, and even places for missile defense - this is really a sacred cow (although the Czechs poison this uniformity on missile defense)! So after all, and again, together with the Boss, they will rake, but not cemeteries will be on the Don, but on the Dniester and the Danube. Well, on the Thames, of course.
    2. Separ
      Separ 25 January 2018 18: 46
      Romanians also did not differ in affection.
  3. dm_Russia
    dm_Russia 25 January 2018 14: 32
    Thank you ALL for your congratulations!
    All fellow countrymen - Hurray!
    Veterans - bow to the ground!
  4. zzdimk
    zzdimk 25 January 2018 14: 43
    A good city. New Year celebrated there. I liked the Arsenal Museum. A very knowledgeable guide there. I learned a lot.
  5. Separ
    Separ 25 January 2018 18: 44
    The titles of the City - Hero of Voronezh were not assigned at the time due to the "fraternal" policy of the CPSU to our former "brothers" - Magyars and Romanians (and their lies in the Voronezh zemlya nemeryano), although Voronezh was not inferior to Stalingrad in the value of defensive battles.
  6. faterdom
    faterdom 25 January 2018 20: 08
    Quote: Separ
    The titles of the City - Hero of Voronezh were not assigned at the time due to the "fraternal" policy of the CPSU to our former "brothers" - Magyars and Romanians (and their lies in the Voronezh zemlya nemeryano), although Voronezh was not inferior to Stalingrad in the value of defensive battles.

    Wow, political correctness, eat it ... And it is not known who shot in Babi Yar and burned Khatyn ... And Salaspils guarded ... Soviet ideologists preferred to feed the people with a sweet lie. So that this boomerang returns to the head of the same people.
    And so, in terms of the totality of battles, their fierceness, their significance and the losses suffered by the parties, Voronezh without any stretch of the hero city. And maybe it’s never too late to restore historical justice - to award Voronezh with this title. And the city on the Volga will return the name Stalingrad, under which our European partners know and love it.
  7. Andrey160479
    Andrey160479 25 January 2018 21: 51
    I myself am from Smolensk. Our monuments are continuous graves (burials). When asked about the sights, this is a fortress, a cathedral and monuments and burials. I'm talking about the fact that every city where a German stepped on a filthy foot would give a hero. They are pogans, reduced the number of Smolyan during the occupation by 50%. I do not like the Germans and the rest of the bastard. Voronezh should have been given a Hero !.
  8. Stoler
    Stoler 26 January 2018 00: 52
    I live in Voronezh and know its history. It's a shame that for the sake of politics, Voronezh was not awarded the deserved title of Hero City!
  9. Victor1
    Victor1 27 January 2018 16: 52
    Voronezh needs to be awarded the title of Hero City!