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Fiends on the Black Sea: the little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. 1 part

In the modern world, where the whitening of the Nazis has become a political trend, it is just the right way to publish evidence of their crimes. No matter how surprising it is, they often try to reduce the entire wealth of data on Nazi atrocities to the most egregious cases (the blockade of Leningrad, Salaspils, Auschwitz, etc.), which has recently been used against the victims of the Nazis themselves. You will rub out any Westerner, as instantly he will begin to mumble about the vicissitudes of war, isolated cases, or even fall into the gastric ecstasy of the modern professional consumer of everything and everyone and bark about the "Bavarian". That's why boys from Urengoy, inspired by liberal zhlobskaya psychology, mothballs of Vlasovites of various kinds, “independent” journalists with a characteristic hanging leash, etc., breed with us. etc.

Ruined Novorossiysk

And it never occurred to them (more precisely, it is simply unprofitable for career and financial reasons) that the practice of permanent migrant concentration camps was used by European “civilizers” throughout the entire occupied part of the Soviet Union. Why are there a little thing, this practice is generally peculiar to Western “civilizers” throughout stories humanity to this day. For example, what is the difference between the White Helmets and the White Helmets that were promoted in the West as humanitarian pigeons, which were convicted more than once of forgery and even trafficking in human organs? Those Natsik only in Novorossiysk completely got away for the "White Helmets". In February, the 1943 of the year, before the bright Easter holiday, the invaders posted announcements that food (1kg of flour and 1 kg of fish) would be distributed to the local population, who were literally sweating from hunger. Some desperate and starving citizens believed this. A crowd gathered. At the same time, German operators and photographers appeared. As soon as the faithful chicks of Goebbels clicked off the shots they needed, few of the products already distributed were taken away from the people, and the crowd was dispersed with rifle fire. And after a few days all over the land (true in an enlightened Europe), they trumpeted in the occupation sheets and on the radio as the Nazis took care of the Russian population.

But these are just touches to the portrait. Thanks to the search engines from the Novorossiysk Search Center Dmitry Ninua and Nikolai Melnik, who provided the author with photocopies of rare archival materials, the reader will be able to learn more fully the history of the occupation and crimes of the Nazis in Novorossiysk and surrounding areas and villages.

Novorossiysk and Malaya Zemlya in the sketches of the artist Pavel Kirpichev

On the morning of September 16, 1943, Novorossiysk was completely liberated from the invaders. The grouping of Nazi troops quickly hastened to the side of Temryuk, fearing to be surrounded. The decision was quite logical, partly because of the memory they left behind. This was especially true of the Romanian units, who did not distinguish themselves, although in battle, but who advanced almost into first place in terms of punitive actions, looting and the most banal robbery. Both laughter and sin, but these “proud warriors” managed to whistle even baths from wealthy houses. Contrary to allegations in the strict discipline of the nemchury, they systematically pulled from the local population all that came to their eyes. True, preferring precious metals, food and clothing.

However, the liberation of the city besides joy brought sadness and bitterness. There were neither flowers, nor those who could give these liberators flowers. The city was empty, totally empty. The population has disappeared. Troops marched through the streets of Novorossiysk, destroyed by 96,5%. Some of the soldiers, the former Novorossiysk, were desperately searching for relatives in the ruins of their homes or at least some news about where they were. But all this was in vain. Moreover, hourly soldiers and sailors had to tear down Nazi ads, pasted on all the remaining city walls and pillars, which said that any civilian in the city would be shot. True, hope dies, as usual, last. Only a couple of days later, in a deaf basement, they managed to find a woman and her three children who had survived a miracle. This was an event that so clearly covered the situation in the liberated city that the 1 th secretary of the Krasnodar Regional Committee Peter Seleznyov wrote about this to the Central Committee of the AUCPB.

Fiends on the Black Sea: the little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. 1 part

Sailors consider the "legitimate civilized" demands of the Nazi occupiers in the already liberated Novorossiysk

For a long time the troops in the city did not stay. The importance of pursuing the retreating enemy with the hope of driving him into the "cauldron" quickly forced the main forces to leave Novorossiysk, leaving the city a few garrison and partisan-Novorossiysk. Such as Petr Vasev, who had been an employee of the city committee on industry and transport before the war, and immediately after his release, he was appointed second secretary of the city committee.

The “inheritance” that went to the city authorities was not just complicated, but scary. The city after the departure of the troops began to resemble a ghost. But this ghost town was totally mined and littered with corpses. So that the population, who managed to evacuate on time, began to return, it was necessary to urgently solve these acute problems.

Therefore, judging by the acts found in the archives, in the first days of October 1943, a special commission was formed from representatives of local authorities and the military garrison. The main purpose of the commission was to bury the bodies of those killed during the liberation of the soldiers, but it was then that the true scale of the Nazi crimes on the shores of the Black Sea began to be revealed. No, of course, the authorities and the military were aware of the forced hijacking of the population in the Reich and executions, but the exact scale and daily practice of the attitude of the occupants to civilians was far from fully understood. The commission included Deputy Chairman of the City Executive Committee of Langovoi, representatives of the City Fire and City Health Department comrades Erganov, Sharkov and Grishay, as well as Captain Mandelberg.

Despite the dry record-keeping coldness of the act drawn up by the commission, there is a cry for help through it. The commission stated that the corpses of the fallen liberators of Novorossiysk need urgent burial. Do not forget in September and early October, the southern city can still plunge into the suffocating heat for a whole day of light with all the ensuing consequences. In addition, there was no auto-transport in the city. But before the war, in the Novorossiysk region there were several state farms and farms that had, if not automotive equipment, then a sufficient amount of horse-drawn transport. Where did he go - a rhetorical question.

As a result, the commission abandoned the very idea of ​​creating a single military cemetery. Therefore, when they tell me that Novorossiysk is standing on its bones, there can be no offense here - only the bitter truth. The graves were often torn out right on the spot where the dead fighters were found. Slightly less, the remains were brought in to create a mass grave. This happened only when the dead were close to each other or in a separate fenced area. For example, they did it to those who died during the defense of DZOT Saraychik - the mass grave is now located on the territory of Spetsdorremstroy CJSC.

All returned local residents who could be found were attracted to the burial works. Still, in the acts appear meager numbers in 30-35 people, but the scale of the work was truly enormous. On October 6 alone, 1943 of the year about half a thousand soldiers were buried, not counting the fact that they had to arrange the existing graves and sometimes find them again.

Demining in the devastated Novorossiysk

Besides groups of sappers-volunteers from especially peace people have been formed. Initially, they included only women. For each such detachment was attached a military miner, who taught the volunteers "on location".

It was during all this work that the first "evidence" of the European Ordnung got out of the ground. Human remains began to be found in crevices, ravines, narrow beams and ravines. Unfortunately, forcibly hijacked residents of Novorossiysk returned home slowly. Liberated by our units far from home, they faced a traffic collapse and all the "surprises" of the war. But they were most aware of the crimes of the Nazis, in contrast to those who managed to leave the city. It was valuable time, but even in these conditions, the authorities decided to launch a full-fledged investigation of Nazi crimes on the Black Sea shores.

To be continued ...
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  1. Firework
    Firework 30 January 2018 06: 12
    Considering with what methodology the Nazis killed the entire “non-Aryan” population of the occupied territories, I am grateful to the Red Army for generously hammering the Wehrmacht's positions with heavy artillery, each shell was a manifestation of humanism since with every Nazi killed there was a chance for concentration camp prisoners and the population of the occupied territories survival
  2. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 30 January 2018 06: 41
    In the photo, where the Red Navy is clearing mine, in the background is clearly visible, flooded by German aircraft, the leader of "Tashkent" on the "elevator" (N3) pier .... In the top photo in the center, the church dominating the rest of the landscape is clearly visible. After the war, it was remade into the cinema "Russia", and now, it was remade again, back to the church ... By the way, burial places of the war are often found in the construction of houses and other objects in the city, but they are no longer reported, so as not to interrupt the construction of the "investigation" is simple, quietly taking out the remains to landfills ....
    1. Eastern wind
      30 January 2018 11: 22
      I already wrote about this ... However, critics are always curious from Americans.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 30 January 2018 11: 36
        Where is the "criticism"? And by the way, I have lived in this city for more than one year and now, sometimes, I come on business ....
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 30 January 2018 11: 47
          I confirm there was no criticism hi Thanks to the author for his work. soldier We look forward to continuing. It would tell in school programs ...
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 30 January 2018 12: 17
            By the way, I lived, just in that area, which is partially (on the right) shown in the first photo on the "Standard" ...
            1. Mikado
              Mikado 30 January 2018 12: 39
              I live on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, in the Southwest. We also had the front line of defense there. And too much blood was shed. Wikimapia says that not so far from my old apartment, even the remains of German “tobruks” have been preserved. We should get out, see. what
              1. Cat Marquis
                Cat Marquis 30 January 2018 12: 58
                ABOUT! And I! I also live in St. Petersburg, in the South-West on Partizan German ... and not "in the trash", as some here think, I have a house (apartment)!
                1. Mikado
                  Mikado 30 January 2018 12: 59
                  Countrymen! By the way, there are still a number of people on the site who exactly lives with us. drinks
                  1. Proxima
                    Proxima 31 January 2018 10: 02
                    Quote: Mikado
                    Countrymen! By the way, there are still a number of people on the site who exactly lives with us. drinks

                    Yes, no wonder, we have a city of 5 million. I live in Utkina backwater.
                    1. Mikado
                      Mikado 31 January 2018 10: 41
                      The reptiloid lives in the north. Of those with whom I communicate, there is Anton (3x3save) and Alexander (Paranoid50). Yes, the esteemed Alexei Anatolyevich (Sailboat) also lived with us for a long time. drinks
          2. captain
            captain 30 January 2018 12: 42
            Quote: Mikado
            I confirm there was no criticism hi Thanks to the author for his work. soldier We look forward to continuing. It would tell in school programs ...

            That’s the budget money that our cultural workers spend on glorifying pi .... and giving it to films about our people and their suffering and heroism.
            1. Mikado
              Mikado 30 January 2018 12: 57
              at least just first learn again make a good movie. And control his shooting, starting from reading the script that is written in it. Yes, some censorship! Because under the auspices of filming films about our people and their suffering and heroism can remove "Inconscience. Salvation of Private Barin," and another "Stalingrad." request and in addition also to cut the loot! hi
        2. Eastern wind
          30 January 2018 12: 12
          Yes, not "criticism", but opinion. And so, the opinion of the American salesman is also interesting to me, as from the standard Americans ...
          1. Monster_Fat
            Monster_Fat 30 January 2018 12: 31
            So, the opinion of the American salesman is also interesting to me, as from the standard Americanos ...

            one of the biblical commandments says: ".... pride is a mortal sin ..." wink
            Yes, and about the "traveling salesman" - they didn’t guess, in fact, I save the peace and security of your city — I service and inspect oil pumping equipment at oil depots in Okhonka (Afonka) and Sheskharis. wink
            1. Eastern wind
              30 January 2018 14: 51
              You are not there to crack from the strain? The peace and security of my city is occupied by the RVKS and the Airborne Forces, so it’s not necessary to build a hero from you, traveling salesman.
            2. Huumi
              Huumi 30 January 2018 18: 39
              Do not pay attention - to you, who is busy with Work and work, respect and honor. And it does not matter where the person lives, it is important what he does!
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 31 January 2018 20: 03
                And it doesn’t matter where the person lives, what matters is what he does!

                gold words! good Add: "children, do not quarrel over trifles"! wink drinks We live in one information field, but there are no Russophobes among us! soldier (and if they appear - moderators usually work promptly hi )
      2. Amurets
        Amurets 30 January 2018 13: 52
        Quote: East Wind
        I already wrote about this ... However, critics are always curious from Americans.
        Thanks, thanks. Very timely article. And Monster_Fat - his comments always carried constructive thoughts.
    2. Serg65
      Serg65 30 January 2018 11: 56
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      By the way, burials from the time of the war are often found in the construction of houses and other objects in the city, but they are no longer informed about them — in order not to interrupt the construction for an “investigation”, secretly dump residues into landfills....

      what On May 9 we say, “Thank you, Grandfather for the Victory,” and on May 10 we forget everything !!!! And it was during the Union, if it were not for Brezhnev, then who would have known about Malaya Zemlya, about Saraichik, about Kunikov-one! Here in Voronezh, Leonid Ilyich was not and not about Voronezh and not in the know, and not only about Voronezh ...
      It's a shame to tears, how many times I visited Novorossiysk, I visited the museum of defense, but nowhere about the information in the article !!!!!! So the question arises ... from where do the Urengoy boys come from?
      1. Serg koma
        Serg koma 30 January 2018 17: 30
        Quote: Serg65
        On May 9 we say "Thank you to my grandfather for the Victory", and on May 10 we forget about everything !!!!

        I tried relatively young people to ask the question - "When did the Great Patriotic War end?" Try to repeat my experience. belay
        1. Serg65
          Serg65 31 January 2018 07: 44
          Quote: Serg Koma
          Try to repeat my experience

          what I tried more than once, one individual to the question who is Lenin, without blinking an eye gave ... the first president of the USSR and he defeated Hitler! wassat
          But it is also noticeable that if parents are interested in the history of their ancestors, then their child can intelligently answer the question.
          1. Serg koma
            Serg koma 31 January 2018 09: 06
            It kills me the most when (with posters everywhere) they "float" in 1945, and even on "June 22, 1941" a continuous "flight" ...
    3. Huumi
      Huumi 30 January 2018 18: 37
      How's it going to landfills? -I don’t understand?
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 30 January 2018 07: 49
    The war was fought by the Nazis to destroy the Soviet people, the state .. And it was not only in Novorossiysk, in the entire occupied territory, I will say for the Temryuk mentioned in the article ..... There were almost no liberators of Temryuk, too ... In 1939, the city population was 23 inhabitants, even in 200 they did not reach this level ...
  4. kipage
    kipage 30 January 2018 09: 50
    Animals are noted everywhere
    I look forward to continuing
  5. Russia
    Russia 30 January 2018 09: 53
    Until the school is returned to the normal study of subjects (I’m not only talking about history), until the human textbooks are returned to school (and not the current newspeak, published and adopted for the sake of dough!), Until the teachers become again TEACHERS, and not "specialists in the provision of services, "we will grow" if Urengoy "and work" judges from Arkhangelsk " am
  6. avva2012
    avva2012 30 January 2018 13: 34
    Thanks to the author, as always, an excellent syllable and a concise, but informative article. To be continued and this is good. The topic, of course, is scary. Rabies rises, as you think that IT is trying to erase from memory!
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. bubalik
    bubalik 30 January 2018 16: 41
    The battles for Novorossiysk lasted for 393 days. Only heroic Leningrad lasted longer.

    I would like to know more about the role of the Cossacks in this period.
    The Platov regiment, at the beginning of 1943, was transferred to Novorossiysk, where, together with German and Romanian troops, it fought against the partisans and guarded the coast. In the spring of the forty-third regiment participated in the defense of the "Kuban bridgehead defense", reflecting the Soviet naval landing. In the reports of that time it was noted that the Cossack regiment copes with its tasks perfectly and fights much better than the Romanian units.
    1. Huumi
      Huumi 30 January 2018 18: 47
      He didn’t hold on - he was dying out. Do not confuse the assault on the city with its siege
  9. peta locksmith
    peta locksmith 30 January 2018 17: 57
    cit. "And laughter and sin, but these" proud warriors "

    it is unacceptable to talk about Romanian murderers, thieves and marauders in such a playful tone!

    these ub ... ki, together with the Nazis, killed and robbed - and the author of them - "and laughter and sin" !!!

    you see, the author tolerated
    laurels of a boy from Urengoy do not give rest
    1. Huumi
      Huumi 30 January 2018 18: 48
      I don’t understand, what’s it for you, Kolya and Urengoy? -What did he remember so much that they shove him everywhere?
  10. lesnik1978
    lesnik1978 30 January 2018 20: 21
    It’s right to speak not of the Nazis, but of the Nazis.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 31 January 2018 00: 35
      Quote: lesnik1978
      It’s right to speak not of the Nazis, but of the Nazis.

      The Nazis were in Italy, the Nazis in Germany.
      Fascism is the generalized name of extreme right-wing political movements, ideologies and the corresponding form of government of a dictatorial type, the characteristic features of which are called militaristic nationalism ... "
      "Nazism - a worldview that puts at the head of the world a certain nation (race or people) and advocates the use of repressive measures against the rest of humanity." Interpretation can be found in explanatory dictionaries. In one you are right: "horseradish radish is not sweeter." Russian proverb.