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Russian army will receive three new mobile hospitals in 2018 year

Armed forces of Russia in 2018 will receive three modern mobile hospitals that will be installed in military units of Chita, Novosibirsk and Sevastopol, the press-service of the Rostec state corporation told reporters on Tuesday.

Russian army will receive three new mobile hospitals in 2018 year

Following the victory in the open electronic auction, Shvabe Holding (part of Rostec) signed a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the supply and technical equipment of the three newest mobile hospitals. According to the document, mobile medical complexes will be available to Russian military units located in Sevastopol, Novosibirsk and Chita
- the report says.

Rostec noted that all three hospitals, in which military personnel will be able to receive highly qualified medical assistance under field conditions, will be deployed until November 2018. One such complex is designed for 100 beds and is able to provide highly qualified medical care to 250 people per day.

Mobile hospital "Shvabe" is designed for medical support of military units involved in armed conflicts, peacekeeping operations or in the elimination of medical and sanitary consequences of emergency situations. It consists of a surgical, therapeutic, laboratory and X-ray department, anesthesiology and intensive care, as well as a dental office, reports RIA News

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  1. oldseaman1957
    oldseaman1957 23 January 2018 12: 36
    The availability and comfort of public toilets indicate the development of the country. The presence of high-tech mobile hospitals indicates the attitude of the country's leadership to its army. Thank God, even though we loved the Army!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 January 2018 12: 43
    So the topic for the Ukrainian media threw - Russia is preparing to receive the wounded, and therefore to the war.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 23 January 2018 13: 56
    Of course, we will be happy, but I would also like to be proud when we will do ALL the equipment ourselves and QUALITY !!!
    1. Don
      Don 23 January 2018 15: 26
      Regarding the lack of quality - this is probably incurable. And here it is far from only domestic cars. Last week I bought a steel bathroom of domestic production for myself, because began to make repairs in his apartment. And my wife didn’t want to yet, she says, let's say let's take a Bulgarian (like) company, at 400 r more expensive. So, I began to install it, and there are not enough two nuts for the top ten bolt. Some sort of ra ... th did not put in a set belay I had to drive to the store on purpose. So it turns out like in that joke: ... you don’t confuse patriotism with dol .. oh lol
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 23 January 2018 15: 51
        Like Zhvanetsky’s - We can wash our hands with the kid who does the medicine to be treated !!! -
        For quality, I must say, I worked for the war, important products were made, technology, customer service, customer acceptance ... everything seems to be the way. And the new year has come to a blunt, it is necessary to fulfill the plan and pass the product ????
        In short, I don’t want to remember this !!!
  4. Belarus is Russia
    Belarus is Russia 23 January 2018 20: 02
    Very necessary, very. Mobile hospitals are very necessary. Good news.
  5. UAZ 452
    UAZ 452 23 January 2018 20: 26
    Either the first image that came across was used as an illustration, or ... it’s rubbish. The fact is that the picture shows an apparatus for intraoperative fluoroscopy, but this model is absolutely not suitable for use in the field, because after transportation through potholes it will immediately go to a landfill (well, it is not designed for transportation from a word in general). And this unit is very ancient, which anyone, not even a professional, can understand, simply based on the fact of using CRT-based monitors. Apparently, in order to throw dust in the eyes of high authorities, a broken apparatus was taken out of the pantry of some medical institution, which is still not a pity. I hope that these hospitals will be equipped with really necessary, reliable, practical equipment, rather than tarpaulin stretchers of the second world model (in the background photo) and devices weighing several centners, which are collected directly in the operating room, which they never leave again, and adjustment is carried out specially trained engineer of the manufacturer and takes at least several hours.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 23 January 2018 21: 12
      I can believe it! We always had enough initiative fools, although I want to express myself more concretely and “juicier,” nizya!
      These organisms have not learned anything !!! in our century when they see and professionally appreciate ANY stupidity !!!
      However, no one will inform the high authorities for our efforts, and you will look at the body and stroke the hair !!!
      Nasty be-ee! But such is our reality, no matter how the boltologists try, we still see that .... we see and appreciate everything. There’s no sense ....
    2. DenZ
      DenZ 24 January 2018 16: 29
      Quote: UAZ 452
      Either the first image used was used as an illustration, or ... the thing is rubbish

      Rather, the first come across. Schwabe does not do x-rays for sure. And in general I do not know of any enterprise in the world that would produce the whole range of equipment to cover the needs of the hospital. From this we can conclude that Schwabe will release part of its production for these hospitals and take part from third-party manufacturers (the same X-ray is shown on the S-arc in the photo)
      PS There really is some kind of junk in the photo.