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Jacob Kedmi: Russia takes the Mediterranean from Americans

Russia is regaining its military presence in the Mediterranean. This is one of the strategic tasks prescribed in the new Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation. According to her, over the next 4 years, the Russian Navy should secure an adequate and permanent presence in this region.

The Russian Navy in the Syrian Tartus should become the main base of the Navy. It will soon be a large-scale reconstruction. Moreover, Russia already has agreements with a number of Mediterranean countries to obtain the necessary services for refueling and partial repair of their ships. At the moment, negotiations are underway with Egypt, Libya and Algeria on the establishment of permanent Russian logistics centers in these countries.

Now in the Mediterranean 6-th fleet of the United States, which consists of aircraft carriers, dozens of ships and submarines.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 23 January 2018 11: 16
    The time has come for the United States to move in this region.
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 23 January 2018 11: 32
    I respect Jacob Kedmi very much for his analytical mind !!! The "good" picture was painted by Matrasia !!! good, laughing
  3. Overlock
    Overlock 23 January 2018 11: 46
    it remains only to replenish the ship’s composition, otherwise there’s not enough for all ship bases
  4. Turkfucker
    Turkfucker 29 January 2018 23: 10
    Jacob Kedmi, have you even heard anything about the 6th US Navy? Do you know what ships there? Well, do not expose yourself to be a laughing stock. Explain to us briefly and intelligibly. How will Russia manage to pick it up?