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Why do Russian sailors rammed Americans?

In the 80 of the last century, the USSR experienced internal economic and political crises, which its strategic opponents willingly used. The Soviet Union gradually lost the status of a global power capable of actively resisting world capitalism.

At that time, the number of provocations from the side of NATO and the USA increased sharply. So, 13 March 1986, the American cruiser "Yorktown" and the destroyer "Caron" entered the territorial waters of the USSR in the southern part of the Crimea. At the same time, warships came with radars on, performing reconnaissance missions.

After this incident, the leadership of the country thought about developing a plan to counter such provocations of the Americans.

Two years later, in February 1988, the same ships from the 6th fleet The United States entered the Black Sea and lay on course towards the borders of the Soviet state.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 14 January 2018 10: 37
    Why do Russian sailors rammed Americans?
    In order that would not gaze ....
  2. Observer2014
    Observer2014 14 January 2018 10: 42
    Imagine how history would have changed. Yes, and the fate of Gorbachev with his gang. If instead of a bulk they would use weapons against these reptiles and drown them in our waters.
  3. midshipman
    midshipman 14 January 2018 20: 05
    At that time I was in the Crimea. Conducted military maneuvers of 3 military districts. The Marshall led the maneuvers ..... The United States was very interested in these maneuvers. Before entering our waters, their ships stood alone in neutral waters and watched. Please note that the USSR at that time in the Crimea had 26 airfields. The strength was impressive. This case was discussed at the fleet command level and received praise.
    Also in the Far East, reconnaissance aircraft were hijacked - to violate our border. I have the honor.
  4. Anyone
    Anyone 22 January 2018 16: 34
    Why do Russian sailors rammed Americans?

    Why Soviet American sailors rammed.
  5. zenion
    zenion 23 January 2018 19: 26
    Then they served in the Army and Navy, only Russians? And no more mustard and similar materials?
  6. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 2 February 2018 13: 53
    A hunchbacked bear handed over such a country to a p.i.nd.s.a.s.