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Russia won the "entrance ticket" to the elite civil aviation club

In the late 90-ies of the last century KB them. Yakovlev decided to develop a new passenger liner. By that time, the Yakovlists had already developed a draft of the Yak-242 aircraft, which did not go into production due to lack of funding. Based on it, a completely new machine was developed.

The Irkut company, which includes the Yakovlev OKB, independently began work on it in 2007. Participation in the project and took the Ilyushin Design Bureau, which was engaged in designing the wing and pylons for engines. However, in the 2008, IL left the project. In the same year began full state funding.

For the future liner, engineers created a wing made of composite materials. For this, a special plant would be built in the Russian Federation. At that time, the only aircraft that had such a wing was the American Boeing-787.

In 2012, Irkut signed a contract with Pratt & Whitney for the supply of engines for the future airliner. At the same time, the Russian engine PD-14 was being developed in parallel, tests of which continue today.

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  1. figwam
    figwam 9 January 2018 18: 27 New
    And where did it win or not, the work was done and now there is a result.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 9 January 2018 19: 09 New
      Quote: figvam
      now there is a result.

      The result will be when the MC-21 goes into production and when we produce domestic engines and avionics no worse than the western one. In the meantime, these are just slogans.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 9 January 2018 21: 16 New
        the result will be much later:
        when airlines say "here my profit flies, it grows on every flight"

        and MAIN (received a warning 6 and 7) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        per flood for the banker
        There is no single owner - there will be no aviation.
        only individual airline and plants.
        without a single cycle of project and production + escort throughout life - fog in the newspapers
        antivirus Yesterday, 7:11 | MS-33 status: how are things with the main airliner of Russia?
        the fault of all new growing planes-- NO OWNER WITH MONEY.
        the separation of aviation "corporations" and banks gives a gap between R&D and operation.
        there is no money (plant) and do not want to give (bank). In the USSR there was 1 owner.
        just pump loot, even carry bananas, even aviation.
        "conditional Gref" is to blame for the fact that they give a present to every year to their wives .. and they don’t.
        10 years without Courchevel and MC21 flies.
        They shake it from the beginning 00 = x
        NO SINGLE "FIN-PROM GROUP". with market launch and service.
        WESTERN GAME RULES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED AND DO NOT REACH THE GIANT INVEST BANKS, which finance all stages of the life-work of industrial corporations.
        each in his corner gnaws a grain of "his"
        A complaint

        modest responsibility for the project is not the switchman, but at the highest level - 30-40 years before its replacement by the next generation (ms21-350-2050?)
        1. Seryoga Gord
          Seryoga Gord 10 January 2018 20: 33 New
          God forbid we have this switchman for another 30-40 years, in the next election we are waiting for a new one ...))
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 9 January 2018 18: 43 New
    You won’t drink talent, but the Soviet school of aircraft construction is the Soviet one. And the teachers are still alive and the good students turned out. Good flight !!!
    1. Andrey Skokovsky
      Andrey Skokovsky 12 January 2018 07: 36 New
      Russia actually created this very "club"
  3. Lexus
    Lexus 9 January 2018 19: 05 New
    I would not want to jinx it ...
  4. Monarchist
    Monarchist 9 January 2018 19: 05 New
    The trouble is that we do not have good engines. I read Yakovlev’s memoirs and so met information: our planes would have been even better, but our best engines were based on American ones. Under Soz, in the sixties and seventies, we developed an engine, but in Ukraine and on the basis of Western licenses (about this there was a d / f about An in the 80s). Now now: “I signed a contract with” Prades and Whitney .... the Russian engine PD14 was developed jointly, the tests of which continue today ”and when they are finished and then they will start production. So you can wait until“ the cancer hangs on the mountain, and the engine not yet
    1. Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 13 January 2018 10: 12 New
      Engine certification is already underway. So he is already very much.
  5. shura7782
    shura7782 9 January 2018 21: 18 New
    Oh my God! How everything is slowly moving forward. The Chinese do not bother, they copy all the best in a series for the domestic market. What prevents us if we have a problem with the engines.
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 10 January 2018 14: 06 New
      We are hindered by pride and ... popular opinion.
      1. shura7782
        shura7782 10 January 2018 15: 33 New
        Immediately I didn’t guess. Thanks for the tip. winked
      2. RobertZone
        RobertZone 10 January 2018 16: 34 New
        And where does the popular opinion? And what is popular opinion? Who will Vasya from the people chew that the engine is copied? Our engine will tell him and Vasya will fly us and be proud of him. And later, based on these good engines, our developments will be developed and improved. The main thing is not to lose personnel and ensure the continuity of engineering personnel. Everything else is the demagogy of couch strategists
        1. shura7782
          shura7782 13 January 2018 10: 30 New
          Everything else is the demagogy of couch strategists
          We are all here who are more, who are less - couch designers, developers, economists, geopoliticians, strategists. wink
    2. Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 13 January 2018 10: 18 New
      On the Chinese analogue of the MC-21 - C919, only American PW1000 engines are provided. This is their problem with engines. But the capacity of the domestic market is much smaller and does not allow us to reach the breakeven level of production only at the expense of the domestic market.
    HEATHER 9 January 2018 23: 01 New
    We didn’t win a ticket to world aviation. The result is one flying board. The second is shifted to spring. The engine is not in the series. The machine is not certified. Static tests have just begun. Another year, at least three. Perhaps the MC will mount on the wing, but only Barbos and Watermelon are unlikely to give up their markets without a fight. Watermelon-even if the Americans prefer them –– an excellent machine in terms of quality – reliability – cost – range. We are far from all this. We are not even on the rise. We are only taxiing to the executive. With a tight fit.
  7. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 10 January 2018 11: 21 New
    I think that the word "won" in the title is not entirely accurate, it should be said - returned.
  8. 1536
    1536 10 January 2018 13: 38 New
    I can be mistaken, but the PD-14 engine is not tested (it is ready for operation), but its certification in all sorts of different international organizations. No one, of course, will miss him there in the next ten years, and then he will become obsolete.
    But air transportation within the country is also great, but not all of them fly only abroad. Is it possible to equip some of the planes with these engines only for the domestic market in order to start producing these planes at Russian plants?
  9. NF68
    NF68 10 January 2018 19: 59 New
    Not so simple for Russia which needs to catch up with Americans and Europeans. Catching up is much more difficult. Especially after the mess that arose after the collapse of the USSR.
  10. vik669
    vik669 20 January 2018 19: 40 New
    Quote: NEXUS
    The result will be when the MS-21 goes into series

    In the meantime,
    "Present a ticket!"
    What could I say in response?
    "Here is a ballet ticket,
    There is no ticket to the tram! "
  11. Horse meat
    Horse meat 31 January 2018 11: 50 New
    Put 3-3 seats and will take the place of the Boeing 737.
    The fuselage can already be 5-10 cm thicker than the Boeing 737, for aerodynamics.
    That's it.