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Three Egyptian security officials were killed by extremists south of Cairo

Three officers of the Egyptian security forces were shot dead as a result of an attack by unknown people south of Cairo, reports TASS message portal al balad.

According to the information, on Thursday evening, “unknown persons opened fire on the law enforcement officers who were at the checkpoint on the highway in the province of Beni Suef”. As a result, killed two officers and a conscript.

Earlier on the same day, during a raid against extremists in the north of Sinai, six soldiers of the Egyptian Armed Forces — an officer and five conscripts — were killed. Their armored car was blown up by extremists near the city of El Arish - the capital of the province of North Sinai.

The Egyptian security agencies significantly intensified counter-terrorist operations following the April 9 committed in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria in the Christian churches of the attacks, which killed more than 45 people and injured more than a hundred. Responsibility for the attacks took the IG group (banned in the Russian Federation).

By decision of President Fattah al-Sisi, a state of emergency was introduced in the country from 10 in April, which was extended for the same period in early July and then in October. At the time of the Christmas holidays, Christian churches, government institutions and infrastructure facilities were taken under special protection.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 29 December 2017 10: 27
    I remember how these security forces are serving ... on a high chair in the shade ... an automatic machine without a belt and without unloading ... come up whoever you want and do what you want ...
    1. katana
      katana 29 December 2017 10: 45
      Quote: Vard
      I remember how these security forces are serving ... on a high chair in the shade ... an automatic machine without a belt and without unloading ... come up whoever you want and do what you want ...

      If you started criticizing the Egyptian security forces, then I want to criticize yours - last year I flew to Russia and faced an interesting phenomenon - at the entrance to the airport you are scanning passenger luggage, a rather puny-looking policeman with a gun I’m not going to tell you a big secret if I say that anyone who has undergone special army training and engaged in a fight as a child, like me, will disarm such a guard in two ways. Such a policeman is a danger first of all to himself. First of all, it’s necessary to deal with prevention, if a person has matured to the point of killing or blowing someone up, it’s very difficult to stop him. In this case, the Sisi government is an example of a classic junta when the Egyptian military overthrew the country's legitimately elected authorities and the supreme commander of the Egyptian army proclaimed himself president .I understand that the overthrown president of Egypt was, according to the classification of the military of Egypt, an Islamist. But the Islamist was better the president of Egypt than the representative of the junta. After a certain number of years, the people of Egypt would have become disillusioned with the Islamists and choose another.
  2. Vadim851
    Vadim851 29 December 2017 10: 31
    Even what kind of division is this ..... in, already many times offensive losses. somehow you need to strain and fight against this infection, and the new core of terrorism will be formed.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 December 2017 10: 43
    What special services, and the fight against terrorism and illegal armed groups is organized. Would invite our or Israeli specialists.
  4. PalBor
    PalBor 29 December 2017 11: 00
    Hmm ... But hundreds and thousands of Russian tourists are still tearing to Egypt. But, for example, Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai, which half of the Egyptian army cannot take control of. What is it from our people: stupidity, greed, hope for luck?
  5. Medalist
    Medalist 29 December 2017 14: 54
    Quote: PalBor
    ... hundreds and thousands of Russian tourists are still eager for Egypt .... What is it on the part of our people: stupidity, greed, hope for luck?
    They do not just rush there, but successfully fly through Constantinople, the airports of Belarus and some EU countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany).
    Our people are very fond of the year-round resorts of the Red Sea and good, but affordable, service in many hotels in Egypt. Many are now waiting for the opening of flights and charters
    A special theme is the animal and plant underwater world: there are no such beauties anywhere nearby.
    European resorts are nothing compared to Egypt - having traveled all over Italy, we realized why so many Italians have a rest on the Red Sea, and it’s better not to remember about Russian sea hotels at all.
    Egypt today is full of tourists from the EU, especially Germans. If it were dangerous there, then they would simply not be there (as in early 2016, after the death of the Russian side)