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Repair of the Tula nuclear submarine missile carrier completed

The Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center has completed the repair of the strategic-purpose submarine cruiser Tula of the 667BDRM project. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Repair of the Tula nuclear submarine missile carrier completed

Repairs were carried out as part of the implementation of plans by the Main Command of the Navy, providing for maintaining the required technical readiness of third-generation nuclear submarines along with the construction of fourth-generation nuclear submarines
- stated in the military

Factory repair of the submarine "Tula" at the enterprise "Zvezdochka" in Severodvinsk was launched in 2015 year. On the submarine repaired a number of mechanisms and systems.

Missile cruiser "Tula" passed factory sea trials and in the near future will arrive at a permanent station in the Northern Fleet
- added to the Ministry of Defense

"Tula" refers to the nuclear submarines of project 667BDRM ("Dolphin", according to NATO classification - Delta IV), carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles. Submarine became part of the North fleet in 1987. According to open sources, the displacement of submarines of this type is about 12 thousand tons, they are armed with 16 Sineva or Liner missiles.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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    HEATHER 28 December 2017 14: 04
    A great news! Just a little mood! good
    1. seti
      seti 28 December 2017 14: 16
      Seven feet of water under the keel.
      1. Berkut24
        Berkut24 28 December 2017 15: 31
        Seven feet of water under the keel

        Yup ... it's a submarine. Kiel is gone and she goes closer to the bottom.
      2. Don
        Don 28 December 2017 18: 34
        Quote: seti
        Seven feet of water under the keel.

        I will also add: Clear heaven to him! No nail, no wand! Then piss off! Well, in the end, of course, BITLY !!!
      3. cormorant
        cormorant 28 December 2017 19: 50
        So that the number of dives is always equal to the number of ascent ...
    2. Grits
      Grits 28 December 2017 14: 19
      On this video for a few seconds I flashed the control panel for the Korund naval movement system and the Tourmaline emergency steering system (steering wheels), which I set up and adjusted for 9 years on such ships. Eh, youth ... nostalgia.
      1. HEATHER
        HEATHER 28 December 2017 14: 55
        [/ b] Ah, youth [b]Gritsa! Youth: bye-bye! It’s for you! drinks hi
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 28 December 2017 15: 57
          Dimych, welcome hi Thank you very much, pleased. I have never heard her, be sure to download to the collection. good drinks
          1. The comment was deleted.
        2. SOF
          SOF 28 December 2017 18: 32
          ... also a CLASS topic, only about submariners ...
  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 28 December 2017 14: 06
    For the adversary, problems will increase. This is good. soldier
  3. MoJloT
    MoJloT 28 December 2017 14: 14
    Liner - a luxury name for a ballistic missile)
    1. jolly deckhand
      jolly deckhand 28 December 2017 14: 20
      With a sense of humor, we always had a normal ... smile
    2. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 28 December 2017 14: 28
      Quote: MoJloT
      Liner - a luxury name for a ballistic missile)

      Yes, and “Blue” conjures up ... Something endless, serene ... soothing. wassat
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic 28 December 2017 14: 36
    The United States has one more splinter in the ass. ...
  5. dasbo
    dasbo 28 December 2017 18: 12
    Of course, comfort yourself with hopes.
  6. Charik
    Charik 28 December 2017 18: 58
    It’s interesting that she always has 16 with her
  7. Eflintuk
    Eflintuk 1 January 2018 19: 58
    The service life was extended by three years, although after 10 years of operation an average repair was put in place - all ships are seven feet after the "repairs" now accepted in our fleet.