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Mimicry of the historical memory of Ukraine leads her away from Orthodoxy

On Monday, the Ukrainian Internet publication Obozrevatel, under the heading “Ukraine is moving further away from Russia,” published a note by one of its bloggers. "Observer" positions itself as the largest in one news online edition and as a leader in the ranking of daily attendance among online media in Ukraine. It is curious that almost 60 percent of visitors to the Observer are young people from 15 to 34 years old. Most of them are male users.

Mimicry of the historical memory of Ukraine leads her away from Orthodoxy
Blogger Yuri Shulipа

As an illiterate blogger rewrote history Ukraine

Here, this fertile audience (potential participants in the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass), the Observer edition, presented an enthusiastic article by its blogger Yuri Shulipa about the first official celebration of the Catholic Christmas in Ukraine.

Shulipa is not a simple blogger, but a bit of a status blogger. He calls himself the director of the Institute for the Study of Russian Aggression. Already from this highly scientific name it is clear that Shulipa should not so much praise the holiday of Western Christians (widely celebrated, by the way, by Catholics in Russia), but rather share with the young audience of the Internet publication his “conclusions and discoveries”.

In a short note, the opening is really there. “Ukraine,” writes a blogger who has not mastered the history of Orthodoxy, “is rapidly freeing himself from spiritual occupation in the form of Russian Orthodoxy, which has been imposed on her for more than three hundred years of Moscow-Russian oppression. This is the restoration of historical justice and catholicity of Ukraine. Obviously, the 25 day of December 2017 of the year became for Ukraine a certain point of bifurcation, at which a turn towards Russian Orthodoxy is never impossible. The Russian spiritual occupation of Ukraine is over. ”

The Observer Edition has accompanied the pseudoscientific post of an illiterate blogger with a shy link: “The website’s editorial staff is not responsible for the content of blogs. Editorial opinion may differ from the author. " However, they concealed their opinion, different from the “author’s,” from the young Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, any self-respecting publication in such a situation should have been worried not only about the observance of the right to “freedom of speech”, but also to protect the historical truth. Togo requires elementary respect for site visitors. The audience, as we see, is young here, from the DPA generation (the state final certification of schoolchildren in Ukraine is an analogue of the Russian EGE). There is a high probability that these people will take Shulipa's nonsense, as they say, at face value.

The “observer” could intelligibly explain to young Ukrainians that Orthodoxy came to Kiev much earlier than the time indicated in the note. It happened more than a thousand years ago. Enlightened Ukraine knows about the baptism of Russia in 988 by Prince Vladimir. Moreover, every time she arranges noise and shout (such is the specificity of the moment) when she hears that the Russians, who rightly consider Vladimir and their saints, also render respect to the Grand Duke.

Instead, the publication with its inadequate blogger is happy that President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko officially announced: “Now he will celebrate Christmas twice, first in our Ukrainian style 25 December, and then in Russian - 7 January. The latter, the publication specifies to its young readers, is more formal and for political purposes. The proclamation of December 25 as the official date in Ukraine of the celebration of the Nativity of God testifies to the important spiritual victory of Ukraine over Russia. ”

Why did Filaret get worried ...

Strictly speaking, in this smug conclusion of the “Observer” there is a lot of guile. In fact, we are talking about the publicly declared victory of the Ukrainian Greek Catholics over their Orthodox compatriots. One can argue whether this victory took place. However, it is obvious: the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (or the Uniate Church) goes to it all the years of independence of modern Ukraine.

We know the history of this independence. We remember how Orthodox churches and church property were seized in favor of the Uniate Church, as the exarchates of the Greek Catholics went to the lands consecrated with the millennium of the Orthodox faith, and stepped over the eastern bank of the Dnieper, like the Uniate priests with a cross and a word raised their flock on the recent Maidan.

Behind all this, the history of the Uniate Church itself has somehow faded into shadow. Allow yourself a little excursion. This church appeared in a difficult time of the Russian turmoil: in the dramatic years of the struggle of the boyars with the royal power for the preservation of their privileges and political influence. Then the Russian Church also blinked. She had just received autocephaly and the Patriarchate, and Russia became the world's largest Orthodox state.

The distemper in the state brought discord to the environment of church hierarchs who supported the various forces of that confrontation. All these perturbations led to a weakening of Moscow’s influence on the outlying Russian lands. There began centrifugal processes. The first "campaign of Ukrainians in Europe" was led by the landowners of Galicia.

The social leaders of this land sought their happiness among the Polish magnates. They changed their rituals, switched from Orthodoxy to Catholicism, and became polonized. It was the turn to change the faith of ordinary people, but then a big problem arose. The Orthodox did not want to change the rites and resisted fervently.

People were beaten, maimed, killed. In the estates of the lords a gallows became a permanent attribute of the farmstead, but even this did not help. In the end, a church compromise emerged when the believers and the clergy retained the right to the Byzantine rite, while recognizing the supreme authority of the Pope and the binding nature of Catholic dogmas.

Such an unusual symbiosis was concluded by the conditions of the Union (that is, the union), and the church received the name of the Greek Catholic. Later, it will be consolidated in Volyn and Podillia, it will enter into conflict with the Orthodox Church, which has declared the betrayal of Unii of Greek Catholics with Rome, and the Russian authorities to be a betrayal.

Sometimes it took extreme forms. There is a case when Tsar Peter during the vespers in the Polotsk Basilian monastery personally hacked four Greek Catholic monks, and the next day ordered the hegumen and his assistant to hang. Since then, there has been no peace between Orthodox and Uniates.

On the contrary, both world wars of the last century became a time of bitter struggle between Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Russian Orthodox. They lost in these wars and partly sheltered from the troubles overseas - in America and Canada. However, their grievances are not forgotten. The time of the present Ukrainian independence has become the time of the historical revenge of the Greek Catholics.

Over the ocean, they gained strength in government and business, and now all of their capabilities have been sent to support co-religionists in their historic homeland. This helped numerous immigrants from Galicia and Volyn to straddle power in Kiev, crush the culture, the media and public organizations.

Now the turn has come to Orthodoxy, for nearly two millennia, presenting itself to the Christian world, as "the confession of the true apostolic faith, enshrined in sacred scripture and sacred tradition." There is a great danger that Orthodoxy in Ukraine will lose this war to the Greek Catholics. As the Orthodox Galicians lost their struggle four centuries ago, they were eventually reborn as aggressive opponents of the Russian world.

Probably, the founder of the unrecognized Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Philaret (Denisenko), sensed this. In November, he sent a letter to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow asking for forgiveness and overcoming the church schism in Ukraine. The Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church seriously discussed the message of Philaret.

“After the bitter twenty-five years of strife, violence, mutual hostility, resentment and disorder arising in Ukrainian Orthodoxy and Ukrainian society as a result of the split, there is finally an opportunity to embark on the path of restoring unity,” the Council expressed its attitude to the unexpected message from Kiev .

The Council of Bishops established a special commission to negotiate with the Kiev schismatics. He introduced the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The commission was headed by the chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

As soon as the decision of the Moscow hierarchs became known in Kiev, Filaret disavowed his appeal. The press service of the UOC-KP immediately published an explanation that the Kiev patriarch had never recognized and did not recognize the “guilt split” of the church, and therefore did not intend to repent. The appeal of Filaret, in the opinion of the press service, was only the hope that the ROC would recognize the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Experts associate the scandalous pirouette of the UOC with a strong pressure on Filaret of the Kiev authorities and its Western curators, who are clearly not interested in strengthening the position of Orthodoxy on Ukrainian soil. They have completely different plans for Ukraine. This was felt in the online edition of Observer, which turned the bright Christian holiday of Christmas into a means of political struggle.

Orthodox faith is from the word “right” and calls people to peace, unity, harmony and spiritual light. With it today, it is uncomfortable for those who sow hostility in Ukraine and lead a civil war with compatriots. It is unfortunate that they are trying to justify this unjust war in Kiev with the values ​​of the ancient Christian religion ...
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  1. Basil50
    Basil50 29 December 2017 15: 36
    In the history of the church, this was not so. The ecclesiastical choice of faith by the prince is popular among churchmen. So today's Ukrainians also choose, and again by the degree of * pleasantness * for themselves and the size of * muck * neighbors.
    Without faith in God, it is impossible to renounce relatives, let alone proclaim as the goal the destruction of those whom, until recently, were perceived as brothers and sisters.
    The Catholicization of the Poles as the basis of Russophobia for the figures of Ukraine apparently is an example.
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 29 December 2017 16: 06
      Quote: Author: Gennady Granovsky
      the history of the Uniate Church itself. Let us take a short digression. This church appeared during the difficult time of Russian unrest: in the dramatic years of the struggle of the boyars with the tsarist government for the preservation of their privileges and political influence. Then the Russian Church began to rush. She has just received autocephaly and the Patriarchate, and Russia has become the world's largest Orthodox state.

      I did not read further. But what was that? The Unified State Examination Generation has begun to write history? Teach the “right” story to propagandists of the Banderofascist hutspa? So those really are not interested in the word at all. The shorter the hirsch to Muscovites and skidnyaks, the better.
      What is wrong with the author. The history of Uniate is traced back to the Florence Union of 1439. Not knowing this means not understanding at all what it is. Autocephaly and the Patriarchate were not “received” by the Russian Orthodox Church during the Time of Troubles, but earlier: the Patriarchate was still under Fedor in 1589 with the works of Godunov, and autocephaly long before. The author, apparently, considers the year of the Union of Brest - 1596 the beginning of the Uniate Church. But this was before the Time of Troubles and in another state - in the Commonwealth. In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, then the Orthodox Church, Orthodox schools, Russian schools and the Russian language were banned (we are talking about those Russians, whose descendants are now Ukrainians, and about their language, instead of Russian Orthodox schools, Jesuit schools worked everywhere). Dioceses worked in semi-legal mode. In this situation, a number of Western Russian dioceses changed their faith and transferred to a union (submission) to Rome, pope, and Catholicism. But this did not happen right away. At first there was only submission. The Galician Uniates adopted the Catholic symbol of faith only at the Cathedral in Zamosc in 1720.
      1. Nicholas C.
        Nicholas C. 29 December 2017 16: 39
        Already under Yanukovych it was like this:
        "Reference. The religious network of Ukraine, as of January 1, 2010, has 35184 religious organizations.
        The largest group among the religious communities of Ukraine are Orthodox churches - in total there are 18 thousand. In particular, the UOC has 12082 religious organizations, the UOC-KP - 4415, UAOC - 1234, UGCC - 3765, RCC - 1079.
        Protestant churches number almost 8,5 thousand religious organizations.
        There are also approximately 1400 charismatic religious organizations in Ukraine, 297 Jewish and 1182 Muslim. "
        This was announced at a press conference in UKRINFORM by the chairman of the State Committee for Nationalities and Religions Yuri Reshetnikov.

        Then I wrote like this:
        “The problem is that“ Protestant churches ”are discreetly called. And there are not 8.5 thousand of them at all, but much more - it is not necessary to register a religious community in Ukraine. And this is not only (for me personally disgusting) Jehovahists, Mormons, Baptists, Adventists , Pentecostals, etc. This is, first of all, totalitarian sects. And this is very serious. It’s more likely to cure drug addiction than to get rid of the influence of the sect. The sects are organized by special services (whose?) or people who have experience in these services. sects everything: zombie, personality programming, drug that under the guise of drinking (and smoking) at their training gangplaces. Those who get into this are selling property - they are brought into a sect, etc. And this network of sectarians is much larger than the number of believing zapadents. And they are the problem in the elections and on the way revival of Ukraine. They are doing what they think they think for them (in whose special services?). And sectarians from totalitarian sects, unlike the same zapadentsev, will never think for themselves. And it turns out so much that Ukraine is already obvious don't be saved. "
        The same problem exists in Russia, albeit not in such an irreparable volume. The political will in Russia was enough to close only two church-like sects. And it is necessary to clean up all the Jesuit sects that have penetrated into Russia, lodges, fraudulent gangs. Otherwise, there will be Ukraine. To do this, in Ukraine, people were first of all scraped up the brain: in schools of the Ukrainian Svidomo education, in such sects, etc.
        1. yarema vishneveckiy
          yarema vishneveckiy 29 December 2017 23: 46
          By the way, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on December 25, according to the Gregorian Style, and no one yells about betrayal and schism. Generally speaking, it's nonsense to celebrate December 25-January 7))) After a hundred, it's already 8, I'll have to celebrate it on November XNUMX))) ) I'm talking about common sense ....))?
      2. 210ox
        210ox 29 December 2017 16: 39
        And it surprises me how many scientific institutions and scientists have appeared there lately .. In quotation marks .. They quit working and began to delve into themselves and their shit ...
        1. Basil50
          Basil50 29 December 2017 18: 11
          Ukrainians are not pioneers in historical research in the field of aging and substantiation of antiquity ukrov.
          In China, under Mao, there was quite an official state program to promote Chinese culture. It was then that the * terracotta army * and * ancient Chinese * books on bamboo appeared and much more. State workshops for the manufacture of various * antiquities * still thrive there.
      3. Alber
        Alber 29 December 2017 22: 10
        Quote: Nikolai S.
        what was that? The Unified State Examination Generation has begun to write history? Teach the “right” story to propagandists of the Banderofascist hutspa? So those really are not interested in the word at all. The shorter the hirsch to Muscovites and skidnyaks, the better.

        )! (Idobandera in Ukraine will destroy it in parts, well, and so she needs ...
        A significant part of it should return to Russia and settle down.
        And the rebellious part, led by the "God-chosen ones, will boil, rage, crumble for a long time, until it is given on the head and put in a stall
        1. dSK
          dSK 30 December 2017 00: 24
          Hello Albert!
          Quote: Alber
          A significant part of it should return to Russia and settle down.

          Quote: Gennady Granovsky
          Orthodox faith - it is from the word "Right"
          The mighty Russian language, built on the foundation of the "Good News" of Christ, illuminates everything. His disciples, followers who will become at the second coming of Christ to the right from him inherit eternal life. And the subjects on deceitful troubles will become left and doomed to endless torment.
          1. dSK
            dSK 30 December 2017 00: 30
            A collection of articles by a journalist, researcher and head of the Association of Orthodox Experts Kirill Frolov was published "The Russian Orthodox Church is the last fortress of historical Russia." The book is dedicated to the centennial of the revival of the Russian Patriarchate. According to Frolov, his collection not only describes all the crimes of the current Kiev regime and Bandera Nazis against the canonical Orthodox Church, but also reveals the purpose of this regime, as well as the Russophobic "project of Ukraine as anti-Russia." "If the Russian Church surrenders, then Russia will not stand." - concludes Frolov. (Article on the TV channel Tsargrad 11: 03., 27.12.17/XNUMX/XNUMX)
    2. Alber
      Alber 30 December 2017 21: 44
      Quote: Vasily50
      The Catholicization of the Poles as the basis of Russophobia for the figures of Ukraine apparently is an example.

      Ukraine follows the Polish path
  2. Varyag_0711
    Varyag_0711 29 December 2017 15: 40
    So I always said that the church, no matter what, is an instrument of influence, but not faith in God! Will Filaret or not be Filaret, but in any case, the split will continue. And the matter is not in Filaret as such, the matter is in principle. The church itself is not only a sphere of influence on fragile minds, it is also not a frail business. And where it smells of money, there is no longer up to principles and morality.
    No wonder the Bolsheviks, having come to power, separated the church from the state. Now the church has become an instrument of political struggle and squabble.
    1. EwgenyZ
      EwgenyZ 30 December 2017 12: 37
      Quote: Varyag_0711
      No wonder the Bolsheviks, having come to power, separated the church from the state.

      And they created their Church, only now without God. And so that there was no competition, the priests were "wasted", because the Red Church is not a competitor to the Present.
      Quote: Varyag_0711
      So I always said that the church, no matter what, is an instrument of influence, but not faith in God!

      "Deep truth", you yourself came to such an understanding, or who suggested?
  3. Nemesis
    Nemesis 29 December 2017 16: 20
    This is not news ... the Patriarch of Kiev, forever left Kiev for Vladimir, and then to Moscow, back in the 13th century ...
  4. Lexus
    Lexus 29 December 2017 18: 52
    What are there only sects there. Each creature in pairs. And local priests are extremely quick to change shoes.
  5. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 29 December 2017 20: 16
    It is difficult now for Orthodoxy, and the priests themselves, young people, often do not go to the Lord to serve, but simply make money and there are a lot of such cases. You look at what cars the church hierarchs drive, the youth takes an example from them. Probably in the Russian Orthodox Church it’s time to carry out a “sweep”. Without true faith in God, we cannot build a new Russia! Faith should be in the soul, and not in words and in the number of visits to the temple, as it often happens now. All over the world, those in power have a strong influence on the church, trying to put young people under their (often alien!) Influence, the struggle for parishioners is just flaring up.
  6. gla172
    gla172 29 December 2017 21: 31
    ..... to talk .... "Orthodoxy" - two words "rule" and "glory" .... i.e. Praise the Rule .... that in Our language means the desire for light and complete trust in the Gods (not that (Jewish) introduction of this word) ...... and "cartilage" has nothing to do with it ..... and if say ukrAh .... then there is lost this and that .....
    1. dSK
      dSK 30 December 2017 01: 01
      Mark's Holy Gospel 9:42 - "But whoever seduces one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better if they would hang a millstone on his neck and throw him into the sea."
    2. EwgenyZ
      EwgenyZ 30 December 2017 12: 42
      Quote: gla172
      ..... to talk .... "Orthodoxy" - two words "rule" and "glory" .... i.e.

      I’ll continue your thought: police - cute faces, Batu - dad, mom - mother, Etruscans - are Russians, arsenic - is the achievement of genetics, cannibals - is Lyuda’s husband, glow is a sign for tests, a mazurik is a MAZ driver, a badger is a dining room for dogs, automatic machine - friendly conversation of drivers, etc.
      1. gla172
        gla172 30 December 2017 14: 46
        .... then you! .....
    3. parathyron
      parathyron 6 January 2018 18: 10
      "... and full trust in the Gods," I do not know how, but not by what is known from Revelation, the Old and New Testaments. And what then, what do you have on the nickname?
  7. ando_bor
    ando_bor 30 December 2017 01: 39
    Clearly, the State Department’s fault is to blame for everything, demons have broken the brackets and the Uniates and autocephaly are squirming like a tree stump in anticipation of hell!
  8. iouris
    iouris 30 December 2017 03: 30
    Ukraine is an experiment over Russia. There, part of our people is turned into zombies. The experiment was quite successful. Consequently, the same will be done in the rest of Russia.
  9. bistrov.
    bistrov. 30 December 2017 07: 35
    The author, in all likelihood, did not understand the difference between Catholics and Greek Catholics (Uniates). Yes, both of them are subordinate to the Pope, but among Greek Catholics the service is conducted according to the Orthodox rite, they do not recognize the dogmas of Catholicism and they Christmas Celebrate January 7, unlike purely Catholics who have Christmas December 25th.

    The number of Catholics in “Ukraine” is quite decent, especially in its western part, mainly ethnic Poles who migrated here at a time when this part of “Ukraine” was part of Poland, as well as those who were forcibly resettled by Nikolay -1, with the suppression anti-Russian uprising, then Poland was part of Russia. These descendants of those who are now largely Ukrainized, Poles, are Catholics. Many of them bear Ukrainian surnames; they don’t understand Polish or Belmes, but still, according to tradition, profess Catholicism.

    Earlier, during the USSR, there was not much difference between the Pole and the Ukrainian, as, practically, there were no churches. Everything has changed with the advent of "independence". In a short time, like mushrooms after rain, monumental luxurious churches with organs were built, preserved buildings that were previously used as movie theaters, warehouses, etc., were returned and re-decorated.

    The number of different sects, especially the so-called "Jehovah's Witnesses", who also built capital churches, has also increased sharply, and there are cells in almost every community in these sects. A huge amount of propaganda literature, high quality published abroad.
    1. dSK
      dSK 30 December 2017 12: 32
      Quote: bistrov.
      in distinction

      Religion is the "territory" of symbols. After 300 years of “direct” persecution of the early Christians, with the recognition of Christianity as the state religion of Armenia, Byzantium and other countries, the Pharisees-Jews radically changed their strategy of fighting the followers of Christ. We switched to guerrilla, hidden methods. Gradual destruction, like rust. Peter I, after two years of traveling abroad, along with new technologies brought to Russia the Masonic "reformation". Having abolished the patriarchate, he launched the process of erosion of the foundation of canonical Orthodoxy. After 200 years, the colossus, destroyed from within by the rust of unbelief, collapsed. And now, along with technical know-how, they aggressively advertise gays of all colors, thousands of sects. Instead of fighting with their sins - passions, they propose methods for developing leadership qualities, as a result, they form a society where a person to a person wolf.
  10. Normal ok
    Normal ok 30 December 2017 09: 59
    about the first official celebration of Catholic Christmas in Ukraine.

    In the process, not only the mentioned Shulip manipulates, but also the author of the article. Christmas is never "Catholic" and "Orthodox." It happens according to Julian style and Gregorian. Indeed, most Orthodox churches in the world also celebrate Christmas on December 25.
    1. dSK
      dSK 30 December 2017 11: 32
      Hello Peter!
      Quote: Normal ok
      To facilitate identification - "friend is a stranger". Orthodox Russia also celebrate Easter at different times with Catholics, with very few exceptions. And never at one time with the Jews, because Jesus Christ was resurrected the day after the Jewish Passover. hi
  11. Antares
    Antares 30 December 2017 22: 05
    There is a known case when Tsar Peter, during Vespers in the Polotsk Basilian monastery, personally killed four Greek Catholic monks, and the next day ordered to hang the abbot and his assistant

    Learning about the withdrawal of the Western Ukrainian dioceses from the Russian Orthodox Church and their transition to Greek Catholicism, Peter I was tempted to take revenge. During the Northern War, he and his troops entered the territory of the Commonwealth, threatening to seize and hang the Greek Catholic Metropolitan Leo Zalensky. On July 11, 1705, Peter, during Vespers in the Basilian monastery in Polotsk, personally killed six monks and scattered the Holy Gifts. The next day, he ordered the abbot to be hanged with his assistant, and the bodies burned. The surviving basilians hid in horror and wrote about the tragedy to the Pope. Peter justified his actions by the fact that he was drunk. Peter was a very vengeful man, did not forgive insults. He personally took part in the torture of people involved in conspiracies against themselves and archers ... as well as forced others to execute.
    And this, along with the worship of European discipline and law ... an amazing person.
    Since then, there has been no more peace between the Orthodox and the Uniates.

    It seems that the war in Ukraine doesn’t count? There, Catholics and Orthodox Christians constantly killed each other on a religious basis, they didn’t spare the Uniates either, they cut the Jews even worse ... in general, the ideal religious conflict is against everyone. Opium for the people, fanaticism. . Encouraging the hatred of the crowd .. The war of liberation is the largest conflict between Catholics / Uniates and Orthodox (in terms of the destruction of each other) in these territories.
    Only in VO you learn something new about some kind of personalities in the country, for the first time you hear about some institutions .. aggression .. maybe because I don’t watch TV?
    I have a neutral attitude towards religion, these are obsolete traditions that impede progress. The less progress, the greater the dominance of religion.
  12. Secretparadox
    Secretparadox 30 December 2017 22: 11
    Church and religion are nothing more than a political tool. The author directly blows the censure of the Ukrainians - the Uniates who oppress the Orthodox, which is strange, given the scale of repressions by Orthodoxy against the Old Believers.
    1. already a Muscovite
      already a Muscovite 31 December 2017 09: 44
      What kind of repression? In the 19th century, a third of the population were Old Believers. Almost half of all merchants, all three guilds were Old Believers. The richest people are the patrons Shchukin, Tretyakov, Morozov, Guchkov, Ryabushinsky and many other Old Believers. General Platov, hero of the war of 1812, military chieftain of the Don Cossack army, Count of the Russian Empire, Old Believer. Of course the persecution and discrimination of the Old Believers was, I do not argue. But if you look at the enlightened Europe and the Catholics, then this is where the blood of the rivers was shed for the right to profess your faith ...
      The Uniates did not just oppress the Orthodox, they killed them. The same Bandera, acted like Ustash in Serbia. And the Orthodox Old Believers did not kill ...
      1. Secretparadox
        Secretparadox 31 December 2017 11: 31
        The Orthodox killed the Old Believers, burned their property, and because of this they were forced to flee to Siberia, where their families continue to find our time, and even this is taught at school, and I am surprised that you do not know about it. You say that Morozov’s Old Believers and supposedly no one oppressed them, and Surikov just wrote the picture “noblewoman Morozov” in your opinion? For me, oppression of the Old Believers seems even more atrocious. people were killed only because they read the wrong books and were baptized with two fingers. (I am an atheist and generally neutral about faith)
        1. already a Muscovite
          already a Muscovite 31 December 2017 23: 17
          It was directly during the split ... So to speak, an emotional reaction to any action ... In Europe, it lasted for centuries ...
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 2 January 2018 18: 17
    Will Russia be dragged into the war in the Donbass:
  15. gladcu2
    gladcu2 4 January 2018 22: 38
    What? Business sales morality not divided?

    As the saying goes: "Pans fight, but the servants pull their forelocks."

    Too late to trade morale. Now the media is selling morality.
    1. iouris
      iouris 6 January 2018 01: 40
      Quote: gladcu2
      Now the media is selling morality.

      No, morality is a relic of the distant past, so it does not make sense to sell it. Only immoral sells well.