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The first Angolan communications satellite launched from Baikonur

AngoSat-1, the first national communications satellite of Angola, was launched from Baikonur, RIA News the message of the representative of "Roskosmos".

The first Angolan communications satellite launched from Baikonur

The launch was carried out in 22: 00 MSK, “the device puts the Zenit-3F booster with the Fregat upper stage in orbit,” RSC Energia said.

The separation of the satellite from the upper stage occurred today at 6: 55 Moscow time. Withdrawal of the “Frigate” to the estimated disposal orbit is planned for 9: 23 Moscow time.

“AngoSat-1 will broadcast in the C and Ku frequency bands to Angola and the rest of Africa. The contract for the creation of the RSC Energia satellite and the Angolan Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology were concluded eight years ago, but it entered into force only in the 2013 year, ”the message says.

It is noted that “the device was created on the basis of a new service platform, which includes Russian-made components, its mass is 1647 kilograms”. The satellite is equipped with an "electric propulsion system that allows for long-term follow-up and orbital position correction."

The Zenit rocket was developed by the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye design bureau and manufactured at the Yuzhmash enterprise. The carrier includes Russian engines RD-171 and RD-120 produced by the Khimki NPO Energomash.
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RIA Novosti / Oleg Urusov
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  1. Vard
    Vard 27 December 2017 09: 46
    Well, the frigate flew ... As soon as our satellite was not launched ... Strange is all ...
    1. Hoc vince
      Hoc vince 27 December 2017 09: 47
      Failures happen to everyone. Russia this year made 20 launches, of which only one failure.
      1. Vard
        Vard 27 December 2017 09: 51
        It’s not all right, everything is bad ... I just delay it offensively ...
      2. Vadim237
        Vadim237 27 December 2017 10: 50
        In the United States, one SpaceX, 18 rockets with satellites, launched this year.
      3. Vard
        Vard 27 December 2017 13: 03
        Well, I got it ... I lost contact with the Angolan satellite ...
    2. dvvv
      dvvv 27 December 2017 11: 04
      probably the Angolan shaman did his job better)))
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 27 December 2017 13: 50
        Not. Everything. To replenish the Pacific group.
        Lost Communication with Angolan Satellite Launched from Baikonur
    3. MoJloT
      MoJloT 27 December 2017 17: 29
      The satellite was already flying
  2. Dormidont
    Dormidont 27 December 2017 10: 00
    Only, in order to avoid mass suicides, in no case do not tell the non-brothers about this. laughing
  3. Old26
    Old26 27 December 2017 10: 14
    Quote: Vard
    It’s not all right, everything is bad ... I just delay it offensively ...

    It’s such a technique that it can fail. The same "7" flew more than a thousand and a half times over all years, but occasionally there are emergency situations with it. And the Frigate itself is a fairly reliable thing. Of the 66 launched, only 3 were unsuccessful, 2 partially successful.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 27 December 2017 11: 13
      It flashed in the press that the Frigate could not launch small
      satellites. Basically. He sprinkles them with the remnants of his own
      It’s typical, and they immediately fail.
      1. Lycan
        Lycan 27 December 2017 12: 55
        If the problem is defined, then they think about it, right? They don’t continue to dance on the same rake ... Yes, it could happen a couple of times.
        1. Blackmokona
          Blackmokona 27 December 2017 13: 29
          So they say that there is no such problem, and a lot of satellite owners shout about it.
  4. donavi49
    donavi49 27 December 2017 13: 51
    Another file. It’s not yet clear whose. Or missed again, or the satellite did not work. As a result, the first Angolan one became space debris with an oceanic perspective. Holy Masha - all their latest displays launches, no problem.
    1. meGrail
      meGrail 28 December 2017 02: 15
      If it has entered a geostationary orbit - it does not have an oceanic perspective in the foreseeable future)
  5. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 27 December 2017 14: 27
    Pancake! Would not be dishonored! And so, we do not have time to wipe ourselves.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 27 December 2017 14: 38
      Late, they were already disgraced, the satellites were lost along the way, and those who built it, RSC Energia, will now receive zvezdulin.
  6. keeper03
    keeper03 27 December 2017 15: 00
    Yeah, they started it for 8 years and didn’t really launch it! request
  7. Lexus
    Lexus 27 December 2017 16: 08
    “Victory has a thousand fathers, and defeat is always an orphan”

    Someone urya-patriots disappeared somewhere.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 27 December 2017 16: 38
      The defeatists quickly run away from the battlefield.
    2. Lycan
      Lycan 27 December 2017 23: 46
      What to yell about? I believe that there is an investigation and there is no need to raise a panic before the final conclusions. And after - too.
  8. Servisinzhener
    Servisinzhener 27 December 2017 16: 37
    There was a mistake in the news! It is written: the estimated orbit of the burial, instead of the estimated depth of the burial. wassat
  9. mitrich
    mitrich 27 December 2017 18: 14
    Already fell, as usual.
  10. rruvim
    rruvim 27 December 2017 18: 52
    How many RSC Energia postponed the launch of this "unfortunate" satellite, while its S7 "did not annoy". During this time, and the "batteries" are dead ... sad Nothing Chinese to buy! fellow