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Kurds attacked the SAR army and accused Assad of conspiring with ISIS

The news agencies controlled by the Kurds have declared about clashes of US-backed VTS units with units of the Syrian army. According to published information, government forces allegedly bombarded the positions of Kurds on the east bank of the Euphrates. Moreover, sources reported that the Syrian army was coordinating its attacks with ISIS terrorists.

In turn, the Syrian government news agency SANA accused Kurdish troops of attacking a government army in the area of ​​the village of Hasham, which killed two dozen Kurds.

These events, as well as the escalation of the situation by the media on both sides, indicate a deterioration in relations between official Damascus and the Syrian democratic forces. All this is happening against the backdrop of statements by Americans that even despite the defeat of ISIS, US forces are not going to leave Syria.

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  1. Esoteric
    Esoteric 23 December 2017 09: 53
    All this happens against the backdrop of statements by the Americans that even despite the defeat of ISIS, US forces are not going to leave Syria.

    Assad needs to make a statement to the UN (to protect himself from the legal side) and destroy all American bases on his own territory (to protect himself physically) ... Take the example from the DPRK, at least from the same Turkey. Americans can point to themselves in the Western Hemisphere ...
    1. Dashout
      Dashout 23 December 2017 22: 30
      The example of the DPRK is not very ... Again, we in the Security Council supported the amers and voted for the sanctions. Well what is it ....
  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 24 December 2017 12: 33
    They at least spit in the eyes, all God's dew.
  3. lieutenant colonel
    lieutenant colonel 25 December 2017 10: 55
    It is possible that the Kurds "in the field" do not know what their media write.
    Americans, white helmets, other shitty @ yen there stamped such faknews that ... There was a charge that the "Russian Army in collusion with ISIS" blah blah blah. Now, "Assad’s army in collusion with ISIS" blah blah blah ... In general, the vector of the information war is being drawn - ISIS and other terrorists are Assad. So the war is just beginning
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 30 December 2017 22: 40
      Quote: Lieutenant Colonel
      So the war is just beginning

      It is quite expected. Merikans carried out regrouping, supply of equipment and weapons.
      The issue of Russian PMCs is again becoming increasingly relevant. Without Russia, the Syrians will die. Those who are against Assad do not understand that Syria as a country is sentenced to destruction by a coalition according to the Libyan or Iraqi scenario.