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Telephone terrorists "mined" Kamchatka

Shares of telephone terrorists continued in the regions of the Russian Federation. From the Kamchatka Territory there are reports of numerous calls about the alleged mining of various objects in the region. Unknowns report alleged bombs in shopping centers, educational and medical institutions of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

RIA News Publishes the press release of the FSB Department for the Kamchatka Territory:
The city hospital number 1, the Vodnik hospital, the detention center, the administrative building on Leningradskaya Street, 35, and several shopping centers in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are being evacuated. In addition, a message was received about an alleged bomb in one of the city schools.

Telephone terrorists "mined" Kamchatka

It is reported that police and special services are working at these sites, and the territory is being investigated by cynological services in Kamchatka.

To date, telephone terrorists have announced the "mining" of various objects in the 75-ti regions of the Russian Federation.
The beginning of a wave of telephone terrorism in Russia was laid by unknown 11 September of this year. In none of the cases, “mining” was confirmed. At the same time, the damage caused by telephone terrorists for more than three months in Russia has already gone to hundreds of millions of rubles.

Earlier it was reported that calls about fake mining in the cities of Russia come from abroad.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 20 December 2017 06: 10
    Is it really impossible to track where the call is from? And I can’t warm up the author!
    1. Shura Perm
      Shura Perm 20 December 2017 06: 17
      Again, they called from behind a bug ... and someone would get it on the neck ...
    2. Same lech
      Same lech 20 December 2017 06: 22
      Is it really impossible to track where the call is from?

      Tracking ... Bortnikov said that

      We found, however, it was not easy to do it - these are Russian citizens. I can definitely say - these are four people who are now abroad.

      There was an article on VO about this ... apparently the FSB cannot counteract this now. My Novosibirsk was also shaken a month ago by telephone threats ...
      It is very noticeable how the shaft of calls is moving from the west of the country to the east ... a clearly planned action ... it's time for specialists to ice axes to sharpen and prepare new MERCADERS.
      Otherwise how to stop it? what
      1. weksha50
        weksha50 20 December 2017 11: 27
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        Otherwise how to stop it?

        Look and cut roots with my head ... I don’t think that all these actions are diverse and chaotic ... Someone controls them ...
  2. 210ox
    210ox 20 December 2017 06: 11
    For the FSB, the field is not plowed .. Yes, and for agents abroad. An ice ax must be in action!
  3. Chertt
    Chertt 20 December 2017 06: 12
    I didn’t hear something, not about just one “squatting” for telephone terrorism. What is so bad, Russian "super" intelligence agencies work
    1. 210ox
      210ox 20 December 2017 06: 16
      Calls from abroad ... Unfortunately, we have a definite opinion on this in the special services. Once international practice shows that there will be no extradition for such "petty hooliganism", then it’s not worth risking specialists.
      Quote: Chertt
      I didn’t hear something, not about just one “squatting” for telephone terrorism. What is so bad, Russian "super" intelligence agencies work
    2. Kondratko
      Kondratko 20 December 2017 09: 44
      "What is so bad, Russian" super "intelligence agencies work"
      But the news gossips are ahead of the rest, somewhere someone sneezed and they started yelling about it on every corner, thereby creating unnecessary excitement around the problem, thereby pushing the phone terrorists to new calls !!! Less need to disseminate such things in the media, less will be heard - less need for repetition of disgrace - silently caught, condemned / shot / maimed (for a long memory)!
    3. weksha50
      weksha50 20 December 2017 11: 30
      Quote: Chertt
      What is so bad, Russian "super" intelligence agencies work

      The special services have nothing to do with it ... It is impossible to technically control the telephone communications of the country under the hood of direction finders ... Yes, and if you determine - until you get there - nobody will be there ... Very "magnificent" is chosen (pah !!!) version of terror ... "A clumsy miser" ...
    4. thinker
      thinker 20 December 2017 13: 25
      Chertt, you are wrong, people work -
      In the first half of 2017, 350 people were convicted of telephone terrorism in Russia.

      Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the final reading amendments to the Criminal Code, toughening the punishment for telephone terrorism to 10 years in prison.
  4. NKVD
    NKVD 20 December 2017 06: 18
    Maybe enough already bounce all services from such messages? Practice shows that there is no preparation for a terrorist attack behind such calls. Now everywhere there are cameras, our services are able to figure out a real terrorist.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 20 December 2017 06: 30
      stop bouncing all the services already ... Practice shows ...
      Practice can and does, but services required respond to every call as a real threat. Therefore, they carry out a full range of necessary measures. Concerning telephone terrorism - like the Duma was going to pass a tougher law.
  5. dojjdik
    dojjdik 20 December 2017 06: 31
    the most important hide-skinned saboteurs are on television on the first channel, this pro-Jewish program “time will show” where a “Afghan” presenter choking in hysteria tries to play off Ukrainians with Russians or Russians and Ukrainians with cunning narrow eyes, it doesn't matter who is right, the indifferent Jews kill an Arab or Russian Ukrainian or vice versa, it is important here to persecute, drive young people into the head where enemies and agent CIA Poroshenko pass off as the opinion of the Ukrainian people; we are powerless to start the same "civilian" war on the border of Mexico and the United States; we are China Iran Cuba Venezuela; Putin’s bet on Jews unfortunately erroneous
  6. Herculesic
    Herculesic 20 December 2017 06: 39
    Allo-computer hackers of Russia! !! Show the world your patriotism - “mine” all the damned ukroinu! !!! sad
  7. Marconi41
    Marconi41 20 December 2017 09: 33
    That damn congratulated the FSB on the centenary. Spoiled the guys holiday. Yes, and the people stirred up.
  8. weksha50
    weksha50 20 December 2017 11: 25
    "The actions of telephone terrorists continued in the regions of the Russian Federation"...

    Here's to take it by the ass ... Yes slap 15-20 years of strict regime ... And immediately the "jokes" would end ...

    PS And you can’t ignore it - you can’t ... Do not evacuate people - the next time it can explode ...
  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis 20 December 2017 11: 33
    To find and punish in such a way that others are not in the habit of doing so (joke)