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Russian trap on the CIA

In Moscow at the end of 70's spyware history it was possible to get even by accident. You walk in the park, pick up a stone from the ground, but it is not simple: it contains money, decorations, small tapes and a note - "Comrade! You accidentally penetrated into someone else's secret, picking up things that are not meant for you! Save yourself money and gold, throw the rest of the contents into the river and forget about everything! "

In those days, there was a peak of global confrontation between the two superpowers - the Soviet Union and the United States. It manifested itself in all spheres, which led to a surge in espionage activity in both countries. It was a kind of competition between two professional teams that were just a few kilometers away from each other: the Americans were in their embassy, ​​ours were in Lubyanka.

In the documentary film by Alexander Sladkov, members of the Soviet and American intelligence services for the first time share the details of unique operations.

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  1. Basil50
    Basil50 18 December 2017 12: 49
    But how can you be with human rights activists and liberals with democrats? It turns out they lied to us, or didn’t lie, and when they executed a command they covered their curators. Here's how to deal with it. That in RUSSIA there is no criminal article for espionage? They would try to open their mouths in the * democratic west *, they would either be robbed by unknowns or simply beaten with their family during the robbery. And in the media they are not given the opportunity to open their mouths.
    It is a pity that we, in RUSSIA, they are still fattening.