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Syrian Chronicles: The Role of the Russian Special Operations Forces

After the beginning of the conflict in Syria, many people lost sleep. It is difficult to sleep when you hear how mines are flying and you feel the jolts of close explosions. When instead of cicadas night sounds are filled with the chatter of automata. It seems that the nights themselves have become shorter. Or maybe these are just flashes from exploding artillery shells illuminating the ominous gloom.

Syria. Aleppo. "From around the world, armed people came to us, more than a hundred thousand people funded by different countries. It was a disaster and we could not imagine such a thing. But we believe in one thing. Aleppo was destroyed many times: in the 541 year - by the Persians, in 962 by the Byzantines, in 1260 by the Mongols, in 1400 by Tamerlane, and in the 1615 by the Ottoman Empire. But it was always revived after the destruction. We hope that this will happen again, ”says Syrian writer Abdullah Hajar.

In his book, he talks about different periods in stories countries, and twenty pages will be devoted to the history of the city of Aleppo. Together with Abdullah, we also write the Syrian chronicles.

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    Monos 14 December 2017 16: 53
    I do not understand what does the MTR have to do with it?