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AFU Ground Forces Commander: T-64BM Bulat tanks proved to be ineffective

Ukrainian edition "Defense Industrial Courier" publishes material in which an interview with the Deputy Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on logistics, Major General Yury Tolochny, is presented. The material itself has the following name: "The most acute problems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces today are not directly related to the ATO zone." At the same time, the general complains that the Ukrainian army in the combat zone in the Donbass faces difficulties in the form of underdelivery in various supply segments, from fuel and lubricants to armaments.

To the journalist’s question “What are the basic needs of troops in a combat zone?” General Tolochny answered:
When entering the winter, it is, above all, fuel for engines. It is necessary to switch to normal winter fuel. On this occasion, there have already been a number of scandals. It is also a timely supply of coal and firewood. The completeness of the winter form - which has been changed several times in five years, and its quality still leaves much to be desired.

The general commented on weapons reserves for the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Tolochny, the military-technical reserves of the Ukrainian army on the one hand are large, but on the other hand the available equipment is outdated and requires modernization.

Ukrainian general:
Some upgrade options fail in real combat. For instance, Tanks T-64BM “Bulat” due to their heavy weight and weak engine were ineffective, were transferred to the reserve, and replaced by linear T-64.

AFU Ground Forces Commander: T-64BM Bulat tanks proved to be ineffective

Also Tolochny added that the ongoing modernization often rests on the lack of funding. According to him, Oplot is available in Ukraine in a single copy, which raises the question of the state’s possibilities for the mass production of new types of equipment.

He commented on the deputy commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the recent fires in the Ukrainian arsenals. According to General Tolochny, Ukraine has still not created a modern and reliable ammunition storage system - even elementary norms for mowing dry grass around military facilities are not being observed, there is no fire alarm system, there is a lack of personnel.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 14 December 2017 06: 02
    Ukrainian general: T-64BM Bulat tanks were ineffective
    Well, how so. So much drank, so "washed" ....... Perhaps it was not enough ....
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 14 December 2017 06: 03
      Ukrainian general: T-64BM Bulat tanks were ineffective
      Well, do the others, and call "Cossack."
      1. dik-nsk
        dik-nsk 14 December 2017 06: 11
        The most acute problems of the APU today are not directly related to the ATO zone
        professional and practice words, as opposed to winning stools of politicians
        1. Alexander 3
          Alexander 3 14 December 2017 06: 34
          For us it is logical the worse with the APU, the less nasty things you can expect from jumping Bandera
        2. alexmach
          alexmach 14 December 2017 10: 01
          Strange, in the technical specifications they wrote that the engine was updated, and that the number of horses per ton of weight increased compared to the T-64
      2. LSA57
        LSA57 14 December 2017 06: 35
        Quote: Dead Day
        so do others, and call "Cossack"

      3. Strashila
        Strashila 14 December 2017 07: 27
        Humpback ... I said hunchback.
    2. Finches
      Finches 14 December 2017 06: 04
      "Call from the" boiler ":
      - Comrade General, there are 200 of us, 200 separatists, who are born !?
      - Now send the tanks !!!
      - Comrade General, there are 100 of us, 300 separatists! Tanks will be!?
      - They will ...
      - Comrade General, there are 10 of us, 390 separatists!
      Separatists ask: - And there will be tanks ??? "
      1. Tarasios
        Tarasios 14 December 2017 06: 08
        then for authenticity not to “comrade”, but to “pan”;)
    3. datur
      datur 14 December 2017 23: 54
      SO what for them damask !!!! to the warriors of the world there are just so many javelins and all sorts of other goodies, Canada and the Americans will weigh not only the REPUBLIC, but the main enemy will be worried !!!!! wink
  2. 210ox
    210ox 14 December 2017 06: 07
    The second article in two days. We have their problems ... In short, the problems of the blacks of the sheriff do not care ..
  3. Mihail177
    Mihail177 14 December 2017 06: 09
    Burst into tears. Tanks T-64BM "Bulat" can not effectively kill the Donbass.
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 December 2017 06: 11
    Tankers are also ineffective. Not only tanks wassat
    1. novel66
      novel66 14 December 2017 07: 29
      in fact, this is the problem. you need to be able to fight, let’s give the Syrians - fine and they’ll fight
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic 14 December 2017 06: 34
    Is there anything positive about the army besides everyday drunk? ??? what
    1. demo
      demo 14 December 2017 06: 40
      By January, the braids will give a ride. To remove dry grass from the fields.
      This is positive. Let them do at least such a thing. And not to shoot from tanks in Donetsk.
  6. Herculesic
    Herculesic 14 December 2017 06: 35
    "Tanks fucking new with us," tank horseradish declared lol
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 December 2017 06: 54
    And how much was prideful pride, triumphant broadcasts and everything else for the average man who simply had to be proud of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex. But...
    1. dog breeder
      dog breeder 14 December 2017 07: 08
      Interestingly, so for the sake of neighing, what were they going to take Moscow on?
  8. ROM1077
    ROM1077 14 December 2017 07: 05
    then he will offer to buy tanks in the west ... Serdyukov 2 - current in Ukraine ...
  9. Strashila
    Strashila 14 December 2017 07: 32
    A good example of direct American governance ... everything becomes ineffective ... like Russia in the 90s. In Ukraine, everything is not effective, but in Syria everything is on the turnover ... any equipment and more ... will be effective ... here it is the lack of corrupting influence of Western democracies.
  10. rocket757
    rocket757 14 December 2017 07: 39
    garbage, we have enough of our "funny news"
  11. Altona
    Altona 14 December 2017 07: 39
    And there was a conversation, we have Bulat, we have Oplot. In fact, it turned out that it was just a pile of scrap metal.
  12. sgr291158
    sgr291158 14 December 2017 09: 46
    Yes there is nothing effective, rather defective.