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BDK Cheka "Orsk" after the repair began to perform the tasks of combat training

The crew of the large amphibious assault ship (BDK) "Orsk", which completed repair of 2017 in October, passed the course task of organizing the ship service while stationed in the base and proceeded to perform combat training tasks to confirm the crew’s ability to perform the tasks inherent in this ship at sea Service of the Southern Military District

BDK Cheka "Orsk" after the repair began to perform the tasks of combat training

The crew of the BDK at the site in the Cossack Bay, together with the division of the marines, held a special tactical and special lesson on loading and disembarking vehicles and troops on the unequipped coast.
- said in a statement.

It is noted that these activities are carried out in accordance with the course of training crews of surface ships and are mandatory after the ship leaves the repair.

The final admission of the crew of the ship to perform the full range of tasks for the purpose is planned to be completed by the end of December 2017.
- added to the press service of the Southern Military District
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 12 December 2017 15: 35
    Half a century in the ranks .. And so far there is nothing to replace .. Unfortunately
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 12 December 2017 16: 09
      Although the old trough, there’s better than nothing ... Although there are still two “Rhinos” (project 1174) of 1982 and 1900 built in reserve, and they are fresh and largest twice, it would not hurt to restore.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 12 December 2017 16: 18
        They are corpses. Long. Moskalenko - we need turbines that can only be built in Nikolaev. Remodeling it under new ones is cheaper to build a new one. Anyway, the BDK on turbines is an epic fail, which in principle turned out to be an epic fail, all other projects are only diesel / boilers.
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 12 December 2017 16: 49
          I agree, but nevertheless a final decision on them has not been made, either there is no money for disposal, or as you indicated there is no possibility and expediency of their restoration, or they still think ...
        2. opus
          opus 12 December 2017 21: 48
          Quote: donavi49
          Moskalenko - we need turbines that can be built only in Nikolaev.

          The Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense of Russia 25 February 2014 (before "Our Crimea") put it on sale as scrap.

          and the decision was made right in 2012, see right after the mis-play.

          GTU there will not help, it is all stripped for a long time, one body
          Quote: donavi49
          And indeed the BDK on the turbine

          Universal landing ships of the type "America"

          2 GTU General Electric LM2500 +

          Amphibious transports docks such as "Cleveland"

          2 turbines ... really not gas and another 2 boiler wink
          Landing transports docks type "Austin"
          same thing: 2 turbine + 2 boiler
          in my ideal designer

          even on the Príncipe de Asturias stand
  2. faiver
    faiver 12 December 2017 15: 40
    another pensioner was launched, old man serves you well
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 12 December 2017 16: 47
      to Odessa
  3. moskowit
    moskowit 12 December 2017 15: 50
    "The old horse does not spoil the furrow ..."
    The crew of the large landing ship (BDK) "Orsk", which completed repairs in October 2017,

    But ship repairmen, locksmiths, welders, electricians, adjusters of various types of equipment, it turns out so we went for a walk ....
    1. novel66
      novel66 12 December 2017 16: 06
      the painters work quietly - and this is a warship!
  4. shans2
    shans2 12 December 2017 15: 50
    He will survive all current US aircraft carriers in the ranks)
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 December 2017 16: 06
    Perhaps, we will live to see the time when we build our UDC! !! Do it yourself!
  6. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 12 December 2017 20: 02
    And there is such a beautiful city in the Urals - the city of Orsk!
  7. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 12 December 2017 21: 45
    How old is this galosh my god! So many do not live ...
    Sevas even built a bonus. After the last New Year, I just hung around in these places for work.
  8. Evil 55
    Evil 55 13 December 2017 03: 28
    Ready to be included in the "Syrian expert" ..