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Vladimir Menshov on the "Citadel", "Bastards" and scandals in contemporary art

Internet portal "Reedus" comes out with a publication that says why one famous Russian film director Vladimir Menshov once spoke out against nominating another famous Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov for an Oscar. We are talking about a scandal that erupted several years ago in connection with the film "Burnt by the Sun-2: The Citadel." In 2011, Vladimir Menshov headed the Russian Committee for the nomination of films for the American Oscar film award and then refused to sign the Citadel's application.

From the statement of the film director:
I addressed the members of the Oscar committee with a small speech: you guys are leaving now, and I explain to journalists why we put forward a picture that did not have success at the box office, did not collect even a tenth of the money spent on it, rolled overseas No, it has no awards. And in the same competition there are two pictures - “Elena”, which won a prize at the Cannes festival, and a very fresh prize was received by the picture “Faust” by Sokurov. For what reason did we choose this Mikhalkov film? I then had to say that I could not sign such a document.

Vladimir Menshov on the "Citadel", "Bastards" and scandals in contemporary art

Recall that in the 2006 year, Vladimir Menshov refused to award the MTV award to the film “Swine”. Then the filmmakers got burned by lying, stating that they allegedly "are well aware of the camps for the preparation of kamikaze children during World War II."

"Reedus" cited Menshov:
It was a provocation. It was pulled out by the Americans, the owners of the prize, it was MTV. I was stunned by this envelope, I had to act according to circumstances.

A well-known filmmaker commented on recent events related to the scandals around certain modern works, as well as the scandal surrounding Kirill Serebrennikov. It is difficult to add anything to the words of Vladimir Menshov:
If you take money from the state, you need to report. You should not substitute creative reporting for money.
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  1. Evgeny Strygin
    Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 13: 22
    One of the few who from all this fraternity has a conscience and a head. Most just a bunch of clowns with ambition, don't get anyone.
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 12 December 2017 13: 26
      There is nothing to add to what you have said. hi
      1. Per se.
        Per se. 12 December 2017 13: 32
        Quote: Jedi
        There is nothing to add to what you have said.
        Perhaps, it is only necessary to add that the state itself should have a clear patriotic ideology, controlling not only what it allocates money for, but also what can influence this ideology from the outside.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 12 December 2017 13: 41
          I agree with you, but this will not be easier than flying to Mars and returning.
        2. Evgeny Strygin
          Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 15: 35
          “Patriotism is the last refuge of a villain” is not mine.
          That is, if patriotism should be based, do not understand what kind of "birch trees" or "we are special, God-chosen" for the purpose of corporate ethics for the exploiter and the exploited. And if we talk about objective reality, then we have patriotism built on pride in the Soviet past, which is simultaneously drenched in shit.
          And there can be no other with such a structure. It’s just that the shape has changed and the taste of the shit fed has become thinner. Many like it.
          And our ideology is the same as from the outside. There is no absolutely fundamental difference. Unless officially registered that we do not have it.
          1. Per se.
            Per se. 13 December 2017 05: 53
            Quote: Evgeny Strygin
            “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”
            If you recall here the statement made by Dr. Samuel Johnson in 1775, so it is necessary to clarify that this was said about the British, who, having committed crimes and used to avoid imprisonment or hanging, used “patriotic” pathos. The reference to him allowed the “patriot” to receive a pardon and go to the British colonies. What did you add, it remains questionable. Everything can be distorted, including patriotism, so it's not about that. A state that does not care about patriotism is doomed, and, where, like in cinema and art, the theme of patriotism can be most expressed. Personally, I am not thrilled with capitalism in Russia, but now I can’t do anything either, if you can be proud of the Soviet past, you have to do it, if only to rethink it and draw conclusions to the present.
        3. papas-57
          papas-57 12 December 2017 16: 32
          Interestingly, someone is reading the script before deciding to allocate state money for some kind of film? In principle, such solvers should also be responsible for the final result. And moral and financial, and sometimes criminal for real libel. And there is nothing to rewrite the story on the principle of `` the director sees it this way. '' I want to see the truth, not how her director sees or wants to see.
          1. Normal ok
            Normal ok 12 December 2017 23: 46
            Quote: papas-57
            Interestingly, someone is reading the script before deciding to allocate state money for some kind of film?

            Well, for example, the script of "Crimea" was read by Shoigu. So what? Did it help?
            1. volodimer
              volodimer 13 December 2017 17: 33
              He personally, or who is for him (which does not relieve him of responsibility), and how much the script differs from the film (which again does not remove responsibility). One demonstration pass on such '' the director sees it this way '' ruble ... and then, if he did not fulfill the conditions of the state contract, the corresponding prize. And immediately the number of “geniuses” of culture who want to promote at the expense of the state budget will decrease. And there, maybe, the money will be transferred to the creators of normal films. 28 Panfilovtsev, not without criticism, but compared to the rest of the slag, a masterpiece close to the classics.
      2. Shura Perm
        Shura Perm 12 December 2017 13: 36
        Not a rotten man, I respect
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 12 December 2017 18: 35
          Quote: Shura Perm
          Not a rotten man, I respect

          He is not alone!

          1. Vasya Vassin
            Vasya Vassin 13 December 2017 21: 58
            Thanks for the link, looked at the end of the project, hard thoughts. The hard truth.
      3. Yu-81
        Yu-81 12 December 2017 18: 30
        Add just what. Neither the bastards, nor Mikhalkov’s rubbish should not only receive some bonuses, but simply should not be shown in films and television. Because it is a lie and an abomination. That is exactly what Menshov had to say, and not bypass the corners. In many politicians, man is the winner, and Menshov is an example of this.
    2. Black_Vatnik
      Black_Vatnik 12 December 2017 13: 28
      Now all these directors who shot The Citadel, The Bastards, and other Stalingrad, will be filming a purely patriotic movie that doesn’t completely denounce the bloody scoop. For the topic of patriotism and a love of history is on the agenda. And such figures as Bondarchuk perfectly know how to keep their nose in the wind. Fortunately, the teacher - Mikhalkov - is good.

      Take a look at how Mikhalkov in his "Besogon" exposes the evil anti-Soviet and liberals ... for such an acting game and a bag of Oscars do not mind
      1. Evgeny Strygin
        Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 15: 37
        Yes, they will shoot, and remove everything in essence, too. "Bloody gebnya" shove literally in everything. From astronauts to polar sailors.
      2. mole
        mole 12 December 2017 18: 14
        Quote: Black_Jacket
        Now all these directors

        There is such a category of directors - "directors - WITH LOW SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY"! Hold on to the trend.
        "For whom is war - for whom is mother dear!"
        1. Cheldon
          Cheldon 12 December 2017 23: 00
          Bravo! You can’t say better. hi
    3. Barbulator
      Barbulator 12 December 2017 14: 25
      Quote: Evgeny Strygin
      Most just a bunch of clowns with ambition, don't get anyone.

      How sick of the comic book movies to be made in the American style and likeness. This is especially true for films about the Great Patriotic War, at least about scouts, at least counterintelligence. Recently I watched "Brest Fortress", where in one of the episodes ours expose an enemy scout, and on his chest the dead certificate of military counterintelligence "SMERSH" lies on his chest !!! In other films about SMERSH, military people wear the uniform of the NKVD, and not the uniform of the troops. WHAT YOU BRIDDED IN, AND WORK! In addition to endless spectacular scenes with shooting and explosions, there is nothing worthwhile, emptiness. Is it really impossible to invite a consultant on military history to the shooting to learn at least about the uniform, the rules for wearing state awards and not be awarded medals of the 50s-80s years.
      1. KCA
        KCA 12 December 2017 14: 52
        I did not watch Brest Fortress, but, as I think, the film takes place starting from June 22nd 1941, is that, in the film, the fortress was defended until the spring of 1943, when the SMERSH counterintelligence department was created?
      2. Evgeny Strygin
        Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 15: 39
        “Brest Fortress”, by the way, is one of the best if not the best that happened after perestroika. So it goes.
      3. region58
        region58 13 December 2017 00: 55
        Quote: Barbator
        Is it really impossible to invite a consultant to the shooting

        Especially delivers a well-groomed uniform and polished shoes to the forefront and in the trenches ...
  2. Rusland
    Rusland 12 December 2017 13: 26
    Well done, a principled man, fair, and his films are good. Even Mikhalkov cut.
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 12 December 2017 13: 27
    Menshov is not only a creator and a decent person, but also very brave. Not everyone can decide on their own position, let alone voice and defend it.
  4. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 12 December 2017 13: 30
    Health and long life to a good person, an excellent actor and director!
  5. ratfly
    ratfly 12 December 2017 13: 42
    About voss ... th "Viking" forgot, such a fuck. Those would have given money for Kolovrat.
    1. verner1967
      verner1967 12 December 2017 13: 49
      Quote: ratfly
      Those would have given money for Kolovrat.

      Ha! Is Kolovrat better?
      1. Barbulator
        Barbulator 12 December 2017 16: 04
        Quote: verner1967
        Is Kolovrat better?

        So this is the second boot from the Viking.
        1. verner1967
          verner1967 12 December 2017 19: 37
          Quote: Barbator
          So this is the second boot from the Viking.

          good drinks
        2. Cheldon
          Cheldon 12 December 2017 23: 02
          That's for sure, rare rubbish.
  6. Mihanishche
    Mihanishche 12 December 2017 13: 45
    Well, one more shifter !!!
    It turns out that Russophobe Sokurov was promoting "a fresh prize was received by Sokurov's painting Faust." - he uncovered himself.
    And his libel to Russia is everywhere drunk and vodka. He insulted all sailors by depicting a caricature of a certain "Uncle Mitya" in the article "Love and Doves." Instead of a brave, non-drinker, sensible retired Baltic sailor, he brought out something obscene, Russophobic! A wooden wife, a daughter-brooch, a son on a moped (why not show an excellent student, a school medalist ???), a psychopath Raisa ... pah !!! These are scenes of female fights. Thank you for not being in the mud !!!
    I’m silent about his “Moscow to Tears” - he set his wife's boobs as a temptation. For this, the Americans and him poured Oscar.
    He forgot to mention how he defended Yeltsin with a machine gun at the White House. Changeling!
    1. oborzevatel
      oborzevatel 12 December 2017 14: 01
      I can comment on the above only with these lines:
      You, Sharikov, are talking nonsense and the most outrageous thing is that you say it categorically and confidently.
      You are at the lowest stage of development, [...] You are still just a forming, mentally weak creature, all your actions are purely bestial, and you, in the presence of two people with a university education, allow yourself with swagger completely unbearable to give any advice on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity about how to share everything ... [...] ... you need to be silent and listen to what they say to you. To study and try to become at least some acceptable member of a social society
      1. Mihanishche
        Mihanishche 12 December 2017 14: 03
        Quotes from the Russophobic little book of the Russophobian author!
        1. oborzevatel
          oborzevatel 12 December 2017 14: 08
          And you, if I may say so, have you read it, my dear? hi
          And, of course, how, what kind of comrades are we to you! Where so. We understand, sir! We did not study at universities. In apartments of 15 rooms with bathrooms did not live. Only now is the time to leave it. Now everyone has their own right.
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. oborzevatel
              oborzevatel 12 December 2017 14: 44
              Quote: Mikhanishche
              Also read Solzhenitsyn ???

              Well, with Solzhenitsyn you do not go too far ....
              But Stalin understood !!!

              I do not argue. But he was not right in everything.
              Bulgakov Stalin called Russophobe.

              When and where, do not tell?
            2. maxim947
              maxim947 12 December 2017 23: 08
              Bulgakov Stalin called Russophobe. But Stalin understood !!!

              You can’t imagine stupid phrases.
      2. Evgeny Strygin
        Evgeny Strygin 12 December 2017 15: 52
        There is such a moment in this work that everyone wants to put themselves on the role of proffesor - so educated and bright. But here is the point: the image is built mainly on the contrast for a second with the dog. With a dog for the responsibility for which he was obliged to bear, but only incendiary wit and so beautifully overcame the syllable. Well, also over the uneducated cattle who organized and did something. The professor did not even think that his education did not appear out of thin air. According to his book, he generally has no real mental activity with the development of personality as a result.
        A book is a banter (perhaps not meaningful, since for the author an explanation of that situation, that time did not make sense) over the reader. A kind of check for lice.
        The professor is a weak-willed adaptationist who likes to sharpen mob and rot, but of course he will make an illegal abortion and hide from the law. Character - furniture that we will be honest in the restructuring we did not pass.
        1. Barmal
          Barmal 12 December 2017 23: 33
          But how can the sarcastic illustration of time lived by the author be accepted? How is the test?
          Quote: Yevgeny Strygin
          There is such a moment in this work that everyone wants to put themselves on the role of proffesor - so educated and bright. But here is the point: the image is built mainly on the contrast for a second with the dog. With a dog for the responsibility for which he was obliged to bear, but only incendiary wit and so beautifully overcame with ...
          ... A kind of check for lice.
          The professor is a weak-willed adaptationist who likes to sharpen mob and rot, but of course he will make an illegal abortion and hide from the law. Character - furniture that we will be honest in the restructuring we did not pass.
          1. Evgeny Strygin
            Evgeny Strygin 14 December 2017 23: 58
            I am afraid of the sarcasm of that time in "devastation is not closets, but in the heads", the renovating part of the population is almost physically incapable of understanding. And therefore, yes test. How are you able to get around the art of flexible ass kissing yourself while reading a work? Well, so to speak, imbued with the fact that you are not only witty as a teenager, a gray-haired uncle who in reality carries some nonsense if you have to think about it? The fact that all those profound sayings before reality look just a kind of "devastation only in the minds" of a big-moron moron in a small fictional world of a luxurious apartment behind which there is quite a ruin and ruins. And while you ass is not sitting on them, devastation is only in the heads. Some shaped heads, shaped devastation. With figurative sarcasm.
            1. Barmal
              Barmal 28 December 2017 16: 23
              many letters, dear. Without sarcasm.
  7. Altona
    Altona 12 December 2017 13: 48
    Recently at the Bolshoi there was a premiere of the sensational performance Nureyev. This is such a ballet dancer, who declared himself a dissident and left for the USA. Moreover, this artist was still a homosexual and a Tatar nationalist, as he was positioned by Western media. The play was staged by Kirill Serebrennikov, a fashionable self-taught director, sitting under investigation. The premiere was attended by all our elite and elite. Everyone was in awe. Peskov called it a "world event." By the way, one of the scenery was a photo of Nureyev in a suit of Adam in full-length face, with focus below the waist. Why am I doing this? In addition, the elite went to a performance about a sider in every sense of the word - a homosexual, a traitor and a fascist, and the elite really liked the performance. So, our elite are also scammers. And it’s generally customary to beat the sidors in Russia.
    1. Mihanishche
      Mihanishche 12 December 2017 13: 53
      Ban Russophobe !!!
      1. oborzevatel
        oborzevatel 12 December 2017 14: 11
        Quote: Mikhanishche
        You, Russophobe, whom Russophobe called?

        You Russophobe whom Russophobe called - that?
    2. Nasrat
      Nasrat 12 December 2017 13: 56
      there is ...
      The face of the man who brought his wife to a ballet about homosexuals


      On the stage of the main theater of Russia, photographs of a naked “hero”, love duets of homosexuals and group dances of transvestites, a pornographic photo shoot were shown.

      In the final of the play, the choreographer, composer and other members of the production
      teams came out in T-shirts with a portrait of Serebrennikov and the signature “Freedom”
      to the director! ”, and in the audience there were exclamations:“ Freedom
      Kirill! ”

      Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov attended the premieres,
      former finance minister Alexei Kudrin, head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov,
      Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigory
      Karasin, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, member of the Olympic Committee
      Russian Shamil Tarpishchev, former and current department heads
      culture of Moscow, billionaires led by Roman Abramovich, Ksenia
      Sobchak and other "lionesses".
    3. andrewkor
      andrewkor 12 December 2017 14: 16
      I will add that this person died from AIDS!
  8. Vitas
    Vitas 12 December 2017 13: 51
    The man who helps Donbass, quietly and calmly, without shouting at every corner!
  9. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 12 December 2017 13: 54
    V. Menshov is perhaps the only sane person in film culture, and indeed in art in Russia. yes
  10. Altona
    Altona 12 December 2017 13: 54
    Quote: Mikhanishche
    Ban Russophobe !!!

    Who are you talking about?
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat 12 December 2017 14: 07
      Oh, about .... about Putin! wassat
  11. Altona
    Altona 12 December 2017 13: 57
    Quote: Nasr
    there is ...
    The face of the man who brought his wife to a ballet about homosexuals

    So he has a wife with an American passport, this is their trend.
  12. rocket757
    rocket757 12 December 2017 14: 09
    Everything is fine, we are falling!
    Adequately and honestly. Watch our movie ... in short, there is almost nothing to watch, most of it is only for the fire.
    If someone does not agree ... he has a different \ opinion.
  13. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 12 December 2017 14: 09
    And I gave a million to Donbass, and even apologized as much as I can. Well done and movies are cool and not sweet and arrogant like Mikhalkov. Respect!
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 12 December 2017 14: 10
    I quote Menshov: If you take money from the state, you need to report. Money reporting should not be substituted for creativity. My deepest respect for Menshov - has not given up. There is nothing to add to this. I do not understand the position of the TV presenters "60 minutes". They allowed the cheap Sobchak to air, who gave a fiery speech from which it could be understood that even if Serebrennikov was a thief, then this was a right thief, but Vasilieva was a wrong thief. She voiced the position of traitors from the Russian intelligentsia, to whom the authorities gave a lot, they grew fat on state support of their "creations", which are designed for a brawl between Moscow and St. Petersburg nobility, in which "the cuckoo praises the cock ..." - they are indifferent to the people. This is all clear and it would not be worth writing about it. Another thing - why was the leading position not voiced? They’re laying straws for themselves - suddenly what! - ashamed gentlemen.
  16. rodus
    rodus 12 December 2017 14: 15
    Almost full version of the interview:

    "When the Crimea was not ours - it was a wild injustice, and the Donbass has always been a Russian region. Interview with Vladimir Menshov
    What is going on in Russia? Why does the state sponsor base films and TV shows and ignore the problems of Donbass? Why are part of the creative intelligentsia and the bohemian “elite” opposing their country?

    The famous film director and People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Menshov answered these and other questions in the studio of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda.

    - Vladimir Valentinovich, ten years ago you refused to hand the prize to the film “Bastards”, threw the envelope on the floor and said: “I hoped that it would carry it - it did not. I would ask Pamela Anderson to award the prize “For the best film” to this film, which is rather vile and dishonoring my country. I will not do this. Bye". And you are gone. Why?

    This film was outraged by veterans who spoke in closed ranks and spoke on this subject. The authors began to say that, they say, they themselves were sitting in such camps or were brought up, etc ... There was an author Volodya Kunin, with whom I was even friends during his stay in the Soviet Union. He began to say that he himself was in such a camp for kamikaze children. But they were exposed and proved with documents that not only there were no such camps - this of course - but neither Kunin nor other people were in such a camp. Events began to develop in such a direction that it even became dangerous for them to continue this discussion - documents of a completely different kind had already begun to come to light there. And they refused it. And it seems everything was already poher, but suddenly this story surfaced at this event, to which I was invited to present the main prize. I came, but it turned out that among the main prizes this picture suddenly flashed. She, in fact, had no right to it - the picture was two years ago. As a result, when I went backstage, I warned: if this picture receives a prize, I will not hand it. What scared the organizers. And when we opened the envelope, and there was the name of this film, I did as I promised. It was some kind of provocative story - by all criteria, this film was not even supposed to participate in this competition. It was pulled out by the Americans, the owners of this prize - it was MTV.

    - You have stirred up the whole cinematic world and the party around this action.

    - The dirt does not stick to me - which is very pleased, of course. For some time I experienced a certain upsurge and euphoria around my name, to which I did not know how to relate, and did not really understand what really happened ... Well, a certain event was inflated from this. It happened 10 years ago, and you start a conversation with me with memories of this.

    - So, over the past 10 years, no one from the people of art has done anything similar: did not drop the envelope on the floor, did not say from the stage that it was dirty or disgusting.

    - I was simply let down to this act. If I knew in advance that I should hand it over, I would simply refuse by phone. And when I came to the event, and I was deafened by this envelope, I had to behave according to the circumstances.

    - It seems to me that, despite your appearance as a gentle person, you are very tough, and if you take any position, then you defend it to the end. Recall 2011 - the chairman of the Russian Oscar Committee, Vladimir Menshov, refused to sign an application for an Oscar presentation of Nikita Mikhalkov’s film Burnt by the Sun-2. Citadel".

    - It was such a thing. And also explainable. I addressed the members of the Oscar committee with a small speech - you guys will leave now, but I should go to the journalists and explain why we handed the prize to a picture that at the box office did not have the slightest hint of success, and did not collect the tenth shares of the money spent on it. She does not have overseas rental; she does not have any bonuses either. And along with this in the same competition there were two paintings - “Elena”, which received a prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and “Faust” by Sokurov. Why did we choose Mikhalkov’s film? They lowered their eyes to the table and were silently depressed ... From which it was clear - how can we refuse our boss?

    - Have you been able to refuse the boss?

    - It was so ugly, speaking from aesthetic positions, not only from political ones. Well, guys, let's still observe the decency ... No, they did not want to observe decency. And then I was forced to say that I could not sign such a document.

    - You have made so few films yourself because you don’t want to do ugly ones, but a little beautiful?

    - Probably, this is due to the fact that I do not exist in the profession for one hundred percent. I have other interests. A pause of 11 years was connected with the complete disagreement in the country connected with perestroika and with everything that happened when television and newspapers were more interesting than art ... Until I matured in me the desire to reflect all this, as it were to say decently what happened in country ... Until a form was found - and a form was found - a farce.

    - “Shirley-myrli” was the most chic farce of our time. And the incomparable Tabakov in the role of Sukhodrishchev with this ingenious remark that he saw the American ambassador in Khimki, trading in wooden members. You should have starred in Vladimir Bortko’s film “Killing Cities”. About what is happening now in the Donbass. But ... is the movie delayed again?

    - For the first time they postponed it. We were preparing for filming somewhere in July, maybe in August. And the events developed favorably for the film, because Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin read the message addressed to him on the film. And he wrote, I saw this resolution - "Please help." I thought it already means green light. But the money for the filming was never given.

    - Resolution - the guarantee that it will be funded?

    - Well yes. We were all sure. And suddenly a strange inhibition began. Maybe he wrote the resolution in the wrong ink ...

    It’s also important in the corridors of power - with what words was accompanied ... I don’t know, in any case, while Volodya Bortko still hopes that this picture will work out. And I would also hope.

    “What is going on at all?” “Leviathan” the state gives money, “Matilda” gives. But Bortko, who shoots about Donbass, about our pain, the state does not give money.

    - The question is not for me. This must be addressed to the presidential administration - for what reason? Perhaps, as Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote - “you have to wait” - if you remember, Balalaykin’s story.

    “Or, no matter how you eat the chizhik, let us recall the same Mikhail Evgrafovich,” “they expected bloodshed from him, but he ate the chizhik. So while we are afraid to eat a siskin, Ukraine is making films one after another: the series "Guard", about cyborgs at the Donetsk airport, has now been shot. And we are sitting ...

    “I don't know what caused this.” Moreover, they threw a lot of money into producing films by the centenary of October, which ultimately lowered the level of our revolution and the events of this world significance - so to speak, a tectonic shift in the minds of people and the social life of the world. Instead, we take pictures of Parvus, the character invented by Solzhenitsyn, who had virtually no value.

    - Who never met Lenin in his life.

    - There are a lot of things there, but the fact that Parvus was made the third person or the second after Lenin - this is not getting into any gates.

    - And Trotsky? You say a tectonic shift, and in our film the tectonic shift boils down to Lenin blackmailing Trotsky, strangling his neck and threatening to throw him off the roof.

    - Unfortunately, I missed this interesting episode - did they just fight on the roof?

    - They didn’t fight. There, Lenin told him - either you will do as I say (and strangled him by the neck), or I’ll throw you out of here now ...

    - I don’t even want to discuss how events are ideological, political ... This is lack of culture ...

    - Do people measure themselves?

    - You correctly formulated it now. Because it is a matter of lack of culture of human, ignorance. According to their indicators, these people have already entered such an age category when they become teachers. And this is serious. They are the main ones, because our generation has already receded from these positions.
    1. rodus
      rodus 12 December 2017 14: 16

      We are now recruiting students and fearing their ignorance. Yes, they are much better than me with these gadgets, but there’s nothing to talk about with them without a gadget. If he doesn’t know what, he says - now, wait a minute - and there he crawls for help. This is some kind of superficial, shimmering knowledge that is not embedded in the depths of the soul.

      - The mind is in gadgets, you can’t put your soul in it, it turns out that it is not needed?

      - And the worst thing is that these people are already tackling such responsible topics as it seemed to us at one time. If you embody historical events such as the October Revolution, you must be prepared for this. But it turns out - no, it’s not necessary, they wrote something there, it is necessary to convey all this more or less smartly. My teacher was Mikhail Ilyich Romm, who made wonderful two films about Lenin - but it was a feat to shoot these films in his time - in 1937 and 1939 - “Lenin in October” and “Lenin in 1918.” And life brought him to this. To make such pictures. And he understood how Schukin felt about this, by the way, his greatest acting work was Lenin in these films. Everyone appreciated it and understood. And in the days of November Lenin flashed a dozen. Not one was remembered.

      - But doesn’t it seem to you that profanation of professionalism has been going on specially in recent years to convince people that there is no need to study, no need to work, no need to master? Do you remember all these shows that we had - "stars on ice", "stars in the ring", as they say, do not make efforts - and so is the talent?

      - Maybe. Although such multi-paths are not subject to man, I think. To such an extent, calculate what we will achieve. There is a simpler mechanism. Why don't the actor try on ice? Happened. Now somewhere in the dance - it turns out. Now let’s in the ring - well, in the ring I got a couple of times in the face, said: “Well, to hell with you!” But, nevertheless, it also happened in the ring. What other options?

      “Well, there is still an option - as Dmitry Dyuzhev said the other day:“ Every time I risk going through the fire, tearing my chest apart ”and so on. What happened to creative intelligentsia? I can’t imagine that Papanov, Mironov began to insult the people like that.

      - Well, do not attach such importance, escaped from him.

      - It was he on television in Latvia who expressed everything to the Russian people. And then he made it worse. You and him were on the same set in "High Security Vacations."

      - Good guy. Pleasant. By the way, he is my fellow countryman, an Astrakhan. Therefore, I have a double sympathy for him, but I found myself in this situation. Well,.

      - So they rushed to support him.

      - Who?

      - Pavel Maykov, with whom they starred in the "Brigade". Actor Panin Alexey. Famous Bozena Rynska.

      “God be with them ... It scares me that this is a new reality, in which we suddenly began to discuss the complete mura. Well, he said, well, some kind of annoyance ... He is a good guy, I say it again. Well, in a minute of irritation it burst out, and then it was picked up. Talking about professionalism is much more important.

      For example, I am very tormented by the problem in the theater - excessive directing, which depresses me. And I just refuse to go to the theaters. Because understanding himself as a director as a kind of Demiurge, with pawn actors, objects of application of his forces, it seems to me just wild. And it will certainly explode. I come and see the direction, and the actors there is nowhere to break through. Not to mention the humiliating situations in which the actors find themselves when they fall out in a crowd of 20 people naked.

      - And then what?

      - I lower my eyes.

      - And when 10 naked actresses fall out, don’t you lower them?

      - Same.

      - But not me.

      - Listen, seriously, at these moments I think - what a humiliating profession, my God! I am returning to some patriarchal views on her and on the fact that it was really not in vain that we were buried outside the cemetery’s fence in due time. Well, what is it - to graduate from the institute and to the stage, and at the institutes they still do not teach to walk naked on the stage.

      - Vladimir Valentinovich lagged behind life, they put on a sock on a member.

      - Well, they themselves learned it. But they are now competing with this paradigm that reigns in the theater. But fundamentally this is simply the wrong approach to the actors, to the theater, which I am already fed up with impossibility.

      - And the case of Kirill Serebrennikov? You, unlike many colleagues, did not support him in this scandal.

      - Well, there are not creative questions. All sorts of financial reports, there the investigation should understand. Now Kostya Raikin threatens to raise the public. Well, guys, did you feel completely celestial? You can not do it this way. If you take money from the state, you need to report. Money should not be substituted for creativity.

      “But almost all the near-cultural bohemians supported them!”

      - There is 95% fashion, not belief. Never mind the strict beliefs of creative people. They are not so powerful with beliefs. They are changing, they are extremely suggestible.

      - It seems to me that the root of their problems lies in the fact that they consider 86% of the population cattle, and 14%, including their loved ones, as the elite.

      - They did not pass the test of Crimea. Reunification with the Crimea was a turning point. And those who then took a tough stance that Crimea is not ours, roughly speaking, they are now experiencing great difficulties and difficulties. I see this on talented people who suddenly find themselves in isolation, become marginalized individuals. And they got used that all their life they were advanced, advanced, they were followed. And suddenly - as soon as the words "Our Crimea is not ours" are heard from them - people leave them.

      “And they end up in the void.” And they themselves are tightening up rhetoric more and more, because they have no other choice left, and they are already slipping into absolute marginals, becoming city crazy themselves.

      - They have their own, but very limited audience. But it already hurts for them. They cannot find understanding in people. Because they touched upon the Crimean issue deep fundamental things, which are also not very explainable by logic.

      How many people who were or thought to be rulers of thoughts? Of course, not at the level that we called so - the same Tarkovsky, Shukshin - it was a completely different scale. But, nevertheless, the guys are used to it, grew up in the feeling that they are the focus of all the light forces in this society. And suddenly…

      And even the best representatives of this dissident collective, non-dissidents of our society, are sliding to the marginal. And even the talent leaves. I see this by the example of Dmitry Bykov - he was a very talented person, interesting. It was interesting to follow him. If you are currently following his posts, the drop is sharp. Maybe he could change his mind, but he has no right already. He has already taken this direction and must follow it.

      And their attempts to reach people are doomed. Try to say where in a public place, in the subway, in the trolleybus “Crimea is not ours” - by God, they’ll beat.

      - Soon 4 years as our Crimea. Vladimir Valentinovich, have you changed your point of view?

      - It is impossible to change it.

      “But what about sanctions and everything else?”

      - Everything is bearable in comparison with the injustice that reigned 25 years ago when the Crimea turned out to be not ours. Any sanctions must be sustained for the sake of this choice that we have made. When he was not ours, it was a wild injustice. Well, when was he Ukrainian? I traveled to Ukraine 10 years before this Maidan and looked, and talked with people, and saw that Ukraine is split in language. When the Ukrainian language was planted, not only on the peninsula, but also in the Donbass, which has always been a primordially Russian region, and there professors were forced to lecture in the Ukrainian language. This happened from the first days when they separated from us, immediately Ukrainization began. And it happened in 1918 in the same way.

      “Do you mean 100 years ago?”

      - All this is described by Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov. You just need to read how they tried to speak Ukrainian. And Petlyura, and Russian, and everything, everything, everything.
      1. rodus
        rodus 12 December 2017 14: 17

        - This is ridiculous, there is no split. And 85% do not, and 15% of the liberals also do not. I do not trust sociology and these polls. As you ask a question, you will get the answer. This is more astrology than astronomy.

        - That is, these are fights of local importance, to which the rest of Russia does not care?

        “Absolutely not.” Putin really has tremendous authority in the country, and, above all, he is now supported by the Crimea. And if his rating starts to fall, I think that he has something in store. For example, he can rename Volgograd to Stalingrad. And his rating will again skyrocket.

        - How do you feel the mood in society? This is me about Stalingrad. It seems that it’s not among ordinary people that you find, but you feel the mood of the people.

        - Maybe that's why we get pictures that have a response from the audience.

        - And if you are offered to become Putin's confidant in the upcoming elections?
        - Undoubtedly, I agree, because I believe that there is no alternative.

        - And their potential alternatives are burned out there or are there really no personalities?

        - I do not see. It may be that the field around has been cleared, but there is another. Political popularity consists of two things - from actions and from luck. And Putin is a successful politician. Whatever he does, in the end, he wins. This is the fate of great people. Who at first took seriously Napoleon, a young boy from the province who came to Paris? But, one, second, third act - and around it a crowd of fans, associates is already forming. And even failure, half-luck, such as an Egyptian campaign, is no longer stopping. He comes back and says - I left you a prosperous France, and what is going on here? And everyone screams - come on, come on Napoleon!

        “But he ended badly.”

        “We all die in the end.” Once there was a good joke in the book “Physicists are joking” - cucumbers are deadly, because everyone who ate cucumbers died. There is no bad ending in history ... in this case, Vlasov ended badly. Indeed, he finished badly. So he tried and failed.

        - One Austrian "artist" is a corporal too.

        - And you must not forget him, so as not to happen again. His story is worth exploring.

        - Putin said - I do not vouch for the accuracy of the quote, but vouch for the accuracy of the meaning - the one who does not regret the collapse of the USSR does not have a heart, but the one who believes that the USSR needs to be restored has no mind. What do you think we should do? What should we build?

        - We are already “spoiled” by that socialism, even if it was not the most correct and not the most beautiful, but we had it. We lived in a much fairer society than capitalist society. We were not satisfied with him, we parted with him, but returning is unlikely. Every time we take steps towards wild capitalism, to which some of our leaders call for the strongest to survive, this social Darwinism does not fit in our brains. Of course, we do not have capitalism. It is necessary for others to invent words, concepts, in order to characterize our social system. The Chinese have found something between the two social systems, and are moving very successfully. I think that we also need to look somewhere in this direction. I think that we are now in the process of feeling for this path. Now we have an abundance compared to what it was. Not with Sweden, of course, and even with their social protection system, but in abundance. And we survive quite well. Maybe the word “not bad” is not the right one ... But I don’t understand what is the gain in private property over socialist property. I don’t understand for what reason it is necessary to start these oligarchs who transfer money in the final analysis - this is already a tough regularity — abroad. Then they go there themselves and sit there with 10 yachts and castles. I do not understand what is the benefit of this social structure. But Vladimir Vladimirovich insists on this. "
        1. rodus
          rodus 12 December 2017 14: 27
          Now discuss, everyone can make mistakes, everyone's opinion and views change over time, and no one can judge.
          In order to understand what an excessive love of Western values ​​can result in, I advise you to study the work of Yu. D. Petukhov. - “Slaughter”, many people will like a funny story.
  17. 1536
    1536 12 December 2017 14: 17
    If the state gives money, then it orders this or that film for itself, in its support, for its own fun, but not at a loss. They won (?) In Syria, well, quickly make a good movie, invite a normal, not "seeing in your own way", director, well-performing artists. We are building gas hubs, opening new enterprises, launching icebreakers, so show how this is done in an artistic sense, without the presence of an open dirty toilet and KGB agents nearby. Even from our failures with the “exploration of the Cosmos” one can make an excellent movie, but not after the fact, not a movie of “one actor”, but a film that gives an idea that all difficulties can be overcome.
    Of these films, the only one can be called "Crimea." So it is necessary to continue in this vein in other directions, only smartly, so as not to fill your teeth with sugary teeth. Here is a good movie "Dislike." With the exception of a couple of episodes where there is a reference to religious affiliation (probably a tribute to the British, probably), the film was shot episode to episode, you will not quarrel. And the episode, put in the plot, life, and the ending is modern, yourself, gentlemen, conceive. And the film receives prizes abroad. So no, apparently, they also declared "discrediting our reality." I don’t know if the director was given money to shoot, but the film turned out.
    And in our cinema, as well as everywhere, money is given for a "project" or "for a person." It’s good, at least, that they have not yet reported short videos from the Internet, although perhaps this is not far off. Imagine showing a similar video in the main theaters of the country. And in general, cinema should reflect reality in one form or another, and give a person a key, both to understanding this reality and to ways out of this or that situation. Otherwise, why make a movie? To "face in"? But it’s gone.
  18. Alex Justice
    Alex Justice 12 December 2017 17: 53
    Quote: Evgeny Strygin
    "Brest Fortress" by the way is one of the best if not the best

    I do not agree. The film disappointed for teens.
  19. foreman
    foreman 12 December 2017 18: 44
    Well done! All laid out on shelves!
  20. another RUSICH
    another RUSICH 12 December 2017 19: 10
    Menshov respect. Not respect, namely respect!
  21. oldzek
    oldzek 12 December 2017 19: 26
    I respect Menshov as an actor, as a director, and finally just as a good person. And as for films about the war, that is, pictures that I’m afraid to watch for the second time ... my heart will stop. For example, "road test" by German. Now in the 21st century there are already they don’t do it ... unfortunately. or maybe to my happiness (I’ll live longer)
  22. German Titov
    German Titov 12 December 2017 23: 20
    Quote: Yevgeny Strygin
    One of the few who from all this fraternity has a conscience and a head. Most just a bunch of clowns with ambition, don't get anyone.

    To what you said, I can add that a person has a responsibility to the viewer. Vladimir Menshov A man who has taken place as an actor, as a director. And he always remains a man! This is my opinion. Respect !!! I am not a “movie fan”, not a film critic, but I watch films with the direction of Menshov and with his participation with great pleasure.
  23. karelia-molot
    karelia-molot 13 December 2017 06: 04
    Quote: Evgeny Strygin
    we have patriotism built on pride in the Soviet past, simultaneously drenched in shit

    Neither reduce nor add .. Sadly, but so far a fact ...
  24. Shurale
    Shurale 13 December 2017 07: 03
    Thank you very much Vladimir Valentinovich.
  25. rocket757
    rocket757 13 December 2017 23: 47
    They are to blame for everything!
    And if you think?
    It turns out that they are what we gave GROW!
    And now they do what they want with us!
    They MAKE us work for them and still want to make us be thankful for it.
    They have not ripped off the last hide from everyone yet!
    They teach us how to live!
    They teach their children so that they become like them!
    They teach our children to become like us!
    And much more, a lot of things for them and about them, and this is definitely not for us!
    What are we?
    We let them grow as they are now!
    We silently do what they need!
    We do a lot of things, what they need and we definitely don’t need it!
    We forgot how our ancestors a hundred years ago gathered people like them, put them on a ship and sent them to people like them.