Military Review

"Last shot": the militia shot down the UAV UAV

The provocations of the Kiev regime continue. The militia managed to knock down the APU unmanned aerial vehicle, which is supposed to correct the artillery shelling by the punishers. On the record of the UAV explosions from exploding mines and shells are visible.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 8 December 2017 20: 21
    The "corkscrew" picture of ukrBPLA is satisfied. Republican anti-aircraft gunners work well ... Well done.
  2. solzh
    solzh 8 December 2017 20: 31
    Class !!! Wonderful video!
  3. hly
    hly 8 December 2017 20: 33
    Thank you for a good shot, there was one thought while watching, shoot down faster.
  4. The comment was deleted.
    DEMENTOR 8 December 2017 23: 40
    +1 тоже стоит посмотреть laughing fool good I hope with the restoration of the aircraft there will be three for better, however ????
  6. ando_bor
    ando_bor 8 December 2017 23: 52
    Yes, they are fighting with their hands:
  7. HaByxoDaBHocep
    HaByxoDaBHocep 9 December 2017 07: 29
    The UAV operator, however, is slow-moving, it’s clear that the tracers are flying into it, but they need it the more they need to shoot down.
  8. Meshchersky
    Meshchersky 9 December 2017 08: 50
    Judging by the flickering landing poles, it was Phantom 4.
  9. wow
    wow 9 December 2017 10: 42
    It would be better if it was not a drone and there was a ukroletchik ....
  10. Sergey53
    Sergey53 10 December 2017 14: 38
    Shot down from small arms. On the tracks from different sides is visible.
  11. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 10 December 2017 21: 58
    "Pilot" did not see the fire to defeat, or does he not maneuver without a command?
  12. Terenin
    Terenin 11 December 2017 11: 06
    "Flew into your tomb mother ..." Shukshin from x \ f "They fought for their homeland"
  13. Awaz
    Awaz 17 December 2017 15: 26
    most of all was surprised by the "work" of art. Trenches of the militia - items are quite stable and have long been plotted on all cards using the same drones at least .. But in so much time, getting into the trenches once is very strange. Of course, I myself am not an artilleryman, but I’m not shooting from the mortar of the 18th century ... Although for the better ... In this case, even drones will not help