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Russian rescuers resumed search for Argentine submarine

Russian military experts have resumed surveying the bottom as part of the search operation of the missing NEP "San Juan" Navy of Argentina, reports RIA News message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

Previously, search work was suspended due to bad weather.

After improving hydrometeorological conditions, Russian Navy specialists continued to work in the designated areas of the search for the San Juan submarine of the Argentine Navy. In particular, for the elapsed day, three descent of the remote-controlled uninhabited unit “Panther plus” were carried out from the ship of the Argentine Navy. Three points were surveyed at depths of 840, 940 and 960 meters,
says release.

The oceanographic research vessel of the Russian Navy Yantar has also begun exploratory work.

“At the moment, specialists of the search and rescue service of the Naval fleet Russia made seven descents of the Panther Plus underwater vehicle to depths from 125 to 970 meters. A fishing trawler and concrete mass were discovered and classified, ”the press service said.

Recall, the submarine stopped communicating on November 15 communications at the transition from the Ushuaia naval base to Mar del Plata. After 15 days after the disappearance of the diesel-electric submarine, the rescue operation was stopped, but the search for the submarine itself continued.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 7 December 2017 11: 10
    I think the works of our rescuers should succeed after so many efforts to find a submarine.
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 7 December 2017 11: 28
      The main thing is to find and figure out what happened.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 7 December 2017 11: 28
    If it is at a depth of somewhere 4-5 kilometers then they will search for a long time.

    And where she made the transition, there are precisely such dips of the depths, there are 6 kilometers ....

  3. dvvv
    dvvv 7 December 2017 12: 47
    ndaa .. they try and it’s good to find advertising
  4. Black water
    Black water 7 December 2017 15: 19
    as I understand it, the result of these searches will be an improvement in the search equipment, and who knows how many days they will look for before the announcement of the status of the boat: permanently lost?
    1. Veteran
      Veteran 7 December 2017 18: 12
      As much as Argentina has enough money to pay for foreign aid.
      1. Black water
        Black water 8 December 2017 09: 18
        I have doubts that our money helps .... because I suppose testing the equipment.
        1. Veteran
          Veteran 8 December 2017 14: 08
          Search work can be carried out without payment, at the discretion and by agreement of the parties. But if divers will work to inspect the facility, and even more so, an operation to raise the submarine from a depth with the involvement of special equipment will be performed - only for a fee, and not a very small one. At one time (in 1985), North Korea abandoned the operation to raise its sunken submarine by our forces because of the high cost of work.