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Central Bank launched the "printing press" to the fullest

Over the past month, the Russian Ministry of Finance sold the Central Bank more than 1,5 billion dollars and a billion euros from the reserves of the National Wealth Fund. As a result of the sale of currency, the Ministry of Finance generated more than 163 billion rubles, which went to the federal budget. In other words, we are talking about a hidden money issue from the Russian Central Bank.

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  1. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 5 December 2017 10: 51
    For a long time already actions, both the Central Bank, and Nabiulina cause only negative emotions ... already obscenely very strongly "rugaTtsa hotetsa" !!! negative A fresh example, we read Interfax: - The Central Bank managed to secure a criminal offense and seize property worth 100 million rubles of the very chairman of the board of CB INTERKOMMERTS Alexander Bugaevsky! Wow! Arrest as much as 100 million rubles! fellow The whole country is “Fascinating and applauds” the Central Bank and the personal heroism of Ms. Nabiulina! stop But wait a minute, because the investigation then believes that Bugaevsky withdrew from the country at least $ 45 million, or almost 4 billion rubles! All in all, Ms. Nabiullina looked through a hole in the bank of 80 billion rubles and allowed Bugaevsky to freely leave the country!fool
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 5 December 2017 20: 38
      What are these actions?
  2. Bosch
    Bosch 5 December 2017 18: 25
    Bredyatina, the Ministry of Finance that sold dollars for cash?
  3. In100gram
    In100gram 5 December 2017 20: 16
    Banks are evil. The banking system must be in the hands of the state, and regulated accordingly. In the private hands of banks should not be. As well as profit from the state bank should not be. Everything is only for the development of the economy. The rest is from liberal craftiness
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 5 December 2017 20: 39
      So the Central Bank and so gives 97% of its revenue to the state treasury.
    BRONEVIK 6 December 2017 07: 14
    Yesterday the effects of the printing press, new and crunchy, kept in bunches
  5. tchoni
    tchoni 6 December 2017 19: 58
    To be honest, then a full deadpool! Ah, Nabiulina is bad! - And Putin (Medvedev - as a prime minister), who appointed her and to whom she reports, are they really good ?! There are no bad boyars with a good king! DOT!
    Oh! Tanga is flowing abroad! - make conditions for its normal storage here! Not to earn it - here the Central Bank is right - we have a lot of tools, namely for storage! And then, in fact, it was possible to buy a car for 5 thousand dollars in 95, and a family of 5 people a month to live for 5 thousand rubles! And in 2017, for 5 thousand dollars, you can still buy a car, and for 5 thousand rubles a family of 5 people can be fooled into the store for 1 time. All! Who after that will keep in rubles !?
    Ah, they included a printing press - that’s right! the goal is to maintain the current level of the ruble at rising oil prices and, thereby, increase the profits of the monopolies, thus ensuring super-profits. The task is state, and Nabiulina will be made a switchman. They will accuse, dismiss, modet, even, a shit, which they will conditionally give ... and then they will be hired again. Taburetkin script double two)))