Military Review

As the English admiral went to war against Russia and shot himself

20 October 1853 of the year. The British government receives a foreign intelligence report: the Far East of the Russian Empire is unarmed and sparsely populated. All the forces of Russia are pulled into the Black Sea, where the Crimean War has just unleashed. For Britain, this state of affairs seems ideal and they decide to act quickly.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Tatyana
    Tatyana 4 December 2017 20: 22
    Great video about the history of the Far East of our country!
    The greatest man is this Count Nikolai Muravyov-Amursky! Eternal glory to him from his descendants - the guardian of the Russian land in the Far East!
    No wonder his image was placed on the 5000 ruble note! Fair! Deserved it! All Russians should know about him!
  3. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 4 December 2017 22: 44
    But instead of the emblem of the Russian Federation, a foreign emblem is on the bill.
    1. pacific
      pacific 4 December 2017 23: 25
      Look carefully - this is the emblem of Khabarovsk. At the bottom left on the tape is the name of the city.
      1. Captain Nemo
        Captain Nemo 5 December 2017 03: 25
        top left - coat of arms of the interim government of 1917. Also on modern coins. Although it seems that new coins with the real emblem of the Russian Federation have already begun to come across.
        1. SergF123
          SergF123 5 December 2017 11: 28
          They begin to quietly bring heraldry to normal.
          1. Captain Nemo
            Captain Nemo 5 December 2017 20: 55
            Kenedy, too, slowly wanted to return the dollar under state control. Even managed to release a batch of notes with the corresponding inscription ...
  4. ammunition
    ammunition 5 December 2017 01: 20
    This is just a miracle!
    Not for nothing that Minich said that Russia is ruled directly by God.
    There is much justice in the words of Minich. smile
    1. Bashibuzuk
      Bashibuzuk 5 December 2017 10: 22
      I decided to make sure about Minich.
      And oh, a miracle - that's right. All 200%
      "... Field Marshal Hristofor Antonovich Minich:" Russia is directly governed by the Lord God. Otherwise it is impossible to imagine how this state still exists".
      Here is a German, he is a German. And he does not understand that God is Russian in his soul. The same do not care, as the Russians. The same fatalist. He is also a fan of gambling and high-speed trips. I won’t be surprised if he likes to play “Russian Roulette”, he ....
      And it turns out incomprehensibly. With Russia .... wink
  5. Old
    Old 5 December 2017 17: 53
    Anglo-Saxons, as always .... Rare. The irreparable.
  6. Terenin
    Terenin 5 December 2017 18: 18
    Great movie. Thanks to the authors.
    Just that something in Wikipedia about Nikolai Nikolaevich Muravyov-Amursky I did not find in his biography signs of a liberal, as the author of the film described him before his trip to Siberia?
    Maybe where in addition about it is stated ...?
  7. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 5 December 2017 18: 24
    Yes, I read it as a kid.
  8. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 5 December 2017 18: 42
    Yes, I read it as a kid. Frigate "Aurora"
  9. Balagan
    Balagan 24 December 2017 17: 49
    Everything, the video is no longer available?