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Anti-terror unit CFF repelled “attack” on compound headquarters

Personnel of the Caspian flotilla during the development of exercises on anti-terrorism, he repelled the attack of the conditional enemy on the headquarters of the compound, reports RIA News Post press service of the Southern District.

According to the plan of the exercise, an illegal armed group attacked a checkpoint to capture the headquarters of the Caspian Flotilla,
says release.

It is reported that "during the training, the anti-terror unit worked out the reflection and elimination of the conditional enemy using idle ammunition and means of imitating explosive devices."

The press service added that more than 50 military personnel were involved in the exercise.

The fighters of the Marine Corps Division of the Caspian Flotilla acted as an illegal armed group.
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  1. 1331M
    1331M 4 December 2017 10: 53
    And where are all these, new ones which, not to see something ... In the Sea, probably ...
    1. Vadim Zhivov
      Vadim Zhivov 4 December 2017 10: 56
      Yes, there are two of them new in the Baltic, so there are good
    2. Hagalaz
      Hagalaz 4 December 2017 11: 05
      But I’m interested. In the photo, in the foreground is essentially a missile boat, but without launch containers. Turned into a pure artillery?
      1. Conductor
        Conductor 4 December 2017 22: 08
        In Vaud, I also did not understand, this is an MRC and there are no launch containers, Or an art boat or a guard.
  2. Primoos
    Primoos 4 December 2017 10: 55
    Once a regional flotilla received calibers and became strategic. It must be protected reliably. Russia has a lot of envious people.
  3. midivan
    midivan 4 December 2017 10: 56
    [/ quote] In the role of an illegal armed formation fighters acted marines Caspian flotilla.
    Personnel of the Caspian Flotilla [quote]
    We ran idle, but didn’t dare to captivate! wassat laughing
    MOSKVITYANIN 5 December 2017 07: 21
    New mooring front in the photo ....