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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Virtual salokoin instead of real "Moscow" sausage

Greetings to you all together and everyone individually! I especially welcome all those who are not yet tired of following my notes and travels and drawing conclusions. Sometimes a little provocative.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Virtual salokoin instead of real "Moscow" sausage

So, dear (in fact, not very) toilers "cloak and dagger"! Do not break your head and do not ask questions on a burning topic. Ukrainian I, as there is a Ukrainian. To such an extent that in Russia there are no relatives at all. That's what happened, absolutely not through my fault. And about the Rada, I worked, yes. Heart attacks, of course, prevented both living and working, but would you agree, what kind of health should one have to boil in this boiler? But now I have the opportunity to cut into cities and villages and show my real readers what we have and how. Themselves, in short, are to blame.

By the way, sometimes the reaction of those of my readers that are interested in notes "for work" is surprising. I understand, they increased the protection of Pripyat according to your "working observations? And the boys from the Dnieper were taken there because of this." Hardworking "... Thank you at least for doing no self-harm, protocols and fines.

In short, search and find. So, it seems, in Matthew. I after all read your comments and I see not only friends, but also "clever people at work". Fuck you take me by the shell, not the level. But - good luck. You - work, we - sincere laughter and now also photo reports.

Well, let's go further, on the topic. Remember my question that I asked the readers after the story about the attack on the police station? The answer was not long in coming. Only the scale, as it should be with complete impunity, became larger. Now, a clash with the police took place on the God-God. There we have a main breeding ground. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is right. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The peaceful participants of the torchlight procession walked down the street and decided to rest. Right in front of the MIA building. And the weather is not summer now. Naturally, they took a tent and started to set up in the middle of the street. It's cold. And in a tent, but with torches ... Only in this very hotbed also read my notes. In the course of what will happen next.

In short, the guys came in the form. Kicks "tourists" from the entrance to the ministry drove right up to the intersection at Orlik. More precisely, to the monument to this very Orlik. And then it began. The attack was organized according to all the rules of the Ukrainian offensive. Snowballs flew from all sides. One even got a bottle of Molotov cocktail set on fire. Only these, in shape, were on their guard. They rushed after him. That was Hochma. With fear, he threw his cocktail into the snow. Special Forces in pursuit of "onizhededem." Catch him, try. Especially considering that in the centurions of these "on-life" participants of the ATO. There, the experience of escaping from military service is colossal.

In short, Phillad Orlik (who is a monument) was watching Zradu, just like in his times when Mazepa was beaten.

But the four of them were caught. And the sides are seriously nagged. So that for three even the ambulance had to be called to the Pechersk police department. By the way, the detainees were released again. Only now it is not "heroically", through the main entrance to the administration. And just pushed into the backyard, from the back door. Vzashey.

And now my thought has taken root in my head. Remembering the recent past. When will the trial of sadists from the police? In principle, the police acted according to the law. In the beginning in European style, then almost in Ukrainian (except for the back door). Further, according to tradition, there should be a court, popular condemnation and repentance on the knees for the beasts of the police.

Sometimes I think about the future. I already wrote to you about a strange line of Ukrainians. Almost everyone. We are tied to our native land. The gut is tied. For guts, for nerves, for heart. It is difficult for us to leave this land. We are part of our land, and it is our part. And when the law disappears in the country, there is a sense of their own insecurity.

And here in us the frank such Moskal wakes up. Russian essence. Representing Ukrainian anarchism with Russian "rogatizm" in one heap? Do not be offended by horniness. But this is your expression "rested horn."

I received the answer to my question from Nikopol. There, the victim's father, seeing that the criminals are not going to punish, blew himself up with grenades, along with his son's killers. True "law" and then played against the victim. The man died, but three criminals, due to the bars, were injured. Although it is rumored that another person died. The sad result of judicial reform in Ukraine. People began to perform the functions of all authorities. From the policeman to the executioner ...

Everything. Enough philosophy for now. Downloading the heads of readers with serious thoughts needs to be dosed. But about the dumplings, who themselves jump in the mouth, I think it will be more interesting. Especially in the 21 century.

It is clear that now you cannot buy simple dumplings. The times are different. And needs. You won't put a yacht or jeep into your mouth. Although if for free ... But here the principle itself is important. Sit with your mouth open and consume. And what do we have today in the world working on the same principle? Scrape chitin on your head.

And such a life today offers ... Bitcoin! Growing and growing. Bought a couple and live. In the evening I went to bed with a couple of thousand, and I woke up as a millionaire. Dollar. Great Ukrainian Dream!

By the way, supporters of this Dream we have a shaft.

The main thing is to do nothing, okromya farm for mining. Well, it’s easy to assemble this thing, and it’s not a question to provide electricity for free. Here it is clear that in terms of the pipe or cable, we’ll give odds to anyone.

A month ago, in Khmelnitsky, a cable was changed at the TESMO-M dairy plant. And found 8 (!) Illegal connections from the substation to the shops. Now they understand, of course, but go find out how many kilowatts went there. Judging by the cables - a lot.

All to the glory of free Bitcoin! May the power and the essence be in him.

Not my idea. Do not wriggle. This is our mayor issued. Klitschko. So, in Ukraine, you need to create your own cryptocurrency! Once everyone likes it so much. Yesterday I had to do it. And all the problems would be solved. All at once. In the evening, the budget is one billion, and in the morning one hundred billion. Bitcoin is growing this way, so ukrokoin will also grow like that.

Think not to be? Vitalya said that for this you just need to legitimize the procedures of blockchain, crowdfunding and other technologies. And you're talking about some kind of industry. About science. The main blockchain and crowdfunding! Who knows what it is write. Very much, as in the Soviet-era joke about the collective farm meeting, sounds. Remember the suggestion of grandfather Panas about the name of the collective farm? The name of Lope de Vega. Very much on "your mother" seems.

And the Kiev City Council submitted this proposal to President Poroshenko and the National Bank. 84 deputy council voted "for." I read the small letters in this sentence. You know, this trick advertisers. In large letters about how you will be fine from the proposal, and small, in what ass you will be driven, if you accept. So, it says there that "such a solution can replace the need for lending and external investment."

No, of course, great thought. Considering that most of what we are roaming in Ukraine today is virtual, everything is correct. Virtual war, virtual reforms, virtual Rada, virtual independence ... I agree, virtual money must be paid for it. Only as an organism to learn to eat virtually? And most importantly, virtually fed up? Yes, and what to invent? Hryvnia is already turning into a virtual currency.

Our city council, in my opinion, began to "refine". You know how it used to be in production. The end of the month, the end of the quarter, the end of the year. The prize is in question. That's avralim to the fullest. To "soap" from one, not intended for this business, a hole. For Russians, who are poorly representing the geography of Kiev, the information will not be interesting. And I inform the Kiyans about who will live, walk or pass by where and now. Changes metropolitan place names for the New Year!

The main thing is to ride on the entrances to Kiev. Did you notice anything new? And the dismantling of the plates "Welcome to the hero-city of Kiev" was not noticed? Disappeared plates and structures with the inscription. I had to run to the city council. They say they took off for repairs. The question arises - to repair what? Given that in the country there was a shortage of metal, and armored vehicles must somehow be brought to life. Information is not yet officially confirmed. I saw it myself, I wrote it myself ...

The Moscow bridge is now disappearing along with the Muscovites. The road to Moscow, we do not overpower. Therefore, it will be called the North Bridge in the Obolon district of Kiev. Possessing some memory, I wondered, but this will not affect the fatigue of the bridge? We often get tired for some reason ... In the Pechersk district, we didn’t like Henri Barbusse. We pass his street to Vasily Tyutyunnik. Lane Panfilovtsev, due to the small number of Ukrainians, renamed the lane of Job Boretsky.

There are still many interesting renames. Parks, squares ... I will mention only the Park of Friendship of Peoples. No friendship - no park. Now this park Muromets. With a gay rainbow. And we do not have a Komsomol. Because the neighborhood Komsomolsk now Severo-Brovarsky. There is a zest. Kiyane, we will no longer have Chapayevka! SUHS five times and all ten jumps in place! Now Chapaevsky problems in the new microdistrict - Vita-Lithuanian.

I wonder what year the country will be renamed? It is somehow inconvenient to live in a country whose name derives from the word "margin". I propose to name "Tseevropa not Gabon"! And the full name is “Galactic super racially-correct mega power of Tjeevrop not Gabon”.

Let the Muscovites break their language when we are represented at any negotiations. And yet, now in parallel with the writing of notes, the Moskovskaya sausage produced in the fridge is a gnaw. She also need to rename. I will carefully read all the decisions of the Kyiv City Council. In order not to "lose" the product. Delicious sausage.

Relax, my dear friends? I'm all about us, but about us. You also need to open your eyes to the next Russian machinations. I traveled here in Zaporozhye. And imagine, at the station Zaporozhye-1 saw zradu! Russian TV commercials played on the station’s TV panel! I asked knowledgeable people. Here is what one of them wrote on the social network (I keep spelling, Ukrainian education):

"Twist different videos, two animations, of which I recorded today, these are the stolen videos of the Russian Railways (Russian Railways) social program, which shows how not to behave on the railway. How did I know? Very simple. First of all videos in Russian, secondly, the trains in the multi are painted in the red Railways brand book, and thirdly, the hare is on the video book with instructions from the Russian Railways. "

I understand that these are trophy videos from ATO. Not stolen. And then, in the original at the end of the video is advertising in large letters RZD. And we do not. Just the thoughts of the creators were the same. Vaughn radio, too, two different people around the same time invented. But I suggest that readers "by work" should offer their leadership: put the boss in, and shoot the station as separatists.

With us here, more and more thoughts are becoming about the "snares from the past." That's who built the port of Odessa? Obviously Russians. It is also necessary to build so that the ships of the host ... ugh, the allies of Ukraine can not even moor at the slightest breeze. I got to Odessa "James Williams", but can not moor. The wind and the pilot drunk.

And darling American sailors dangled on the high seas like shit in the hole. That's when Russian cunning came out. Although, maybe great ukry something not so dug up? But all the same, call on Muscovites, period! Our SBU said Poroshenko sent a telegram to the Kremlin: "Putin, do not swing the sea!"

But already reported on joint exercises. Navy of Ukraine (all at once) and the destroyer of the USA. Here the elbows on the second pair of limbs burned, which I could not see this event. Small this destroyer on the background of the vastness of our ships.

There is one more newswhich warped me a little. You can write about your city with humor, but about Kharkov? You, dear readers, often write about this city as Russian in essence. Maybe once it was. But today, in Kharkov, they launched a new and believe, the most disgusting initiative. Ugly in every sense of the word. And now you will understand why.

Kharkiv City Council three days ago decided to bury the Bolshevik Nikolai Rudnev. This man has done a lot for the formation of Ukrainian statehood. During my 23, I had as much time of life as I would have had enough for a dozen or even hundreds of lives. Officer of the royal army. Front-line commander of a company. In 1917-m elected commander of the regiment. Deputy Commissar for Military Affairs of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic, Head of the Tsaritsyn sector of the front. Mortally wounded in the battle of Tsaritsyn. At the request of Kharkov workers reburied in Kharkov 9 February 1919 year.

But there was an episode in his life that simply turns up our today's activists. It was Nikolai Rudnev who turned the head to the last nationalists, defenders of the Central Rada in Kharkov. He and Emelian Volokh joined the regiment with his regiment and in an hour he dispersed this pack. In an hour! With two armored cars and the number of soldiers, the number of smaller regiment Volokh.

In the beginning was the renaming of Rudnev Square to the Square of Heaven Hundred. And here is the reburial. At the request of the "Circuit Case". I think we will soon witness a "reburial parade." What a muck. The war with the dead heroes. Worse looting on the battlefield. Disgusting.

Further insert thoughts about propaganda.

And at the end I again prepared a surprise for you. Again for the curious. I will open for you the future of the state of Ukraine. That future, to which we are heading fast-paced. Already the trousers in the rattle crack as we go. Our future has a name quite familiar to you. Barbados! Look at this state and you will fully understand the path that the owner has chosen for us, ugh, the revolutionary president.

And I'll run the Moskovskaya again from the fridge to get it. While the cockroach does not occupy the kitchen. The whole life of the fight ... for the sausage. Such is selyava.

Good luck and health before the upcoming holidays! Christmas tree must already get. I do not know about you, but we already have Christmas trees on the streets in full swing. And the snow fell! The first! Life goes on.

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    antivirus 5 December 2017 08: 03
    "Non-Gabon" is a beautiful name. Will be?
  2. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 5 December 2017 08: 06
    .... It is somehow inconvenient to live in a country whose name comes from the word "outskirts". I propose to name "Tseyevropa not Gabon"! And the full name is “Galactic Super Racial Regular Mega Power of Tseevrop not Gabon” ...

    Thank Okoloradsky! yes As always pleased with the news from "Tseyevropa not Gabon." good SUGS you for this three timesaaaa! laughing
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 5 December 2017 08: 12
    The Moscow bridge now disappears with the Muscovites. We can’t take the road to Moscow. Therefore, it will be called the North Bridge in the Obolonsky district of Kiev.
    ... Heroes are over and memorable dates ..? smile
  4. selendis
    selendis 5 December 2017 08: 55
    Poor cockroach, like you and not only, it’s not sweet, it seems that Ukraine decided to surpass the “happy-liberal and democratic” 90s of Russia ...
  5. novel66
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    oh, the cockroach is dark! so that the Ukrainian and Russian relatives do not have? request
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 5 December 2017 15: 33
      lol Yeah, right now, he’ll give you all the “appearances and passwords”, even the most recent Glavgad knows - never, NEVER you can tell the heroes about your scumbag plans, even if the hero is defeated, tied off, fuck off - we’ll back off and be humbled !! laughing
      I don’t understand how VNA Ukraine can enjoy “Moscow sausage”? After all, real Ukrainian sausage, and also in the village made with smoking on wood and filled with lard for storage - good drinks gorgeous alliance. Moreover, the Cockroach has relatives in the villages (also Cockroaches, although if it’s Okoloradsky, then you can see the Beetles lol ), which means it has access to starvation even during the "famine" will not die out. good
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    Thanks for the news from there. Non-Gabon is cool. I wish you patience and spiritual strength, since it is difficult "to keep fit" in such conditions. Creative success! I look forward to continuing notes ..
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    "Putin, don't rock the sea!".
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    I don’t understand what the fat will not be, will it be salocoin?
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      Unfortunately, Ukraine entered the "fat - no" which means "only for sebe." request Primordially farmer = pigs are grown, but for "burial" and no extra surplus will not find and will not take. Therefore, long ago, Ukria began to import belay fat from Podlakia.
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    AshiSolo 7 December 2017 21: 41
    So you and Salokoin will soon be profuc! We have already collected farms and mine! laughing

    Thanks for the article :) Great humor, sarcasm and approach. The second author, whose articles I regularly wait :)
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 9 December 2017 02: 49
      They will switch to saloin). Partisans are alive!
  11. Conductor
    Conductor 9 December 2017 06: 38
    Comrade Tarakan another respect for the article)))
  12. Maverick1812
    Maverick1812 April 16 2018 16: 41
    It is interesting to read! I will throw news:
    - one of my friends needed to get out of the citizenship of Ukraine (the person didn’t want to, and it didn’t interfere, but circumstances required). Turning to the consulate in Yekaterinburg, I received a list of necessary documents, photographs, and of course money. Everything seems to be understandable and accessible. However .... upon arrival in Ekat (and a friend lives in another region) he learns that, among other things, he must also pass the passport of a citizen of Ukraine !!! Of which he never had, he rode to his parents, then according to the all-Russian one and he was not in the list of necessary docks). And then the fun began: the consular workers, accepted the application for the issue of a passport, issued it and took it away ..... (of course, not all for free). Everything happened today, 16.04.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX ....
    I’d like to ask these consular officers: after work, they will drive through the streets of Yekaterinburg (metro there, taxis, etc.) and, closing in their bunker, sing “... I haven’t died ...” and pray for a portrait Bandera with a sense of deep satisfaction, humiliating, insulting and robbing his own fellow tribe ?!
    No guys, there’s no need to do simple moralizing here, the rods are needed, and .... Fedya, I NEED !!!