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To remember. December 3 - Day of the Unknown Soldier in Russia

In the past few days in our country, as it happened, the death of Wehrmacht soldiers was discussed more than the still unidentified remains of Soviet soldiers. The boy from Novy Urengoy, as we all remember, wondered why the grave of George Johann Rau, who “did not want to fight,” was forgotten and forgotten. Why have we in Russia still not turned the grave of every invader invading our land into a sacred pantheon - a place for our mass repentance for the “innocent soldiers who died” of Nazi Germany? ..

And yet they still understand: who is to blame, why, how is it, where did it all come from, what to do, whom to hang? .. But, by and large, the people who started all this have already achieved theirs. As already noted, we have to discuss all sorts of "Johann Rau", but not those tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers-liberators, whose remains still lie in the land of Russia and Europe and remain unknown.

Today is one of those days when the calendar itself gives an extra reason to recall the unknown winners of the brown plague, who contributed to the defeat of the Nazis and freed Europe from Nazism. Today is the Day of the Unknown Soldier. It was he who stormed the height of the Mamaev Kurgan, it was he who burned in tank near Kursk, it was he who liberated Kiev, Minsk, Bratislava, Krakow, Prague from Nazi occupation. It was he who opened the gates of the death camps in Poland and Germany. This courage allowed him to hoist the red banner over the Reichstag. This he remains unknown today, despite the fact that dozens of domestic search squads are making great efforts to search for his remains.

Each year, Russian search organizations that are part of the centralized Search Movement of Russia, find the remains of an average of at least 10 thousands of Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. But to discover, for all the enormous complexity of this process, is one thing. The remains must also be identified. And this is not only work with the ashes of the dead. It is also the weeks spent in the archives, the work of a handwriting character, the reconciliation of data with the lists of combat units. Great luck for search engines - if you can find out at least the name of the dead unknown fighter. According to it, you can go to relatives, to clarify the identity of a part according to regional archival sources.

According to the latest information, the remains of only every twelfth fighter found are fully identified after detection. Especially difficult is the case with representatives of the rank and file. The main reason - the soldiers simply did not always go into battle with a capsule or a metal medallion, on which their personal data would appear. This is a superstition, thanks to which the fighters simply wanted to save lives. But the bitter laws of war did not exactly take into account who goes into battle with or without a capsule - both died in battle and others.

Search engines say that sometimes the identification of a person is helped by a half-rotten piece of newspaper on which the fighter made certain notes. Good luck - finding the letter that the soldier put in the pocket of the gymnast before going into battle. Just a few lines from relatives allow to know the name of the fighter, his other personal data - which ultimately helps the implementation of a full identification.

The work to establish the unknown and missing defenders of the Fatherland is carried out with the active support of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense itself.

To remember. December 3 - Day of the Unknown Soldier in Russia

It is a pity that sometimes the painstaking work done to search for and identify the remains of Soviet soldiers turns itself into dust. The point is that, for example, in today's Poland, the authorities openly sanctioned the war with monuments erected in honor of Soviet soldiers, with the graves of soldiers-liberators. The graves are subject to the shares of this state vandalism. At the same time, virtually no one is responsible for the condition of the dust and the civilization of its transportation to a new place. From the departments of the Polish police come on duty replies that they have begun the proceedings. But most often this trial does not end with anything - the destroyed memorials and the crushed graves no longer return to their former places.

This is a monstrous injustice in relation to the memory of those who allowed Poland to remain Poland and not turn out to be a German backwater, frightening the world with black smoke from the kilns of death camps.

Establishing the Day of the Unknown Soldier in Russia is not just a calendar date. By and large, this is the day when once again a year a tribute will be paid to all those who died while defending our Motherland, whose names, unfortunately, have not yet been established. But at the same time, it is a date of hope. - Hopes that every lost Soviet soldier will sooner or later find his own name, which in itself is one of the symbols of the Great Victory.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 December 2017 07: 50
    Do not forget, do not forgive! Eternal Memory of the Fallen!
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 3 December 2017 07: 53
      Hello my friend! hi I join your words!
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 3 December 2017 08: 00
        Hi Maxim! hi No doubt whatsoever!
        1. Logall
          Logall 3 December 2017 08: 04
          I join, colleagues!
          `` ... I, at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, About something the most important will sink! ... ''
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 3 December 2017 08: 26
            The work to establish the unknown and missing defenders of the Fatherland is carried out with the active support of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense itself.
            Somehow this work is unsatisfactorily supported and carried out by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation!
            It is strange, for example, to talk about the preservation of monuments, the exhumation and reburial of the remains of Red Army soldiers who fell on a foreign land during the liberation of the same Poland, if the remains of Soviet soldiers and officers lie ownerlessly and irresponsibly in Russian soil, not exhumed and not identified by the same Smolensk - in the same Katyn! Moreover, in the largest Katyn burial of Soviet soldiers and officers - in Mednoye - there is not even any mention of the existence of their burial there, and there is no mark about it. One mockery there over the souls and corpses of Soviet soldiers who fell during the defense of their homeland! A shame! Even flowers on the Day of the Unknown Soldier are not allowed to be put there and nowhere!
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 3 December 2017 08: 54
              The blessed memory of those who defended us has perished, not been found, not identified, or his grave has been lost unowned! Or the authorities do not give mercantile exhumation of the heroes and adequately rebury!

              He was buried in a globe ...

              He was buried in a terrestrial ball,
              And he was only a soldier,
              In total, friends, soldiers are simple,
              Without ranks and awards.
              Him like a mausoleum of the earth -
              For a million centuries,
              And the Milky Way is dusting
              Around it from the sides.
              On the red rays the clouds are asleep,
              Metelitsy sweep,
              The thunder of heavy thunder,
              Wind take a take.
              Once upon a time the battle is over ...
              Hands of all friends
              Put a guy in the ball of the earth,
              As if in a mausoleum ...
              1. Sling cutter
                Sling cutter 3 December 2017 14: 34
                Eternal Memory to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War! soldier
                1. Tourist
                  Tourist 3 December 2017 15: 22
            2. creak
              creak 3 December 2017 10: 21
              It is necessary to write the truth about such important topics as unknown soldiers, not only part of it ... Intentionally or unknowingly, the article talks about some metal medallions in the Red Army, which weren’t close there - the Wehrmacht had metal medallions. Moreover, strangely enough, the rank and file, unlike the commanders) in the initial period of the Second World War did not have Red Army books at all (they were introduced on October 1, 1941) - with all the ensuing consequences ...
              So many years after the Second World War, it would be time to write as it was in reality, and not get off with streamlined phrases that are neither mind nor heart ...
              1. creak
                creak 3 December 2017 10: 39
                PS In addition, ebonite medallions with personal data of military personnel in November 1942 were canceled and excluded from the timesheets.
                In a nutshell ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 3 December 2017 08: 31
          Tatyana, welcome! love
          Mistakes are and always will be, only he who does nothing is not mistaken. That is why I worship the feat of our soldiers and those who care about their worthy burial. Search squads - praise and honor to you! But not everyone in this reality needs truth. And this does not please at all ...
      3. vovanpain
        vovanpain 3 December 2017 09: 06
        All Healthy Be Colleagues! drinks hi The family of my maternal grandfather sent five people to the front, only one, my grandfather returned home, and I still don’t hear a word about the rest. yes Eternal Memory to all who defended and died for us.
    2. Primoos
      Primoos 3 December 2017 08: 02
      Many of them, unknown soldiers, still lie unburied. Everlasting memory.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 3 December 2017 08: 07
        The war for us is not over until all of our soldiers are properly buried. soldier
        1. 1331M
          1331M 3 December 2017 08: 17
          Uncles ..... This is my Parent’s Day, my older cousin from her Parent’s side disappeared near Rzhev, we don’t know where it lies ...
          1. dog breeder
            dog breeder 3 December 2017 08: 28
            And mine, I cannot find two of the six sons of my great-grandfather Anisim.
            1. thinker
              thinker 3 December 2017 09: 33
              And my grandfather, an ordinary Red Army soldier, is lying somewhere by the Unknown Soldier. Good memory to the defenders of the Fatherland.
            2. Sanya Terek
              Sanya Terek 4 December 2017 00: 55
              Company clerks (battalion, regimental) often made mistakes. In the loss reports of 115 Guards Sp, my uncle, who died near Warsaw, incorrectly indicated his last name, first name and patronymic; only the home address and the mother’s data were the same. I still cannot find data about my grandfather, taking into account the fact that 192 kp almost all died during a breakthrough from the Barvenkovsky boiler.
      2. Reserve officer
        Reserve officer 3 December 2017 15: 00
        "... sooner or later, every dead Soviet soldier will still find his name, which in itself is one of the symbols of the Great Victory ..."

        Well said. And very touching.
    3. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 3 December 2017 09: 49
      We grieve and remember.

  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 3 December 2017 08: 05
    None of us will live forever. The question is how to die? Eternal memory to the soldiers who fell in battle for their homeland. Patience and attention to search engines.
  3. svp67
    svp67 3 December 2017 08: 08
    Thanks for all!!!!!
  4. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 3 December 2017 08: 11
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. The memory in our hearts of those who died forever. Each in our country has its own image, who gave his life for his homeland. One of my grandfathers didn’t return from the front, I died near Vyazma.
  5. andrewkor
    andrewkor 3 December 2017 08: 40
    The first memorial of the Unknown Soldier was opened in Paris in 1921. According to the legend of the deceased, an unidentified French soldier was found on the battlefield in 1918 (where I don’t remember) among the many Germans killed in hand-to-hand fighting. childhood saw the movie "Missing" about such a hero!
  6. Gardamir
    Gardamir 3 December 2017 08: 49
    Unknown Soldier Day - a memorable date in Russia, celebrated annually on December 2014 in 3 in memory of Russian and Soviet soldiers who died in military operations on the territory of the country or abroad
    Why does the current government bake new holidays like pies?
    In the country that survived that war and won, every day is Memorial Day!
  7. PValery53
    PValery53 3 December 2017 09: 00
    Eternal memory to the Soviet soldiers who fell during the defense of the Fatherland.
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 3 December 2017 15: 42
      Eternal Fire is a living memory. Wonderful tradition. It all started with the 57 year in Leningrad and the Tula region, then this symbol was installed in Sevastopol in the 58, in Minsk and Moscow in the 61 (at the Preobrazhensky cemetery) and in the 67 (at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ), in Volgograd in 63, in Tver in 70, and now in almost all cities. It is not only a symbol and a monument. These are the mass graves of the fallen for their homeland. And my grandfathers too. Vladimir Semyonovich said very well about this ...
      On communal graves do not put crosses,
      And the widows do not cry at them,
      To them, someone brings bouquets of flowers,
      And the Eternal Flame is lit.
      Here the earth stood on its hind legs,
      And now - granite slabs.
      There is not a single personal destiny -
      All fates are united into one.
      And in the Eternal Fire can be seen a flared tank,
      Burning Russian huts,
      Burning Smolensk and burning Reichstag,
      The burning heart of a soldier.
      The mass graves do not have tear-stained widows -
      People go stronger here.
      On communal graves do not put crosses,
      But is this easier? ..
  8. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 3 December 2017 09: 39
    ... As already noted, all kinds of “Johann rau” have to be discussed, but not the tens of thousands of Soviet liberating soldiers whose remains still lie in the land of Russia and Europe and remain unknown ... Unfortunately, I’m sorry. Only “He” needs to be capitalized.
  9. 3vs
    3vs 3 December 2017 09: 52
    Everlasting memory!
  10. Karen
    Karen 3 December 2017 10: 11
    Everlasting memory!!!

    My eldest uncle went missing in that war ... Father and his younger brother always went looking for traces ... In the family, letters from the front meant a lot ... Thanks from the command, which noted that it had noticeably intensified with his arrival the power of connecting artillerymen.
  11. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 3 December 2017 10: 25
    “The date of December 3 was chosen due to the fact that on this day, in 1966, to mark the 25th anniversary of the defeat of German troops near Moscow, the remains of an unknown soldier were buried from the mass grave on the 41st kilometer of Leningradskoye Shosse ( at the entrance to the city of Zelenograd) and was solemnly buried near the wall of the Moscow Kremlin in the Alexander Garden.
    There, near the village of Kryukovo, two of my uncles, Panfilovites, are lying in a mass grave. One of them was reported missing until 1974. While the father, being at the mass grave, did not see another native name.
    Eternal memory to those who died for their homeland!
  12. ando_bor
    ando_bor 3 December 2017 10: 33
    Eternal memory to the Defenders of the Fatherland!
    With the publication of the data, "OBD Memorial" found his Uncle Mom's older brother,
    the place of death, the grave, his Parents died without knowing.
    Grandmother said: “He will be found, a man cannot disappear without a trace,” and it happened.
    He went missing in a mess in papers and possibly malicious intent.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 3 December 2017 11: 35
      Quote: ando_bor
      He went missing in a mess in papers and possibly malicious intent.

      My father’s brother went missing in Western Ukraine at the very beginning of the war in 1941 and, as relatives didn’t look for, they never found. No documents from the part where he served were left.
      I agree, a person cannot disappear without a trace, but there are no traces yet.
      1. ando_bor
        ando_bor 3 December 2017 12: 37
        Quote: Amurets
        I agree, a person cannot disappear without a trace, but there are no traces yet.

        A lot and really missing.
        But I can say that many of those whose remains are found are not missing.
        Often during the war they buried anywhere, but recorded in the nearest officially documented mass grave, and after the war, from the villages buried in the abandoned as a result of enlargement villages, they reburied into one mass grave, but in fact they did not exhume or did it very formally, - they opened the grave, - took a few bones, - transferred it, added the lists to the new grave, as was done I have eyewitness accounts, the experts did not do this, the local authorities were engaged, and the executors were simple collective farmers. Then they are found as missing by search engines. Something similar happened in Poland, but now they have found a cemetery of Soviet soldiers, some without skulls, there is noise about Poland, and the fact that we were like that is still hushed up.
        Why often search engines are not accused, because they dig our negligence towards the graves.
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 3 December 2017 14: 54
          Quote: ando_bor
          Why often search engines are not accused, because they dig our negligence towards the graves.

          In this regard, I like how they relate to the graves of our soldiers in China. No matter how the relationship develops, the Chinese have always looked after the graves of Russian soldiers who died in China. In the 60s they could not allow our diplomats to lay wreaths, but they themselves always looked after and laid wreaths. Currently, during the summer seasons, joint excavations are being carried out in the places of the former Japanese fortified areas, where, after construction, the Japanese destroyed the Chinese to maintain secrecy, and the Russians died during the assault of these fortifications. The mystery of Sakhalyan Ur, in the Chinese city of Heihe, is still a mystery. At least I could not find his description anywhere. But about the collaboration of search engines.
          The expedition will result in the ceremonial reburial of the remains of Soviet soldiers on September 2 this year in a memorial park in the city of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province of the People’s Republic of China.
          This is the report for 2015.
  13. a housewife
    a housewife 3 December 2017 11: 22
    My grandfather disappeared, most likely they shot him immediately. 1941. A train with new recruits without weapons and uniforms left the station, at the next station they were met by the Nazis. Grandfather was a political instructor. My husband’s grandfather, a cavalryman, left in the 41st, was badly wounded, fought again, was near Stalingrad, then reached Poland with battles. Letters came. Again he was seriously wounded and sent by train to Russia. In the Volyn region on the train attacked Bandera. Many were found dead, many were gone. Grandfather is gone. He was 33 years old. The village of Kolka. There now stands a monument to "the valiant Bandera who fought against the Nazis and Communists." We are waiting for the time when such "monuments" will be demolished.
  14. 1536
    1536 3 December 2017 11: 36
    The main thing is still not to allow anyone in the future to unleash a war similar to that waged by Nazi Germany in the 40 of the XX century. And for this we must remember every soldier who gave his life for the independence of his homeland, for his country, for his family, wife, children, father and mother.
    Even here, these groans are heard about the missing "medallions", or "Red Army books", which the soldiers allegedly did not have. It's a lie. If documents on the personnel of those battalions, regiments, divisions or armies that were surrounded in the 1941-1942 years died or were destroyed in a combat situation, this does not mean that the Red Army did not keep records of those called up for military service or irrevocable losses. Enough to arrange dances on the bones, mycelium!
    1. creak
      creak 3 December 2017 15: 50
      Quote: 1536
      groans about the missing "medallions", or "Red Army books", which the fighters allegedly didn’t have. It's a lie

      Order of the People's Commissar of Defense I.V. Stalin N330 of October 7, 1941 "On the introduction of the Red Army books" to help you, true to love ... These "moans" were first sounded in this order - the self-proclaimed political leaders are supposed to know such things. And do not try to turn the normal communication, adopted at VO, into the likeness of a party meeting - your semi-literate notations and labels are at least inappropriate ....
  15. The point
    The point 3 December 2017 12: 22
    Already once laid out. Eternal memory to the dead, thank you seekers.

  16. Amurets
    Amurets 3 December 2017 14: 19
    Quote: ando_bor
    A lot and really missing.

    Yes, I completely agree with you.
  17. Mihail55
    Mihail55 3 December 2017 15: 06
    My grandfather went missing June 22, 1941 in Western Ukraine. He arrived there with his family as intended after the Finnish war. I managed to evacuate my family. The deceased mother all her life was looking for at least some information about her dad, she did not find ...
    Everlasting memory!!! Many thanks to search engine enthusiasts!
  18. keeper03
    keeper03 3 December 2017 15: 21
    My great-grandfather disappeared in a cauldron somewhere near Rzhev! So, no matter how hard the descendants of the fascists try to turn everything upside down - nothing will come of it, this is not forgotten !!! angry soldier
  19. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 3 December 2017 19: 56
    That's it! And I think, what's going on ?! It turns out that today was appointed such a day ... Well, it’s necessary to give honor to an unknown soldier. hi