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White Helmets - like Caesar's wife?

An attempt to usurp the right to the truth failed in Geneva. It is strange that this attempt was undertaken by an organization whose task is to ensure freedom of speech.

The Swiss branch of Reporters Without Borders opposed the holding of a conference about the scandalous movement "White Helmets". This is the very movement on which the politicians of Washington and its allies now rely, continuing the anti-Syrian actions.

Doubt as to the truth of what White Helmets broadcast on the air, according to their patrons from Reporters Without Borders, is unacceptable. Still would! They are "heroes"! Children rescued from the shelling of "insidious" Russia and the "bloody Syrian regime." The film about these "White Helmets" even won an Oscar. Untouchable! Like Caesar's wife, beyond suspicion!

And then they decided to criticize. In the Swiss Press Club. Before the start of the next round of negotiations on Syria. Unheard of! Unacceptable! Is it possible to criticize the "heroes"?

British journalist Vanessa Belaya, who was investigating the activities of this dubious organization, was invited to the White Helmets conference. She made a film exposing the “heroism” of the pseudo-volunteers, which is clearly visible - they are engaged in falsifying the “atrocities of the regime” and are closely associated with the terrorists of radical groups.

And after the date of the conference was announced (November 28), the head of the Swiss Press Club, Guy Mettan, received a message from the Swiss branch of Reporters Without Borders. This “independent organization” demanded, no less, no less, to cancel the conference. Allegedly, this is “Russian propaganda,” which “will damage the image.” They even tried to blackmail them with withdrawing their membership in the Swiss Press Club if their demand was not met.

Guy Mettan responded to this blackmail properly:

“I’m amazed and I’ve never seen anything like this that an organization working to protect press freedom demanded censorship from me regarding a press conference. Usually, pressure to ban a press conference comes from a country with a tough dictatorship. ”

And the scheduled conference did take place. Although she had other critics besides Reporters Without Borders. Among these critics was the former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, who, at the beginning of the Syrian war, supported the so-called “uprising” against the Syrian authorities and actively “hung out” among the armed groups of the “opposition”. Ford saronsocked that they would come to the conference "for the sake of free drinks."

Vanessa Beli in connection with this campaign launched around the event, in an interview with the agency “RIA News”Recalled that in Britain her attempts to expose the lies of the“ White Helmets ”often met with incomprehension. She even received threats.

“I don’t pay attention to such harassment and threats, because I always compare the situation with what people in Syria are under bombing. And I continue to work "

- she said.

"White helmets" were the main accusers of the Syrian leadership in the alleged chemical attack in Khan-Sheikhoun (Idleb province) 4 in April of this year. Without verifying these accusations, relying solely on the opinion of the dubious organization, Washington then carried out an overt act of aggression against Syria, its dignity and sovereignty - massive strikes at Shyrat air base. Now, without really investigating the incident, the United States and its satellites are trying to justify further aggressive measures against official Damascus with this incident.

In addition, the White Helmets were among the main critics of the operation to free Aleppo from terrorist groups. It is impossible not to recall what the howl on the air was at the time when the second most important Syrian city was liberated. What kind of "atrocities" did not blame Syria and Russia! However, if you take a closer look at the materials that were given out by the “volunteer rescuers”, then you can see how they saved the same girl several times. The “corpses” of allegedly “killed” civilians suddenly “came to life” and opened their eyes. But the picture, calculated on the western man in the street, worked. Public opinion was tuned against Syria, and at the same time - against Russia and its anti-terrorist operation, conducted with the full consent of the Syrian authorities.

A lot of “beautiful pictures” that fully fit in with what Western politicians are saying about Syria removed the “White Helmets”. But even there, in the West, there were critics who questioned all these well-mounted, touching films.

It would seem that an organization such as Reporters Without Borders should stand guard over the freedom of speech, but in fact it was an attempt to protect the White Helmets from exposing lies.

And this lie is not so harmless at all, because supporters of harsh measures against the Syrian authorities continue to rely on it. Based on this lie, the US is trying to stay in Syria after the defeat of the "Islamic state" (an organization banned in the Russian Federation). Relying on this lie, Washington is trying to push through the UN Security Council a resolution referring to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter (and this would already mean direct violence against Syria). Russia, which blocks such attempts, is trying to deprive the right of veto - and this already puts the world on the brink of a more serious conflict.

The conference in Switzerland nevertheless took place, despite all attempts to disrupt it. It had to be carried out with reinforced security measures - there was a real danger that the case of “innocent” speeches of “Reporters Without Borders” would not be limited. Syrians who testified that these so-called volunteers are disguised terrorists spoke on it.

And new accusations against Russia are coming from another “Sharashkin office”. The so-called Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center accuses Moscow ... of killing an 53 man in the village of Al-Sha'af in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called such accusations a complete fake.

This “Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights” is known for being based in London, and its only employee is a certain Rami Abdurrahman, who has been broadcasting from the very beginning of the Syrian conflict. Someone from London knows better how human rights are observed ... He was repeatedly caught in lies, but the problem is that this lie becomes the basis for various reports on the situation in Syria. And based on these reports, as well as the White Helmets, the bloody and vile anti-Syrian campaign continues.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 2 December 2017 06: 21
    The Prize "False of the Year" to them, the award "False of the Year" with a twist on the back, and with an order strap in the form of an aspen stake in the chest ..
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 2 December 2017 07: 15
      Quote: 210ox
      The prize "Lies of the Year" to them ..
      And the reporterless organization Reporters Without Borders, renaming them Reporters Without Eggs
      1. RusArmy235
        RusArmy235 2 December 2017 08: 51
        Well, it’s not in vain that these helmets are called the “Hollywood Branch”. yes Both in the country of "protection" and in the results of their legendary "work" on fakes! negative

        PS And this wrong "RT" should already be closed, since doping was detected in the blood of Russian journalists! laughing laughing laughing
        1. Dead duck
          Dead duck 3 December 2017 13: 40
          Quote: RusArmy235
          Well, it’s not in vain that these helmets are called the “Hollywood Branch”. yes Both in the country of "protection" and in the results of their legendary "work" on fakes! negative

          PS And this wrong "RT" should already be closed, since doping was detected in the blood of Russian journalists! laughing laughing laughing

          They started shooting the “Kinushka” back in Yugoslavia, and this is a continuation.
          Although if you dig deeper, it turns out that for centuries the same methods have been used. request
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 2 December 2017 11: 16
      A white helmet is a great sniper target. It is a pity that they are making their fake "masterpieces" not in real battle zones, but on safe sites under the guise of the American coalition. But how much the rope does not curl, there is a tip. Shame will be on the whole world. belay
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 2 December 2017 06: 27
    The Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring accuses Moscow ... of killing 53 people in the village of Al-Shaaf in the province of Deir ez-Zor

    They are so clumsy that they make their video fakes that they just want to spit in their faces for hacking ...
    Recently I watched a video of a wounded boy being driven in a truck (allegedly injured by a VKS air raid) ... full of dust, low-quality video and against this background a bright spot of blood on the boy’s face ... I scratch my turnip and think how it could be ... blood in dust cannot be bright red ... hack workers ... at least consulted with professionals.
    HEATHER 2 December 2017 06: 45
    PistOLs. Instruction. "I saw a white helmet in the sight, don’t shoot. Call archers and control the landing of helmets carriers on the stake, or raise them on the hind legs. On execution, send on purpose." (This Lord. Tsar. I. Grozny.)
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 December 2017 07: 00
    The war in Syria just once again revealed who is who. These so-called "organizations" with big names are not hiding working for terrorists and the Western propaganda machine. It’s bitter that these pseudo-defenders of human rights and “rescuers” are often perceived as the ultimate truth.
    BLADFROST 2 December 2017 09: 38
    Until now, I have in my eyes a picture of how these white helmets during the next fake practically kill a child in front of journalists! And they gave out, such as resuscitated. Burn in hell to them and their patrons!
  6. nivander
    nivander 2 December 2017 15: 16
    wizards from the high road
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 2 December 2017 17: 16
      Plagiarism. Igor Ilyinsky and Anatoly Ktorov in the 1930 year in the film “Feast of St. Jorgen” played this scene with healing an order of magnitude more professionally.
  7. Primoos
    Primoos 2 December 2017 15: 28
    Well, I don’t know how Caesar’s wife is, but just like a port whore, just right!
  8. Vard
    Vard 2 December 2017 17: 46
    The business of Dr. Goebels lives and thrives ... The more monstrous the lodges, the more willingly they believe in it ... Especially when they lie about Russians ...
  9. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 2 December 2017 18: 47
    "White helmets" - they are so white! .. and fluffy ..
  10. Russian bear
    Russian bear 3 December 2017 21: 58
    as our sworn friend Donald Dzhonovich says, white helmets are fake news.
  11. LAWNER
    LAWNER 4 December 2017 02: 16
    In the future, for scalps under white helmets they will give not bad money!
    Therefore, it is better to be a "British" observatory than a stuffed animal in a Berber tent.