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A soldier died in an explosion in a military unit of the Ukrainian Air Force

On the official Facebook page, the Air Force of Ukraine reports a night incident in one of the military units in the Zaporizhia region. The article states that an explosion occurred in the military unit of the city of Berdyansk, as a result of which a soldier of contract service was killed. From the message departments in the social network:
On the night of November 28, around midnight, an explosion occurred in the city of Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region, which resulted in the death of an 22-year-old soldier of one of the military unit of the Vostok Air Command. There are no other victims.

It is alleged that the death of a serviceman occurred "during off-duty hours and was not related to the performance of his official duties."

A soldier died in an explosion in a military unit of the Ukrainian Air Force

This wording allows the command to not pay compensation to the family of the deceased serviceman, which would have been assigned to him if he recognized the incident that occurred during his service.

It is stated that an official investigation is being conducted. The details of the explosion are not reported, nor is it reported at what time the incident occurred.

In the military unit, a commission is sent from among the officers of the central office of the Ukrainian Air Force command, as reported by local media.
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Channel Five (Ukraine)

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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 28 November 2017 13: 11 New
    Sadness is some kind of army of marauders and rapists has become one less small house! There he is dear! am
    1. SNEAKY
      SNEAKY 28 November 2017 13: 23 New
      Why are you talking about the 22-year-old “boy” right away? Suddenly he still hasn’t lost everything in his soul?
      1. solzh
        solzh 28 November 2017 13: 32 New
        He was a contractor. Consequently, in 2014, most likely was in the Donbass. Consequently, his soul is lost.
        1. SNEAKY
          SNEAKY 28 November 2017 14: 10 New
          By no means do I defend, but "his grandmother said in two" about his soul. All my life I have negatively reacted to these neighbors because of their mentality of “qualities.” Now in the press, especially forums, there are excesses, even with all my attitude to all this. Objectivity is zero ...
          1. solzh
            solzh 28 November 2017 14: 17 New
            The fact that "the grandmother said in two" about his soul is not at all a fact. But the fact that recently there are excesses and very little objectivity - I agree, but the Kiev junta, which is known for its neo-fascist and Russophobic position, is to blame.
            1. SNEAKY
              SNEAKY 28 November 2017 14: 50 New
              With the fact that Kiev has become a regular pawn (or, simply, four dice) in a big game, and it’s silly to argue with the “meat” population. I started about the usual human individuality. Alas, our brain works like this: reproduction, nutrition, dominance (S. Savelyev) V / on the outskirts it is too much with this lol
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 28 November 2017 13: 27 New
      There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped, and now everyone has learned that the Air Force is in Ukraine belay
  2. sgr291158
    sgr291158 28 November 2017 13: 29 New
    The self-destruction system is stable.
  3. Orionvit
    Orionvit 28 November 2017 21: 42 New
    Quote: SNEAKY
    I started about the usual human personality. Alas, our brain is so arranged: reproduction, nutrition, dominance (S. Saveliev)

    And where, excuse me, does Savelyev write about human stupidity? Do not go where you do not know, but here, it is this option. That speaks about the general level of professionalism in the Ukrainian army.
  4. LeonidL
    LeonidL 29 November 2017 03: 18 New
    Self-service - tse dobe (-1) The more the ukrovermaht loses, the cleaner the air in Berdyansk.