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Konstantin Semin: Ours in the Bundestag - it's too late to drink Borjomi

The speech of the Russian schoolchild in the German Bundestag did not leave anyone indifferent. Russia was overwhelmed by a wave of disputes and controversies. But it is necessary to ask whether the problem in school children or the problem lies much deeper in Russian society? And what do the members of the Bundestag think about their Nazi past?

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  1. Tatyana
    Tatyana 25 November 2017 13: 42
    A very competent political point of view has been expressed! There is and need to listen to.
    1. Hlavaty
      Hlavaty 25 November 2017 15: 38
      Accents are very correctly placed.
      And there are a lot of examples of videos (and not only).
      Maybe you should create the Wall of Shame website, and post similar materials there. And be sure to indicate what kind of reaction the authorities had next to each material. Maybe the authorities will be impressed, if not materials, then the picture of the authorities’ inaction, which will begin to emerge more clearly. And the amount of materials will also be a fact that is difficult to deny.
      1. Tyulen
        Tyulen 25 November 2017 16: 44
        Quote: Hlavaty

        And there are a lot of examples of videos (and not only).
        Maybe you should create the Wall of Shame website, and post similar materials there.

        Who about what, and a crest about the Peacemaker.
        Specially registered to pass this to you
  2. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 25 November 2017 15: 50
    In the topic: I think that if you don’t like it, then at least smile, good here is this historical feuilleton of Igor Romanovich "Sorry for the so-called Borodino":

    He stood on Red Hill, near the village of Ivanovka. He was saddened by what he saw. He looked at the obelisk crowned with a golden helmet with a cross, set in honor of the so-called “Kulikovo battle”, and wondered how many innocent Horde people who simply wanted a peaceful life on the territory of the Tula region died. I studied the biographies of soldiers of the Golden Horde, as this story touched me. For example, Bulat Hodge - a simple horse archer. A young guy who wanted to be loved. Small remnants of the hundred thousandth army of Mamai returned home, but Bulat was not among them. For a long time his relatives considered him missing, and only last year the family received information that Bulat died from a heavy club in the head when the so-called “ambush regiment” of Russians suddenly jumped out of the forest. This really upset me.
    Barely holding back his tears, he stood on the Mozhayskoye Shosse, the rest of the old Smolensk road, on which the French army retreated after Napoleon realized that Moscow was a very expensive city. Furious housing prices, expensive shops and a predatory rate in exchangers left the emperor without currency in just a month. His letters from the Kremlin to his wife and sisters were filled with longing for his native palace, and his relatives did not lose hope of soon seeing him healthy and cheerful. The French retreated along the old Smolensk road, stretched out in one line, leaving on the sidelines thousands of bodies of innocently frozen soldiers who wanted to live peacefully and did not want to fight. This story touched me, I learned the biography of a French soldier and plunged into that difficult wartime. Jean Dubois was one of the four hundred thousand French soldiers whom the so-called "Field Marshal Kutuzov" brought to death unbearably difficult conditions. Only ten thousand returned home. Jean was not among them. For a long time, relatives believed that he got a job as a chef in a French restaurant in Moscow, and only last year the family received information that he had tragically died from a blow to the head when he was trying to steal a chicken in some godforsaken Russian village. The village was so Russian and backward that its inhabitants did not even hear such names as Voltaire, Moliere and Hubert de Givenchy, which extremely upset me. Continuing to plunge into history, I was surprised and saddened by how many innocent people laid their heads in the so-called “Russia”. How many Swedes, Turks, Poles and Germans, it turns out, wanted to live peacefully and did not want to fight. If we really want to be part of the civilized world, then we need to pay and repent, repent and pay.
    He also found out that we had spotted the French “invisible” frigate, as soon as he began to anchor at his own pier, and his commander received a message on the number that only his mistress knew: “You have a small scratch on the port side, but in general "Seven feet to you under the keel, dear Francois! Russian Armed Forces rocketers." And this also upset me to the impossibility. I hope we will pay for this. laughing laughing laughing
    1. medvedron
      medvedron 25 November 2017 21: 19
      Class! good good good So you can write a lot of apologies.
  3. Eurodav
    Eurodav 25 November 2017 16: 40
    Quote: Tatiana
    A very competent political point of view has been expressed! There is and need to listen to.

    Does anyone argue? Are you not a teacher by accident?
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 25 November 2017 18: 25
    There are no grounds for reconciliation with the Nazis. I wonder at the worldview of such ruts. My father died on December 27.12, 1941 on the Leningrad Front. I had to grow up an orphan. Already at the age of 19 in 1957 he was a lieutenant. Then he created weapons for the country. My colleagues and I (I will call them that) honor the memory of their loved ones. Only the death of every fascist could dull the bitterness of the death of his father. In a number of units of the Red Army there was a tacit order not to take prisoner. This stake would have said in the Bundestag the words "The Red Army has brought Hitler to suicide." He would have been loved even more by the haters of Russia. Remember how Ivan the Terrible stopped the raids of the Germans, Swedes at the Solovetsky Monastery. I can remind. As in the early 80s E.Ya. Savitsky stopped the disruption of reconnaissance aircraft in the Far East (I had to be a participant in this operation). Take care of Russia, if you do not betray it. I have the honor
    1. medvedron
      medvedron 25 November 2017 21: 22
      This is all due to the fact that many parents have eliminated the upbringing of their children, completely shifting this work to schools and universities.
  5. ando_bor
    ando_bor 25 November 2017 23: 09
    Stalin is guilty, did not hang the German as other fascists and he had to die an innocent prisoner of war,
    and the kid speaks correctly, according to the law, - both in Soviet and in Russian.