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Cinema The series "Sleeping": it could be worse

Of course, the series is not a movie, but since we decided to disassemble everything that comes out on screens on our topics, we didn’t go past “Sleepers”.

Now, when the passions have subsided, the director Bykov sprinkled ashes on his head and publicly repented before the intellectual stratum in his deed, and the author of the script Minaev actually sent all the disgruntled to hell, on the eve of the second season you can talk about the first one.

The shock three - Minaev (screenwriter), Bykov (director) and Bondarchuk (producer) - filmed a generally good series. The word “suddenly” is very suggestive, because yes, we have something more or less edible in general, goes exactly in this way.

The series tells about the former graduates of MGIMO who were recruited by the CIA, who in 2013 were trying to unleash the Maidan in Russia according to the Ukrainian script on the instructions of their American boss. Naturally, they are opposed by the FSB. With varying degrees of success.

The “party from MGIMO”, which we call liberal in real time, has caused a series of hysteria with the transition to personalities. Hysterical is quite fair, many personalities are guessed.

In general, the series turned out, of course, not “TASS is authorized to declare,” but rather well. But there are nuances.

From the strengths of the series, I would like to note a pretty good dynamics. The attitude towards Russia in the liberal get-together is well shown, just the way we are used to watching. Negligent and down upon. Spitting. “This country”, “there will never be anything good here”, “damn scoop” and so on. It is immediately obvious that Minaev and Bykov had the opportunity to observe this crowd from the inside and studied it very well.

Worthy of applause is how using in principle quite good people “in the dark” by inflating hatred and discontent over and without it. Lack of democracy, Western way of life, “bloody gebnya”, corrupt politicians. Well-known set, nothing new, but shown quite well.

And, of course, the work of bloggers, human rights activists and other elements.

Yes, and in the direction of the Americans, deciding their interests by any means, there were several excellent attacks.

In general, many things are shown truthfully and accurately. Not the best components of our life today, but nonetheless.

There is, unfortunately, in the series, and the place is already familiar to us stupid. For the usual audience of Channel One, everything is fine here, but for a person a little knowledgeable is a quiet horror.

Of course, the main audience does not care that the main character jumps through the structures like a jumped dragonfly. An undercover scout in Libya is, I am sorry, the land of the SVR. As well as illegal at the end of the series. And the operative and the investigator is still the FSB.

Okay, forgive the authors complete illiteracy, but could one invite consultants? Or people everything shvaivaet?

In general, everything connected with the work of power and intelligence structures causes, if not disgust, then an understanding of what has been done by amateurs.

Again, the series claims that in Russia there is a censorship system that restricts freedom of speech in the press, and the FSB controls this system.

Well, bravo ... I, apparently, live in some other Russia. In the one where a bunch of liberal media, including in the zomboyaschik, freely distributes any nonsense against Russia, and no restrictions are applied to them. Unfortunately.

The script itself is fun. Starting from the main character and ending with the “poor Russian people” somewhere out there, behind the scenes.

Of course, secret talks about signing a supercontract for the supply of gas in Libya standing on the ears - this is a masterpiece. The fact that the treaty is interstate does not stop anyone. And there is no better place than Libya, torn by civil war, on the planet there is simply not and cannot be.

In general, the whole series is crammed with such misunderstandings. But it keeps people completely unintelligent in good shape, those who understand have something to openly laugh about.

Of course, if we are talking about a spy series, without corpses anywhere. There are enough corpses. The main miner vrazhin Lena is working tirelessly. Removes all. But in general, the authors do not burn with special love for the heroes. So lovers of quick change of characters here have something to sit on. And the list of methods of destruction is impressive.

It is clear that the FSB is working very poorly. Some Ivan-Evans, who seems to be a journalist, although he is the main spy, is doing his service without straining too much. And his killer Lena is just superman in terms of efficiency.

I don’t know if Western intelligence agencies have such talented workers, but that the FSB doesn’t really cope with its work — that’s a fact. If you believe the show.

But in fact, only the FSB and opposes the enemies, accomplices and liberals in Russia. Sad of course.

It seemed very strange that diplomats in the series all hate Russia completely. Even amazing.

In general, such absurdities car and small truck.

The ending of the same series frankly blurred and incomprehensible. Either Bykov realized that he obviously went in the wrong place and now he will be beaten by his own, or Minaev was preparing the groundwork for the second season. And all those who could (who at the time of graduation is not in prison or already all) sent to Ukraine. Marked the next scene.

Nevertheless, the authors were able to show maybe a somewhat ungrateful state machine (and where is it different?), And patriots who love this country even like that.

That, in principle, is true.

But even despite the terrible amount of blunders and inventions, the series turned out to be quite good. The main thing is that the mechanism for creating “velvet revolutions” and the role (both possible and real) of our liberal party are well shown.
Against the background of the main garbage stream, erupting from the TV screens, is quite so patriotic and quite vital to itself, if not go into details.

So really - it could be worse.

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  1. Fight
    Fight 23 November 2017 15: 07
    I didn’t look, I don’t know! Yes, and the movie, there is a movie! They didn’t shoot a documentary !!! negative
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 23 November 2017 19: 14
      was surprised to see the series. soap about love distracts from action, and surprisingly - there is no dirt and the officers are shown as officers, and they called enemies the enemies and showed their essence and thoughts and possible reasons and the logic of their actions

      howling of course the noble stood. Maybe Minaev needs to be involved in cinema, rather than thumping live whiskey in his broadcast of the fumes with our (not our) opposition wassat generally surprised and left a good impression of the first season.

      Let's see what happens in the second
      1. Spnsr
        Spnsr 24 November 2017 01: 47
        Roman, forgive me, generously, but maybe it's not worth making a documentary from the series, Seventeen moments of spring is also not documentary, but I used to watch it. Excitedly laughing
        I was more struck by the similarity of communication between those who are above society with society. Rather, the authors wanted to show just that, and not the specifics of the work of the special services, and the aunt killer, it could have been a collective image, in fact, it’s a one-time performer, if we are talking about accuracy, but this is just what they come across, one of the examples! I was amused by the role of Minister-Bondarchuk! This is not a case of Miller with his Ehamatsi party laughing although it can be anyone to be your own and in the West, including through this bohemia.
        The most interesting thing is that it seemed to me that this film is one of the few in which you can see if not yourself, then grabbed the tops of a person who periodically communicates with you, if you have to communicate a lot with different people, and for which this country and others.
        And the movie has no ending. It just has to be the next episode, only if it will be, after they have already repented of the bohemian woman, who immediately burned herself and connected with her, having felt naked and open to the campaign.
        And will he be on the same wave
      2. Samy
        Samy 24 November 2017 05: 31
        I didn’t watch the movie, but I approve! I'll look again, find the time. But with interest I am watching another movie, "Repentance of Director Bykov." The pepper turned out to be weak, did not expect. His “Major” and “Eight” looked with interest, vitally and truthfully. And then he was blown away. Sorry.
    2. The brightest
      The brightest 24 November 2017 11: 39
      Quote: Fight
      I didn’t look, I don’t know! Yes, and the movie, there is a movie! They didn’t shoot a documentary !!! negative

      Well, this is how to say ...
  2. Vend
    Vend 23 November 2017 15: 08
    The ending of the series is frankly blurry and incomprehensible.
    This is a disease of modern writers. Start for health, and end for peace. Not enough fuse
    1. The brightest
      The brightest 24 November 2017 11: 40
      This is called a hint of continuation, but Bykov was hounded and most likely will not be. Although, if we start from the end, then we all saw the continuation in reality. Such a transition from picture to life.
  3. Victor N
    Victor N 23 November 2017 15: 34
    Who sees what. Yes, there are mistakes. But: really there are "sleeping" and others like them. But: society does not have adequate counteraction forces, and state forces may not be enough.
    This is worth discussing. The whole world needs to think about how to preserve and protect the state; it is not a stranger to the majority.
  4. Strashila
    Strashila 23 November 2017 16: 10
    Kuno, there is kuno ... you can watch. About the "sleeping", a great tragedy in the siege of Leningrad was played by German agents recruited before the First World War, according to their information, German aircraft destroyed warehouses with food at the very beginning of the blockade.
  5. Sergey824
    Sergey824 23 November 2017 16: 23
    In fact, everything is correctly shown. These decades of rampant democracy have given rise to a whole layer of sleeping people. Do you really think that they will stand up to the last defending their homeland?
  6. cedar
    cedar 23 November 2017 16: 37
    The film is not only about "sleeping", but also for sleeping ... An attempt to wake up our society.
  7. Chertt
    Chertt 23 November 2017 16: 45
    Something, recently, almost any film. series, exhibition, etc. cause "battles in society" But I just can’t understand whether this is good or bad
  8. Gardamir
    Gardamir 23 November 2017 16: 49
    I didn’t watch the film, so I’ll talk about other sleeping people. My wife, taking advantage of a slight malaise, drove me to the clinic. While I got to the right doctor, I visited two more rooms. So in all the offices are people of Igil nationality. Knowledgeable people say that everywhere, in the tax, in the courts, in the police. Imagine they all wake up. Maidan will seem like a fairy tale.
    1. jjj
      jjj 23 November 2017 17: 38
      Syrian refugees?
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 23 November 2017 17: 51
        Syrian refugees?
        Yes, no from the former Soviet. Tajiks, Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis and others, other ...
        1. Orkraider
          Orkraider 25 November 2017 23: 46
          I do not agree. My Uzbek worked at the cottage, accidentally brought him from Moscow, talked and made friends with him while he worked, and so, this person is more integral than many of our ... Honor and word for something means, and these sounds for its not just a sound. Therefore, it’s not worth it, the great power treats our former citizens disdainfully, among them there are many people very worthy of our respect. By the way, I didn’t communicate with him alone, and raised questions of the collapse of the Union, and most of them recall him with nostalgia ... so who is our greatest ally, another question ... :)
      SCHWERIN 23 November 2017 18: 41
      So this is Gaster. The Russians believe that they pay little, and to be afraid to steal is the school of Lavrentiy Palych. Now optimization of medicine - less staff, less costs. And these are coming. Soon not ... but no, not tolerant - we will see African Africans. My wife went to a social security agency a few years ago, so the boss almost did not speak Russian there.
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 23 November 2017 19: 20
        doctors no longer get a penny. outdated information. I judge by my village hospital
        1. Dedall
          Dedall 23 November 2017 22: 24
          I'm in this too - no increase. Stick on 8000.
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 23 November 2017 22: 26
            our head nurse receives multiple times more. This is where you are? And you are a doctor?

            Strange of course

   ;; 7784978312819568049; organic

            yes found from 8
      2. Gardamir
        Gardamir 23 November 2017 22: 03
        No, Arbiteers sweep with brooms. And these systematically occupy important positions.
  9. nord62
    nord62 23 November 2017 17: 51
    How we love looking for an acne on an elephant's ass! The meaning of the series (the only one in the post-Soviet space for all these years) is that what people are thinking about - SOUND ! You are not tired of Chubais’s clowning, Sobchachka’s statements, “analyst” Gref and a huge crowd of “elite” and bureaucrats who are ready to sell everything and everyone for 30 pieces of silver!? But this is precisely the idea of ​​the film. What we are talking about at work, in the garage, in the country; what we resent and what is disgusting is shown in this film. Then what claims ??? Not for nothing that the liberals and all kinds of professional "critics" attacked the series. Yes, there is no censorship, but this does not mean that for the money of the Ministry of Culture you can shoot shit about Russia (and there are a lot of such films), that for the money of Gazprom you can keep a bunch of liberal scribblers who just spit on the Russian people! Maybe it's time to stop this madness !!!
  10. Whisper
    Whisper 23 November 2017 18: 27
    Great movie! Kinolyapi may have been, but he is not shown as a training manual on training.
    He conveyed the idea exactly - anyone connected with the West can always be hooked!
  11. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 23 November 2017 18: 29
    After all, there were many people who, as a result of frenzied advertising and "Trotsky" looked, And "Gregory R.". (And "Matilda" is the same). Now, in their heads, the history of our country looks just that. Attempts N.S. Mikhalkov in his "Besogon" to refute or critique - now look like a rearguard battle.
    SCHWERIN 23 November 2017 18: 30
    Come on, cling to the little things! Well, what's the difference where the contract was made in Tripoli or in Damascus? Hollywood also puts such pearls - the hero is beaten on the head with a metal pipe, he’s dead in life, and he gets up and goes into battle again. Or falling from a height. Yes, there all the ribs must be broken and arms and legs jump out of the hinges ... But how intelligence works, what divisions are there ... Yes, people do not bathe!
    The film is modern, dynamic. I watched with pleasure. Struck by a shaved coop. I did not expect such courage from him. Maybe the wind in the other direction blew. Yes, and Petrenko liked in this role. I advise you to look. I think (unfortunately) that everything is so in reality. And this is already ...
  13. Rostislav
    Rostislav 23 November 2017 18: 56
    The main killer of vrazhin Lena works tirelessly. Takes everyone away.

    For what I love Roman’s articles, it’s for a unique style.
    Plus, however. And for the form, and for the content.
  14. TRex
    TRex 23 November 2017 20: 45
    Who wants to add all of the above - the film is not bad, although there are enough mistakes and intricacies. But the video footage of the leading state channels in recent years has been simply terrifying - all evil spirits have popped up, the brain of an average man hovers: who gave (gave) to whom and for how much, who whose father (mother, son, brother), who killed whom and when ... and etc. etc. Turbidity and dirt are pouring from the screen, without ideology, without thought ... The first channel can drive talk shows about weddings-marriages, polygraphs, DNA analyzes and other turbidity all evening.
    Does anyone in the state engage in ideology?
    SASHA OLD 23 November 2017 21: 05
    I haven’t been able to watch it yet, but judging by the article and the comments, the series is not bad, so 10 days off are coming - I’ll definitely take some time
  16. Old26
    Old26 23 November 2017 23: 01
    Quote: Sergey-8848
    After all, there were many people who, as a result of frenzied advertising and "Trotsky" looked, And "Gregory R.". (And "Matilda" is the same). Now, in their heads, the history of our country looks just that. Attempts N.S. Mikhalkov in his "Besogon" to refute or critique - now look like a rearguard battle.

    Do not measure all with one arshin. For example, I watched “Trotsky” and “Demon of the Revolution” (walked in parallel EMNIP on “Russia”). And "Gregory R" previously looked. And "Time of the First." The plans to see the "Matilda" and "Salute-7." At the same time, I do not think that the history of our country looks exactly like in these films.
    Some of the details fell into the "mosaic" of the history of our country, some - "Do not climb into any gates." There are, of course, people who will think so. But all of us are not a crowd, as well as a monolithic "gray mass." Someone over at Dom-2 is watching or watching soap operas. Alas, "To Each His Own"
    "Sleeping" looked. The film is pretty good, solidly made. As for the blunders - so anything can be.

    Novel! your cue
    Of course, the main audience does not care that the main character jumps through the structures like a jumped dragonfly. An undercover scout in Libya is, I am sorry, the land of the SVR. As well as illegal at the end of the series. And the operative and the investigator is still the FSB.

    has the right to exist. But anything can be. An FSB officer might have been in another country and as a security officer. And illegal in the second season - let's see what he will do there. He was actually taken out of the office
  17. Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill 24 November 2017 04: 20
    Series and series, what's wrong with that?
    I did not watch this series, so I can not say anything. I watch more HBO military series such as “Brothers in Arms”, “Pacific Ocean” and “Generation of Killers”. I advise everyone by the way!
  18. Brushing
    Brushing 24 November 2017 13: 21
    A good series - like the truth !!! hi

    I especially liked the dialogues between the main characters - the real situation in our society is directly ...

    Only here such a hero seems to be preserved and nurtured by Soviet morality, it’s also said in the film that he was not in Russia for a long time .... I mean, I didn’t see the poor FSB workers working on the same salary .... it certainly is is, but I have not met ... and in the news more and more about their children on heliks ...))))
    1. Orkraider
      Orkraider 25 November 2017 23: 53
      My former friend, worked in 4-ke in the FSB. He lived on a salary. I borrowed oil for a working swallow (it was true in 2000). Most of his friends with whom I spoke were patriots and far from rich people. Why ex? He is no longer with us. Memory of him and the other fallen for you and me. Liberals are mostly smart people, but they need to be controlled and managed, as the states do.
  19. Fausto_64
    Fausto_64 26 November 2017 00: 24
    Sleeping is a warning - after all, this year there was no ordinary presidential annual message.
    The broadcast of the eight-part series was completed in four days - the most prime time - exactly after the Time program.
    Well, and what is actually talked about - how many years can you persuade, threaten with your finger, appeal to conscience,
    remind (for example, the social responsibility of a business), etc., etc.
    The noise was raised, of course - barked, howled - but this is a secondary topic - additional exposure and the manifestation of the true grimace of a rotten and corrupt social stratum.
    True - those who are smarter from this party in the open did not go. Everyone understood everything - the Chumadans are packing, not waiting for philosophical parades.
  20. Dart
    Dart 26 November 2017 20: 38
    I like it.
  21. Dart
    Dart 26 November 2017 20: 57
    Quote: Orkraider
    Therefore, it’s not worth it, the great power treats our former citizens disdainfully, among them there are many people very worthy of our respect. By the way, I didn’t communicate with him alone, and raised questions of the collapse of the Union, and most of them recall him with nostalgia ... so who is our greatest ally, there’s another question ... :)

    One moment only - he is here, at your place, and not at home. A bad moment, in all respects.