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A draft law has been submitted to the Duma restricting the disclosure of these contracts of the MIC

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma that empowers the government of the Russian Federation to impose restrictions on Internet disclosure of information on government contracts in the defense industry, reports RIA News.

It is reported that the initiative was developed in order to “protect the constitutional system, the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities, ensure the defense capability and security of the Russian Federation, including to ensure guaranteed financial support for state contracts under the state defense order and unconditional payment of contracts under the military technical cooperation.

According to the explanatory note, “the bill introduces changes to a number of legislative acts providing for the establishment of restrictions on the disclosure (placement) of information on the activities of individual legal entities and individuals.”

The government "has the right to determine cases in which certain information is not subject to placement on the Internet," the bill says.

Also we are talking about persons in respect of whom such information can not be published.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 21 November 2017 14: 43
    If it concerns chairs and urinals, then the measure is excessive. If military equipment is necessary.
    1. Anarchist
      Anarchist 21 November 2017 14: 46
      Dmitry, it is very necessary! Necessary yesterday ...
      And what turns out to be a contract for secret development, but the data is not classified? Yes, and under contracts, not even classified developments, the Yankees may come in handy! And there is no contract ...!
      1. Reserve officer
        Reserve officer 21 November 2017 14: 54
        It would be nice to go broke with special accounts, which now must be concluded for all executors of the state defense order. And then the banks began to become impudent, too much information is required for the usual execution of a payment order. As I can, I’m curbing this “curiosity,” but the time for spending money in this case is increasing. As a revenge.
        I would understand this if these banks were state owned and employees had the appropriate form of admission. But financing goes through ordinary commercial ones.
        1. NOMADE
          NOMADE 21 November 2017 17: 07
          Welcome all. In fact, a double-edged sword. By the nature of my work, I encounter army and emergency situations tenders .. There is a complete “fly-off” and sadness happens, sometimes those who simply stupidly offer lower prices win. And then they hysterically look for goods that they can physically acquire (which TK answers). As a result, the company won the black list, the teder is re-exposed or revised, the warriors without the necessary equipment. And no one is to blame ..
    2. Shura Perm
      Shura Perm 21 November 2017 14: 47
      Of course you can’t take this info out on the general, and the same prosecutor’s office will receive the data
  2. Anarchist
    Anarchist 21 November 2017 14: 44
    It is very strange that there is no such law yet! In my opinion, this is taken for granted ...
    1. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 21 November 2017 15: 05
      it depends on what it will actually be used for, if for real concealment of state secrets it is one thing, and if for concealing information about the discharge of equipment and technologies over a hill, this is completely different hi
      1. Anarchist
        Anarchist 21 November 2017 15: 39
        There is still such a thing as a luring a potential buyer ... It seems to be a contract with almost concluded, but no, competitors lured ...
        Zhenya, but about the drain - I agree! But we are using the noise and this opportunity is being used ... hi
  3. Anyone
    Anyone 21 November 2017 14: 54
    Serdyukov with Vasilyeva and the stolen billions have already forgotten? Oh well...
  4. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 21 November 2017 14: 54
    In order to "protect ... the rights and legitimate interests of citizens" ...
    Surnames of citizens - in the studio!
    HEATHER 21 November 2017 14: 59
    And not through the Internet will run out of contractors? With all the laying out of technical documentation and payment?
  6. Kleber
    Kleber 21 November 2017 15: 12
    The government "has the right to determine cases in which certain information is not subject to placement on the Internet," the bill says.

    Drive on Wiki: Voronezh (radar station). There even exact coordinates are indicated.
  7. cedar
    cedar 21 November 2017 15: 44
    Quote: Reserve officer
    I would understand this if these banks were state owned and employees had the appropriate form of admission. But funding goes through ordinary commercial.

    They are not ordinary. They are in fact shtatovskie. Those. they are without fail all fin. reports are prepared in duplicate. One for the Central Bank, and another ... for the US tax service.
    Since 2010, the American law FATCA has been in force, which Russia was forced to sign. According to unofficial information, American citizens residing in other countries were not the main goals of the FATCA. The main task was to identify overseas assets of US residents who do not think about emigration, but who prefer to keep their money outside the United States. According to the calculations of the creators of the FATCA law, the return of such taxpayers to the fiscal authorities should have significantly increased revenues to the state budget. According to some estimates, the new rules apply to approximately 9 million people. The FATCA Act requires the provision of information even about companies and corporations outside the jurisdiction of the United States, if they include American citizens.
    See at the root, dear. The former overseers in the colonies, with their scourges, shackles and sticks, were replaced by the proteges of the metropolis - these are bankers and advisers to foreign consulting companies.

    Here is not the whole list. There are no corporations in the military-industrial complex, but they are also tied. I want to believe that this apparent surrender of everything and everyone has come to an end.
  8. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 21 November 2017 21: 04
    And it is right. Military secrets must have a place to be. At one time, mnu was called every six months and made non-disclosure subscriptions given. Because there are veschi about which you do not need to report to everyone and everyone. And whoever needs to, will be informed by specially trained people.