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Army special forces received an experimental batch of armored vehicles "Bear"

Russian special forces received an experimental batch of Bear armored vehicles. They are able to move at high speed through the sand, swamps, mud and deep snow, according to News.

According to the experts, “the combination of enhanced protection with spaciousness and compactness makes the Bears very demanded machines, especially in counter-terrorist operations.”

Machines are delivered to special forces units for testing. The program provides for sending them to Syria for testing in combat conditions.

"Bears" with the wheel formula 4х4 can not only transport personnel, but also provide fire support to the landing party. Their distinctive feature is the increased mine protection. The bottom of the car "has a V-shaped (in the Western classification, such machines are called MRAP).

It is noted that "depending on the tasks, installation of various types of weapons is possible - starting with machine guns of various calibers and automatic grenade launchers and ending with anti-tank missiles and automatic guns."

Oleg Zheltonozhko, an expert on land combat equipment, explained that the MRAPs were created to accompany the columns, and the war in Syria is now entering a phase in which the defense of the columns will be one of the most important tasks.

Unlike conventional armored personnel carriers, the Bears are able to move easily on public roads, while they are better protected than the more nimble Tigers. "Bear" can quickly move along the column, ensuring the transfer of reinforcements in the right place. At the same time it is more compact and will pass where the usual armored personnel carrier will be crowded,
he said.

According to the expert, thanks to the powerful armor and good mine protection, the Bears will also be in demand as command-staff or medical machines.

The military want to have at their disposal the entire line of combat vehicles - from light to heavy, and the "Bear" is a good combination of armor and roominess with relative compactness. In some situations, the armor and firepower of the BTR are simply redundant, and protecting the light Tigers is not enough. In addition, armored cars are cheaper to use,
added Zheltonozhko.

Initially, the "Bear" was created for internal troops, officially it is called "special police car VPK-3924".
Photos used:
RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky
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  1. Baloo
    Baloo 17 November 2017 11: 46
    Cross in deep snow and mud? Then you need to add another option, the ability to change the clearance, upward. How much? This should be determined by the consumer, after participating in the tests. While we see the car for paved roads.
    1. 17 November 2017 13: 20
      Yes, he has enough patency. Changing the clearance is an additional amount of money and considerable, and an extra minus of reliability.
    2. faiver
      faiver 17 November 2017 14: 46
      if it’s not a secret, where should he ride in deep snow?
  2. Vitas
    Vitas 17 November 2017 11: 52
    The main thing that would not have happened, as with "Vodnik".
    1. 17 November 2017 13: 07
      And how did it happen with Vodnik? Adopted, accompanies the columns of Topol and Yars.
      Now being tested in Syria. Apparently there will be modernization.
      Something about the Wolf there is no information, Yes, and about Scorpio as it was quiet. And he may well replace Uazik or in parallel with him.
      1. 17 November 2017 13: 15
        By the way, today in Minsk on the Kalinovsky street I saw his Belarusian counterpart - Volat.
        It felt heavy walking, it looked like a tractor diesel. The roar is horror, and the dynamics are so-so.

        It’s a pity I didn’t manage to take a picture because of the steering wheel.
      2. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 17 November 2017 13: 47
        And we also have in the DPR and LPR.
      3. badens1111
        badens1111 17 November 2017 22: 20
        And how did it happen with Vodnik?

        No way. A frankly unsuccessful car.
      4. Maxnet
        Maxnet 18 November 2017 03: 57
        And this is bad, it had to be forgotten like a nightmare.
    2. Maxnet
      Maxnet 18 November 2017 03: 57
      Waterman is a disgusting car.
  3. san4es
    san4es 17 November 2017 12: 17
    Initially, the "Bear" was created for internal troops, officially it is called "special police car VPK-3924".
  4. Makarov
    Makarov 17 November 2017 12: 56
    and I was already scared that the army special forces would supply this tin ... and it’ll go to military men ...
  5. Doliva63
    Doliva63 17 November 2017 13: 51
    I didn’t understand anything. On the one hand, a machine for army special forces, i.e. for reconnaissance to a depth of more than 300 km. (it’s not clear how to conduct such reconnaissance on it recourse ); on the other hand, they are sent to Syria, where there seems to be no special forces; and then at all - it is intended for escorting columns, which, as it were, to the Army Special Forces in general, by no means. Kapets, useful article for general development! laughing
    1. faiver
      faiver 17 November 2017 14: 45
      and the Swiss and the reaper and the dude laughing
      1. Doliva63
        Doliva63 17 November 2017 19: 08
        Ah, well then, definitely the Bear! laughing
  6. Vitas
    Vitas 19 November 2017 15: 37
    And how did it happen with Vodnik? Now being tested in Syria.

    VO wrote that Vodnik was given to the Syrians as an unnecessary car for the Russian Armed Forces.