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Maidan in the capital of NATO


First, the bare facts.

After the undoubted success of the United States in organizing the "Arab Spring" in the states closest to Europe and the "democratization of dictatorial regimes" in some of them, the number of Muslims in the EU sharply jumped. And they settle compactly and mainly in the capitals of the EU.

According to official data of 2016 of the year in Paris, such 1,7 million people, in London - about 1 million. Particularly high is the proportion of Muslims in cities such as Amsterdam (14%), Antwerp (16,9%), Brussels (up to 25%), Birmingham (26,9%), Marseille (25%), Stockholm (20%), Cologne (12% ). And some areas of these cities, such as the infamous Molenbeek in Brussels, are inhabited almost exclusively by Muslims.

With a population of the capital of Belgium in 180 thousands of people - 45 thousands of them Muslims. Compact living!

One of them was a young and talented citizen of France. As it is accepted to be politically correct, of Maghreb origin. His name is Wafa Hammich, but his fans are known by the nickname Vargasss 92. Leads a page in instagramme, where almost 600 thousands of people are signed to it. Very popular and, apparently, talented, he is the idol of the local (and not only local) youth, the rap performer, who, among other things, removes humorous sketches and puts them on the social network.

For evening 15 November This mega-star invited her fans to meet him "in real" in the center of Brussels on Monet Square. By the appointed time, hundreds of young people, mostly Muslims, began to flock to the opera house. The Vargasss 92 also came.

It is worth bearing in mind that the metropolitan police just finished sorting out football fans who staged a riot in the center of Brussels after the Moroccan team beat an opponent and qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Police all night 12 November reassured with batons and caught at least 300 Muslim youth hooligans.

Therefore, even if one does not recall the terrorist attacks and other causes, of which there are many, it is quite normal that the police paid close attention to what was happening and began to find out the reasons for the unauthorized rally. Infinitely far from the deification of the Vargasss 92 and sincerely not understanding the reasons for the "gathering", the police tried to send the organizer of the illegal mass gathering of people to the police station "for clarification."

Further obvious. Clashes began with the police, the pogrom of the nearest shops and stores. In addition to a few police cars, private cars parked on the streets were damaged.

The provoked reinforcements easily dispersed the hooligan crowd of young people with great pleasure, without too much ado but without sending anyone to the hospitals. More than 30 people were detained, including the instigator himself. During the past 24 hours, all were released without charge. Only four minors remain in the precinct - waiting for parents.

In the city hall of Brussels reported that the action in the city center was unauthorized. Therefore, the authorities called on law enforcement to disperse the crowd. Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon condemned the clashes and said that the police are doing everything necessary to maintain order. "This violence is unacceptable and incomprehensible," - said the head of the Interior Ministry. At the same time, “forgetting” to clarify what exactly is “unacceptable and incomprehensible.”

In fact, everything is very understandable. The police showed extreme lack of professionalism. It was enough to call in reinforcements, provide a cordon and agree with the organizer to hold a meeting in 10-15 minutes. Then quietly go home. And the fans who were absolutely not sharpened to protest would safely listen to their idol.

Instead, the police tried to detain the organizer of a perfectly legitimate event. I can invite friends? Can. And if I have a lot of friends?

Remember, this is how in Russia, for many years, all kinds of opposition members have explained their meetings and rallies. And in this case it does not matter at all who and under what pretext gathered.

And then everything went as written. But why "how"? Precisely - according to a long time-written and many times proven scenario. The police detained and tried to take away the organizer - the crowd rushed to protect him. Cops used shields, batons and heavy equipment. The youth responded with bricks and pogroms. As a result, the police won.

The author of these lines at least three times in the spring and summer of 2014, had to beat off his people in Kharkov in a similar way. The truth is more successful in view of the clear numerical advantage. As later observe and less successful stock. All of them occur equally in any city in Europe and the outcome depends only on the balance of power and the motivation of the parties.

In this case, the authorities were very lucky - neither the Vargasss 92 itself, nor its fans planned any clashes with the police and were initially very peaceful. Show the police a bit of common sense and no one would notice anything at all.
Now we have a classic model of organizing mass riots in the capital of the EU and NATO. With the use of social networks and tested completely innocent excuse. And with a direct analogy of the events on the Independence in Kiev exactly 4 a year ago.
Then everything also began with completely peaceful protests of students in the center of the capital, in which I also managed to participate as an observer. Albeit with political demands, but purely peaceful. And then, "by chance", the stronger and older guys joined these protesters. And "onizhedetey" just as in Brussels, with unjustified cruelty began to beat the police.

Then a wave of indignation followed, supported, by the way, in Brussels. "Onizhedetey" for a few weeks pushed out stronger and no longer children, first in the next square, and then they themselves went home. And the new protesters for a couple of months with the support of well-known individuals and countries "have ugandoshed" a huge country.

Is this not possible in Brussels? They spoke about Ukraine in the same way. And they put it at the beginning of Russia’s zero as an example - this is how everything is peacefully and well solved, no to you of Chechnya and terrorist acts.

What, all gently love Brussels or Berlin? There are no countries and forces interested in dispersing such Maidan with beating "onizhedetey" deploy in riots?

Do not tell me - the majority of the population of the Arab world, as well as the millions of migrants who came to the EU, do not even hide the fact that Europeans should pay and repent for the crimes they committed, for the overthrown leaders, for the destroyed states, for the bombings and the death of relatives.

And in this they are clearly or secretly supported by many Arab regimes. And not Arab too. What can I say - listen to the claims of Erdogan to Germany.

What happened in Brussels is certainly an accident. And the star instagram nobody indusk on such an experiment. But he took place and became known. Conclusions will be made, the lesson is learned by all who are interested in organizing European Maidan.
What is good for "interested" this example? That it is not necessary to wait for a case when someone somewhere will accidentally shoot a juvenile thief Muslim. Moreover, the police are instructed strictly on this score.

In this embodiment, nothing is expected. On the contrary, you can prepare everything yourself, choose the time and place. And then just initiate a mass gathering of people and the police response. And how to organize blood and sacrifices, Kiev 4 a year ago showed the whole world.

We will not guess how much time is left before such events in the EU, but for now it is obvious that Europe is absolutely not ready for them. And what will happen ...

Fight will show.
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2017 06: 45
    neither Vargasss 92 nor his fans planned clashes with the police and were initially very peaceful

    Did Vargasss 92 tell the author this? Not for this they gather a crowd (especially a Muslim one) in the city center in order to stand peacefully and go home. It's just that only kittens are born and sometimes not always.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 17 November 2017 06: 57
      rotmistr60 Today, 06:45 ... Vargasss 92 himself informed the author of this? Not for this they gather a crowd (especially a Muslim one) in the city center in order to stand peacefully and go home.

      hi ! ... undoubtedly not only this reason, laid out in the article by the author ... much more is hidden behind this gathering, and so far maybe invisible ...
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 17 November 2017 08: 33
      Given the pace of Muslim breeding, Europe will end soon, and the white-faced ones will become exhibits of mini reserves in the EU capitals. lol
      1. novel66
        novel66 17 November 2017 10: 40
        so let’s drink for the European Sultanate! drinks
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 17 November 2017 11: 09
          There will be no sultanate. It will be necessary to shoot any crowd from machine guns, with the most democratic bullets. There is not Russia and Ukraine until 2014, there is Europe, which is strong in traditions of animal husbandry and atrocities. Announced killed by terrorists and all "democratic traditions" are respected.
          1. megavolt823
            megavolt823 17 November 2017 11: 58
            clicked on the star. I completely agree . but there is one but. maybe we don’t quite understand why they are doing this? affect the Middle East - this affects the price of oil and gas. potentially squeeze possible allies of Russia or China. geopolitics. it is clear . why do they need millions of diasporas? fools? do not know what they are doing? repent? I don’t believe in it. repeat but that's when a project with ISIS started in Syria. it turned out that many leading posts in the igil were occupied by immigrants from Europe but the origin is Middle Eastern or Arab. something it reminds me of a project of the USSR (Comintern). I often see how many people joke about this topic. warn the Europeans. but I think that they all weighed. all counted. hi maybe we should be warned?
            1. polpot
              polpot 18 November 2017 02: 17
              This is not a Soviet project, if I may say so, but a Masonic one with elements of Trotskyism.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 November 2017 06: 55
    ... in any case, even in the geyrop, they experience all the "charms" of the Maidan in their own skin !!!!!! bully
  3. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 17 November 2017 07: 58
    oh, no one will allow in the west to carry out any Maidan - so many policemen with water cannons, gas and trauma (and just in case combat) will quickly arrive that in an hour or two any "maidan" will be blown to dust. in Europe there are no Yanukovychs in power.
    out in Catalonia, the Boschs took a break, they all condemned all this a bit (about 5 days) and had already forgotten. Maidans seem to them in Europe - ridiculous.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 17 November 2017 10: 51
      Quote: K0
      out in Catalonia, the Boschs took a break, they all condemned all this a bit (about 5 days) and had already forgotten.

      But what if the protests of the Muslim community had been done there? Are you sure that everything died out just as quickly?
      Remember France in 2005, without any leadership center, they raged for more than two weeks, died and hundreds of wounded among police and firefighters, burned five thousand cars in one night ...

      And you say "no one will allow" ... Do you think they will ask?
      1. Cxnumx
        Cxnumx 17 November 2017 11: 06
        Quote: Spade
        But what if the protests of the Muslim community had been done there? Are you sure that everything died out just as quickly?

        sure. if there is no need for emigrants (and now she is no longer there), it says "Muslims incite to terrorism," and then the crowd of white nationalists also join the crowd of policemen.
        Quote: Spade
        Remember France in 2005, without any leadership center, they raged for more than two weeks, died and hundreds of wounded among police and firefighters, burned five thousand cars in one night ...
        and? what result? Yes, nothing has changed. it’s just when the authorities got tired of confessing - they introduced an emergency, called on the reservists, allowed the police to use weapons, and began to throw out the detained illegal immigrants from the country. all. the rebels came to their senses very quickly. Monday November 7, the first and only victim of the riots, Jean-Jacques Le Chenadec, 60, who was in a coma for the last three days, died in hospital from injuries last week when he was attacked by a group of young people friday.
        and now, in the wake of the terrorist attacks, in France, no one will wrinkle bread for a long time.
  4. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 17 November 2017 09: 39
    The proportion of Muslims is especially high in such cities as Amsterdam (14%), Antwerp (16,9%), Brussels (up to 25%), Birmingham (26,9%), Marseille (25%), Stockholm (20%), Cologne (12%).
    And in our large cities this percentage is not less, and even the majority are illegal, so it’s not known where the Muslim Maidan will blaze first
    1. rvRomanoff
      rvRomanoff 17 November 2017 10: 59
      It may be customary in our country to call these citizens an insulting word in the letter H, but they are not really like that, in order to Maidan. And Russia, so far, is far from Europe.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 17 November 2017 12: 03
        well, for some Burmese Rahinja, in Moscow, they immediately organized a rally - like the genocide of Muslims!
        1. rvRomanoff
          rvRomanoff 17 November 2017 13: 41
          Yes, they did. How did he go and how did it end? That's right. No way - for an ordinary outside observer. Well, what conclusions did the authorities and special services draw from this, it was given to not everyone (or not only everyone) to find out.
  5. lukewarm
    lukewarm 17 November 2017 14: 12
    Sow the wind - reap the storm. A well-fed homo-Europe has long earned something like that. Therefore, there is some kind of gloating, especially: the capital of NATO. And so in the article everything is laid out on the shelves. There is only one disappointing conclusion: it seems that this is all one of the laws of the “new” life and not a single country is really immune from this. The only question is the buildup from the outside. Let's just say that in the near future the United States will not touch the nearest satellites.
  6. gladcu2
    gladcu2 17 November 2017 22: 14
    Thanks to the author.

    Recently, the film was first shown with a similar scenario.

    Slowly people are taught to understand the meaning of events, at least in Russia.

    All problems from the economic system. It is known that the crisis of Capitalism is being resolved by military operations. But at present, technology makes it possible not to come to a direct clash of countries.

    It is enough to make robbery and terror as described by the author.

    Somewhere I heard the numbers that 2 terrorists are enough to destabilize a 2000 million city.
  7. Shurale
    Shurale 19 November 2017 08: 33
    The author of a demagogue of the eightieth level ... He would be abandoned to our overseas "friends" ...
  8. skaramaks27
    skaramaks27 21 November 2017 14: 17
    it ONE so far "condemn and do not accept" The time will come when the intolerant policeman with full pleasure will unload the entire clip in such a snout