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Jacob Kedmi is perplexed: Why did Russia not bomb the militant columns?

An Israeli political expert, the former head of the Nativ secret service, Yakov Kedmi, commented on yesterday’s statements by the Russian Defense Ministry about US support for ISIS militants. Kedmi wonders why Russia presented pictures of huge columns of militants leaving Abu Kemal, but did not try to destroy these columns, allowing the terrorists to leave. The expert recalls that we are talking about the militants of the so-called Islamic state, and not about the armed Syrian opposition.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 15 November 2017 16: 27
    I absolutely agree with Kedmi on this issue: why didn’t the columns of militants break? They were so sure of safety that they did not even disguise themselves! What is it? The mistake of the bureaucratic machine or the fear of the striped?
    1. Leonidovich
      Leonidovich 15 November 2017 17: 10
      I fully agree with you!
    2. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 15 November 2017 19: 40
      and Dashout Today, 16:27. Fear of losing your grandmother! Your property in the west.
      1. Lex.
        Lex. 16 November 2017 15: 11
        What fear there is no fear in Syria they were not afraid to enter
      2. Vanych
        Vanych 17 November 2017 13: 59
        this is more like the truth
    3. kola3d
      kola3d 17 November 2017 14: 29
      Because there are so-called zones of influence for which the USA is responsible and flights of aircraft strictly in these zones in order to avoid conflicts between Russia and the USA
  2. forty-eighth
    forty-eighth 15 November 2017 16: 57
    Because these were screenshots from a video game.
    Peskov said at a press conference today that there are errors, and there’s nothing wrong with the fact that the RF Ministry of Defense is slipping linden.
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 16 November 2017 05: 50
      Quote: forty-eighth
      it’s okay that the RF Ministry of Defense is planting a linden, no

      I also think so, only linden needs to be done better - it was spread too quickly. there is still something to learn from the "helmets."
    2. zulusuluz
      zulusuluz 16 November 2017 18: 49
      So, in addition to this, it was said that Russian drones were "not allowed" into the zone by electronic warfare equipment. How then could show frames with cars? Or bomb without target designation?
    3. co-creator
      co-creator 16 November 2017 20: 28
      Quote: forty-eighth
      Because these were screenshots from a video game.
      Peskov said at a press conference today that there are errors, and there’s nothing wrong with the fact that the RF Ministry of Defense is slipping linden.

      and what did he have to say? Lipo and the pentagon suval and nothing. There is another question. We blame the Americans for releasing ISIS, while they themselves did the same in essence.
  3. MaksoMelan
    MaksoMelan 15 November 2017 17: 07
    Photos may be fake! But were the columns themselves or not? Or is it a diversion?
  4. Dead duck
    Dead duck 15 November 2017 17: 10
    Jacob Kedmi is perplexed: Why did Russia not bomb the militant columns?

    Because real planes cannot bomb computers and tanks! ...
    but seriously ... then Russia itself is ... confused ... what
  5. tractor driver
    tractor driver 15 November 2017 17: 33
    - What if a tiger attacked my mother-in-law?
    - He attacked himself - even let him fight back.

    The USA itself brought out terrorists - even let them get smashed with them ...
    In addition, the Russian Federation has a chance to back up its FI with regard to aiding terrorists from the United States with captured witnesses for the new Nuremberg. Why help the US destroy witnesses? smile
    1. Solvedor
      Solvedor 16 November 2017 15: 14
      yeah. will not. first militants will go to war to Libya, and then to Europe and Russia am
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 15 November 2017 18: 32
    [quote = tractor driver] - What if a tiger attacked my mother-in-law?
    - He attacked himself - even let him fight back.

    [quote] The United States led the terrorists themselves - even let them get smashed with them ... [/ quote]

    Dear tractor driver, it is not for this that the Fashington macaques bring ISIS out of the fire of terrorists. The Kurds will take their place in the project to destroy Syria as a sovereign state. And they will transfer terrorists through Afghanistan to Central Asia. I would venture to suggest that the first victims will be the poor Tajikistan (drug trafficking) and Turkmenistan (gas and not only) Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (if I am not mistaken, there were the main sources of uranium in the post-war USSR, and not only uranium, more hydrocarbons and much more, judging by textbook and atlas on economic geography for the 8th grade of my distant Soviet school childhood).
  7. Fedya2017
    Fedya2017 15 November 2017 19: 13
    Why didn’t Russia bomb the insurgent convoys? Someone did not give the order ... And then he decided to use it for propaganda purposes. It. if at all a fact took place to be ...
  8. Radikal
    Radikal 15 November 2017 21: 01
    Quote: Bumblebee_3
    and Dashout Today, 16:27. Fear of losing your grandmother! Your property in the west.

    yes good
  9. Thompson
    Thompson 16 November 2017 08: 26
    Oh, how happy they were!
    There was already confirmation, then the pictures were not posted! Understood. Now laid out TE!
    And Kedmi is right.
  10. Platov
    Platov 16 November 2017 09: 37
    Kedmi is a very smart guy. I often listen to his speeches. Our ministers need to take themselves as advisers: Solovyov to the Foreign Ministry to Lavrov, and Kedmi to Shoigu. bully Maybe ours will finally begin to act as a small but proud Israel laughing Sometimes it seems that our politicians do not believe in their own strength ... Everything looks like in ordinary life on the example of the situation on the street - One type and the other in the face or just morally humiliated, but she suffered the offended one tells passers-by that it is true and a villain someday it will be rewarded ... After all, he is right, and so on. So !!! ----- Tell me dear friends and just good people, that’s why I need to be right but patient? Maybe it's time to believe in your strengths and convey to others. In this situation, why listen to someone ... destroy, and then talk. There are no words at all with Donbass. How can you just look at these things. Yes, after the first week of shelling, Poroshenko would be taken from Kiev to Moscow to the COURT for legs tied to the tank tied. And the whole company of him ... Forgive me for having written so much)))) Well, it’s boiling, I swear. Ugh !!!
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 16 November 2017 10: 00
      Quote: Platov
      Our ministers need to take as their advisers: Solovyov to the Foreign Ministry to Lavrov ...

      Why is this impudent yap in the Foreign Ministry? Safronenkov enough, diplomat from the gateway, damn it negative
      Quote: Platov
      Maybe ours will finally begin to act as a small but proud Israel

      For the "small and proud" - the United States. And Israel butts with Arabs mainly, which on a global scale - no one calls.
      The situation in the Russian Federation ... is somewhat different, don’t you?
    2. Vladimir Gladkikh
      Vladimir Gladkikh 17 November 2017 23: 00
      I am for, it's time
    3. Andryukha G
      Andryukha G 24 November 2017 20: 43
      “Small and proud” Israel has behind it all the power - the material and financial USA.
  11. Alexander S
    Alexander S 16 November 2017 10: 27
    Russia didn’t climb into it for that, it has other goals, it’s necessary to understand.
  12. kontrabas1999
    kontrabas1999 16 November 2017 10: 52
    to destroy everyone so clean under the hood of the Americans, but no way to beat the show off!
    1. alexddd
      alexddd 16 November 2017 12: 38
      Today fucked up. Probably Vladimirovich read our forum, I realized that it was necessary differently and falcons flew to TU 22 laughing
      "The targets for the defeat were strongholds, clusters of manpower and armored vehicles of terrorists.
      Six Russian Tu-22M3 bombers launched a group air strike on ISIS * militants in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Abu Kemal. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

      It is noted that the targets for the defeat were strongholds, accumulations of manpower and armored vehicles of terrorists. "
      1. alexddd
        alexddd 16 November 2017 12: 43
        I think that the tactics are correct-1. showed the whole world that the US does not bomb ISIS. 2. They asked the United States to bomb, 3. They received a ridiculous answer that they would not bomb for ridiculous reasons 4. "Attention prepared?" as the respected Zadornov said. Now get it. And this is not looking at the position of the United States. Well, at least something pleases in foreign policy.
        1. perm23
          perm23 19 November 2017 15: 05
          If they had bombed. The United States and the whole West screamed that they bombed a column of Syrian civilians.
  13. Ray Rinov
    Ray Rinov 16 November 2017 11: 37
    He asked himself why they didn’t bomb, and he answered that it would be beneficial for the Americans to bomb the Ishilovites and not be able to talk about cooperation with the CIA. Like the United States, perhaps they wanted to strip their performers with Russian planes? Maybe this is the answer?
  14. Meshchersky
    Meshchersky 16 November 2017 13: 27
    Yasha is gorgeous.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. loaln
    loaln 16 November 2017 15: 25
    Someone always interferes with a dancer, and even with other people's music.
  17. myobius59
    myobius59 16 November 2017 15: 44
    Moderator, why are you, a dog, a Jewish henchman deleted my comment! WHY DOES JUDAH CAN PLEASE US ABOUT THIS, AND WE CAN NOT ANSWER. ?
    1. myobius59
      myobius59 16 November 2017 17: 41
      Moderator, ban IT already. ALWAYS. I will re-register, so that He would no longer send such comments from my address.
  18. AlexTrex
    AlexTrex 16 November 2017 19: 53
    I agree, you can’t be weak. Everyone begins to learn the weak, you don’t stand that way, you don’t sit like that, in short you are down, you are to blame and you owe a lot. But it’s a strange thing, as soon as you give the magical “pendal” (snickering cattle, oh ..... mu from your impunity, and frightening all the small fry) you immediately become smart, handsome, and so he needs it!
    PS Let's appreciate our friends, Russia (as history has shown) has only three friends: Army, Navy and ..... VKS !!! And to all the other "friends" we will say thanks (there are still many mistakes, but we are learning fast) for making us STRONGER! Thank you for teaching us to trade and not to give away, for understanding that there are no brothers forever, but there are opportunistic and economic interests (you will give), for the development of the agricultural industry, for the development of the military-industrial complex and industry, but the most important thing is that you teach not to rely on anyone and not on whom not to depend.
  19. Squint
    Squint 16 November 2017 19: 56
    Militants have previously been taken out of the cities of Syria. By destroying them at the exit of the city, they could get the hysteria of the West to destroy the militants, who supposedly "had already" surrendered to the western coalition. And the truth about the joint actions of the Ishilovites with the United States would disappear. Yes, here and in the media immediately there were all the same allegations (as a clue about the fate prepared for us) that the Ishilovites would be "met in the desert" anyway ... Such actions revealed the true "face" of the United States to its own Ishilovites. I respect Kedmi, but it’s worth adding that as smart as he is, he’s so cunning. Well ... as it befits to be a dual policy of a "dual" Israel ... Can anyone say for sure how many true funds the Israelis keep in the US? Does it mean anything?
  20. Valery Saitov
    Valery Saitov 17 November 2017 10: 50
    “Six long-range Tu-22M3 bombers, taking off from Russia, flying over Iran and Iraq, delivered a group air strike on IG * terrorists in the area of ​​the city of Abu Kamal,” the Defense Ministry reported to RIA Novosti.
    The goals of the aircraft this time were clusters of manpower, armored vehicles and strongholds of terrorists. Controls recorded the destruction of targets.
    Tu-22M3 aircraft operated under the cover of Su-30SM fighters from the Khmeimim airfield. After the bombing, the planes returned to Russia.
  21. lbuket
    lbuket 17 November 2017 18: 52
    A strange story that ours just missed a column of militants.
    I am sure Shoigu will figure it out.
  22. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 17 November 2017 20: 58
    When I first reported the situation, I also had this question! Smeared again snot ?!
  23. DPN
    DPN 17 November 2017 22: 19
    Jacob is right, but what happened when Palmyra had to take a second time.?
    First, a concert for the whole world, and then the surrender of the city.
  24. Alexander Prikhodko
    Alexander Prikhodko 18 November 2017 16: 01
    must bomb everyone regardless of uniform
  25. Vladimir 2017
    Vladimir 2017 18 November 2017 17: 41
    Also asked this question.
  26. sslavca
    sslavca 19 November 2017 17: 28
    The Russians knew that the convoy was full of Americans and was somehow warned like that. Help to dunk the baboons, and those in response, we didn’t understand anything, where, who .... (I think who should understand everything)
  27. Macross
    Macross 20 November 2017 13: 15
    Campaign Kedmi does not understand that the United States has an air defense system, and many other means. Secondly, there is a stone's throw to Iraq, and this is already a foreign state! We did not have an agreement with them.
  28. Pacifist
    Pacifist 20 November 2017 15: 26
    Why? Yes, because this coalition gop team has done everything in the best tradition of exceptional, mixed militants among the peacekeeper and transports with weapons among the buses. Hit the column, you get the corpses of civilians and universal howl.
  29. eugraphus
    eugraphus 2 December 2017 04: 39
    In the DPR, Russian military advisers leave a very sad picture. In words and on the cards - the gods of war, and in many situations they are lost to trembling in the body. Absolutely do not want to take on any responsibility. For each sneeze, endless coordination begins. And the main behavior - it can somehow resolve itself. In Syria, a warrior is also likely to have such grief. Hence the miscalculations.