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"BBC": There was a secret deal to exit the Ishilovites from Syrian Raqqa

Attracts attention to the frank cooperation of the USA and Britain with ISIS terrorists (* prohibited in Russia). To the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about the actual refusal of the American coalition troops to strike at the militants of the so-called Islamic State (*) in the Abu Kemal area, the BBC publication looks quite remarkable.

In the material of the British media, it is told that the United States and Britain were well aware of the conclusion by the so-called Syrian Democratic Union of a deal with terrorists of a pseudo-caliph in the Raqqi area. Recall that at that time hundreds of ISIL militants (*) were able to quietly leave the city, taking at the same time their own weapons, as well as ammunition. The deal by Washington and London was supported.

In the material "BBC" reported that took place and the export of foreign mercenaries. Recall that when this information appeared in the Russian media, in the West, it was called a fake. Now they write about it in Britain itself.

"BBC": There was a secret deal to exit the Ishilovites from Syrian Raqqa

"BBC" refers to one of the drivers of the convoy. His name is Abu Fazi, who, as he himself reports, decided to take part in the removal of the militants, as he was promised a substantial monetary reward.

The article says that the column of militants from Raqqi stretched for about 7 km. It moved about fifty trucks, 13 buses and hundreds of pickups.

Representatives of the international coalition admit that they participated in the conclusion of this transaction. As a result, 250 igilovtsy and their families left Rakka.

This gives another reason to ask the question: if the militants were calmly allowed to go out, what was the effectiveness of carrying out the Raqqa carpet bombing campaign, which by that moment was actually abandoned by the main militant groups? Replace all traces? ..
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  1. destination
    destination 14 November 2017 15: 03
    The secret of the General is revealed ... laughing laughing laughing So that no one guessed !!!
    INVESTOR 14 November 2017 15: 06
    Why not use the latest secret weapons?
    1. starogil
      starogil 14 November 2017 15: 50
      The Israelis were already used, in Haifa, in 1939.
  3. Altona
    Altona 14 November 2017 15: 06
    Even the Western media themselves are surprised at the double standards of their authorities. In the United States, some publications condemned the actions of authorities to recognize RT as a foreign agent, saying that the reader, listener or viewer themselves have the right to determine what is information and what is propaganda.
  4. Dezinto
    Dezinto 14 November 2017 15: 08
    Secret of the General
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 14 November 2017 15: 11
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Secret of the General

      For us, yes. But not for the western man in the street.
      1. Going
        Going 14 November 2017 15: 27
        Moreover, the BBS itself said, it’s for sure that something went wrong in their offices.
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 14 November 2017 15: 31
          I really want to believe that a wave of such revelations will increase in the Western media. yes
          1. Going
            Going 14 November 2017 15: 38
            But I’m somehow afraid of their health.
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 14 November 2017 15: 46
              It's you in vain - you read somehow that many local magazines keep such information bombs in bank safes (which they will open only after their death), that they don’t call this an “insurance policy”.
              1. Going
                Going 14 November 2017 15: 55
                Now I will worry about safes along with banks laughing and if they seriously took out all those zhurnalyug who were 30 years ago, and now only engaged people are allowed to "air".
                1. Jedi
                  Jedi 14 November 2017 16: 06
                  But even with all the bias of the Western media, this goes on the air, so my hopes for the growth of such publications are not unfounded.
                  1. Going
                    Going 14 November 2017 16: 11
                    I would like to believe that it will be so, because there was a tear between the US and Europe.
                    1. _Jack_
                      _Jack_ 14 November 2017 16: 22
                      A tear may be between equals, between the master and vassals this is called disobedience and is severely punished. Europe has long been firmly under the states.
      2. Warrior with machine gun
        Warrior with machine gun 14 November 2017 16: 20
        Good afternoon, Maxim, so this is the Western coalition in action, or carpet bombing of cities (writing off the spent budget), or the evacuation of these religious geeks (so that the gimmick does not end), but it’s really possible for the western inhabitant to only do so if these bastards are exported to Europe to them in the courtyards to the threshold, the rest is yes hi
        1. Jedi
          Jedi 14 November 2017 16: 29
          Eugene, good to see! hi Moreover, the leader of this coalition does not care about the costs. And the fact that the exported barmalei will flood Europe with blood is even beneficial for them: less unity and more panic - it is easier to impose your will.
          1. Warrior with machine gun
            Warrior with machine gun 14 November 2017 16: 33
            I’m mutually glad to see, I jumped home for a couple of minutes before starting)) based on all of the above, we must try to return the thrown embers to them ourselves, and there are options, we’ll have a shot at the states every month; they will blame us anyway.
            1. Jedi
              Jedi 15 November 2017 08: 38
              Well, yes, if the United States fully tastes everything that they have prepared for Europe, it may come to its senses. Or maybe not - in achieving their goals they are extremely illegible in methods and may simply not pay attention to sawing the branch on which they sit.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 14 November 2017 16: 09
    From Aleppo, all the militants were released in Idlib.
    I don’t remember that there was indignation about this.
    Assad’s army is constantly making such deals: in Homs, Hama.
    Hezbollah released ISIS from a boiler near Lebanon
    borders. And they drove freely in a convoy throughout Syria to Iraq.
    1. GRF
      GRF 14 November 2017 16: 54
      Even with complete similarity, the actions of the country's army and interventionists are different, a nuance, however ...
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 14 November 2017 17: 29
        Call the Syrian Kurds interventionists ...? they are the same Syrian
        citizens, like army soldiers. And just like the soldiers, they want to win
        radical Islamists, but do not die in vain.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 14 November 2017 19: 10
          Quote: voyaka uh
          voyaka uh

          Hey. Well, it’s as if the Soviet Army would have passed by Majdanek, Auschwitz and hundreds of other camps (it would have fought with the enemy, but why die in vain). If he is an enemy, then beat him in any situation, and if not beaten, then he is a partner.
  6. Livonetc
    Livonetc 14 November 2017 17: 23
    Quote: GRF
    Even with complete similarity, the actions of the country's army and interventionists are different, a nuance, however ...

    And one more thing.
    Actions to save the lives of civilians by traveling arrangements with bandits in cases with the Syrian government were openly transparent.
    There was an online broadcast.
    Vehicles were allocated for the families of illegal armed groups and security was guaranteed.
    In the event of the collusion of the interventionists with the terrorists, everything happened secretly, and the capture of Raqqa was carried out by barbaric methods, despite the losses among civilians and the total destruction of infrastructure.
    Yankees with needles go tu nafig!

    Well, for a snack.
    Russia provides full-scale humanitarian assistance to the affected citizens of Syria.
    The Westerners and the coalition distribute only bombs on their heads.
    Rednecks are filthy!
  7. padded jacket
    padded jacket 14 November 2017 19: 22
    The United States concluded a secret deal to evacuate fighters from Raqqa
  8. Fedya2017
    Fedya2017 14 November 2017 19: 38
    As for the new statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the export of Igilovites from Abu Kemal by the Americans, the Russian Defense Ministry lied ... The footage shown as evidence turned out to be part of a computer game and part of 2016. filmed elsewhere. As soon as a revelation from ordinary users from around the world appeared on the Internet, the Russian Ministry of Defense removed its "undeniable evidence" ... You can congratulate Shoigu on yet another blunder! How many have already been ... Who cares, there is a link
    l Doubters can google themselves.
  9. Sergey53
    Sergey53 14 November 2017 20: 18
    By the gestures of the mattresses, this was already evident.