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Sexual harassment: an old bludgeon - a new scale

Literally before our eyes, these days, the old information club for objectionable, but held political and public figures acquires a new power. The sex scandal around Harvey Weinstein is not only gaining momentum, but is transforming into a whole movement, clearly resembling a witch hunt in the best traditions of McCarthyism.

It would seem, where is politics? The storm so far only hurt the bohemian party of Hollywood and walked through Harvey, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Steven Seagal (yes, the old blockbuster got the nuts), but it was not there. Naturally, these names are better known in our area, because they appeared in the media. But ... A hurricane called “I remembered an unpleasant gaze” carried away citizens more influential in the US, but less well known in our country. At the moment, Michael Oreske, who once held a senior position at National Public Radio and was previously the editor of The New York Times, resigned after three young ladies "remembered" about his unsuccessful experience of seducing them. Together with Michael, a dozen of journalists and correspondents of different levels flew into the informational settler. And every single one was washed away with the same wave as the poor Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein in the company of his victims

When this tsunami reaches politicians, it remains a matter of time. And it came. In early November of this year, Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover (Republican) was forced to resign. No, no rape was observed behind Jeff’s back; “improper” text messages were cited as charges. In general, everything that fits in the trend word harrament. And now, if this ephemeral idiom appears next to your last name - just hold on. By the way, Hoover himself 10 November, after the harassment unfolded in the media, without hesitation, grabbed his heart and went to the hospital. So, if in the most democratic states of America there are suddenly quite real dead from the “fight against sexual harassment,” I personally would not be surprised.

But the old club continues to grow heavy, gaining new proportions. It seems to be far further? But, apparently, too for many, this tool is extremely important. 12 November in Hollywood passed a mass march against sexual violence under the slogan "I, too!" (Or "me too," following their logic). Their support for the street get-together was expressed by the famous lady of philistine brains Oprah Winfrey, charming assistant of “Leon” Natalie Portman, producer Katie Shulman and a dozen more characters of different caliber. On the one hand there is nothing surprising. In a country in which participants in a political rally against the president wear caps in the form of female genitalia, and this is not possible. However, for the maximum “grace” of the picture, the march participants dragged along with them even 4-year-old children, of which they were blatantly proud, and attached to the children who did not understand the tablet - “me too”.

Sexual harassment: an old bludgeon - a new scale

In addition, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which in California has already announced the development of a "code of conduct". And the “initiative group” of the citizens most concerned with the “problem” (the same Oprah, Natalie and blonde Reese Witherspoon) decided to create a kind of “action plan” to combat sexual harassment, as they themselves recognized, in various spheres of human of life. What does the tillage field for a wide variety of speculations.

Of course, the tendentious Western media did not stand aside. Each new round of scandal sucking in an increasing number of people is covered in detail in NBC, in USA Today, in The New York Times, and even in the British Daily Mail, which vividly adopted the advanced experience of American colleagues in the promotion of information and political tool, now a new formation.
For example, The New York Times has already asserted itself in the field of “combating sexual harassment”, having laid out a list of the “accused” in chronological order with a detailed certificate of professional activities and photographs. Lacked unless the home address of citizens and directions. A kind of “black list” appeared in the lustration style of our Ukrainian friends.

The social movement of feminists, which has become a social marasmus, the invariable fighting unit of any Western "movement"

And all this is happening against the background of how the next batch of citizens who left the coma recall their experience of sexual harassment by long-playing Harvey Weinstein. At the same time, the question is already about a specific criminal prosecution of a famous producer, although the temporal limitation of what happened, which erases all possible evidence, can only compete with the difference in age between the “victims” that appear (one of them has already exceeded fifty dollars).

It seems that this vulgar scandal should not have lasted longer than a week, but no. The New York Times continues to publish the lists of “raped” Harvey with all the details with tremendous perseverance, keeping the trend afloat, as if the time of the main attack has not yet come.

If we look at this whole situation that seems to us surrealism in Russia, then the clear modus operandi of our Western friends will become clear. The method of fully-fledged repression against the objectionable, hidden under the guise of public anger and civic initiative, has been used for a long time. For example, it is worth unwinding a film stories back, as we shall see, the stigma "communist" knocked out more than one hundred people from the saddle. At the same time, the more the flywheel of the scandal will involve people, the easier it will be to remove a very specific goal that you simply will not notice during this kind of shooting at the squares. Who can answer how many citizens and citizens will improve their well-being and clear the career ladder with this club?

It would seem, why so much to increase the mass of the baton called "harassment". She worked well before. After all, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was trying to take the European economy out of the American loop, shocked him with such baton so that he could not wake up. Well, firstly, the powder must be kept dry. Secondly, the massive use of the old baton completely devalued the price of evidence. In order to bring down the obstinate opponent, the presence of the “victim” who has come to his senses many years later is enough.

The main thing is that this crystallized principle of action (no matter what acts as a baton) is also applied in international relations, with complete silence of the so-called public. Recall at least the situation with WADA and the omnipresent dope. It is time to understand that to count on the adequacy, willingness to compromise and the reaction of the very public is not necessary.

Left "victim of harassment", the right accused - not to confuse

Therefore, I am quite surprised why, against the background of the demonization of everything and everyone in Russia, some migrant young lady, waking from a multi-year sclerotic comatose, did not accuse Vladimir Putin of inappropriate stroking her knee in the distant 80 year. Although it is not over yet ... For example, the former FIFA president Joseph Blatter has already received his portion of “memories” from the American footballer Hope Solo.
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  1. Altona
    Altona 15 November 2017 15: 38

    This is all right. The world famous scientist Stephen Hawking, who is almost completely immobilized, was accused of "sexual harassment". Any asshole habalk from these "sex-harrassment worried about" problems will crush this physically wretched man with his thighs and barely sit on his primary sexual attribute (I doubt that he has a worker).
    1. Varyag_0711
      Varyag_0711 15 November 2017 15: 46
      Why are you all surprised. The principle of "nothing personal just business" has not been canceled. So something else will be. Now it becomes clear why in the West as a whole there are so many buggers. Because, firstly, women became worse than men, both externally and internally. Secondly, any attempt to get acquainted with the opposite sex can lead either to a wallet relief, or even to a bunk.
      In this situation, in the West, children will soon cease to give birth at all and will either be taken out of test tubes or simply made robots.
      1. tracer
        tracer 15 November 2017 17: 11
        I think you're right, but only partly. This is a whole business, a whole industry of taking money from those who have it or have had it and simply take it. This is legalized robbery through a network of lawyers and judging based on case law. So, any purse of any age is enough to point a finger and say it with a look that harassed me all this confession of guilt of the victim automatically. I'm not joking, yesterday I heard on the radio that a special commission and mobile units (policemen patrol cars with lawyers accused immediately) were being created in Texas for immediate support to the victims of the harassment. Automation of production ..
        1. Evdokim
          Evdokim 15 November 2017 17: 51
          Quote: tracer
          This is legalized robbery through a network of lawyers and judging based on case law.

          Women with money, newspapers, TV, other media, too, with income. People is fun. laughing
          1. just exp
            just exp 19 November 2017 14: 16
            white straight men there scribe.
            they have no rights other than the right to be robbed.
            everyone else has at least a fifth point chew.
        2. tracer
          tracer 15 November 2017 19: 31
          I forgot to mention the developed network of private democratic prisons where convicts plow in three shifts for a dollar a day, and if you're lucky, then 2. And they really need new slaves. Unfortunately, this is not a joke either. If get get an extra 30 - 50 thousand dodlars for lawyers in order to cover up the case with an idesh in jail, and then most if not all of those who did not have enough money will pay off. Yes, it would be disgusting with this that shit in Russia raises its head. Democracy is the legalized lifelong slavery for the poor in essence.
          1. just exp
            just exp 19 November 2017 14: 17
            but about this, even entire programs have already been shot, as in the West they legitimize a new type of slavery.
            and this is prison slavery into which the population will be driven.
            that is, they will not be slaves because they have done something, but because they will specially enact laws so that a large part of people would be forced to violate them.
            and this will give the slave owners new slaves.
        3. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 15 November 2017 21: 41
          Quote: tracer
          This is a whole business, a whole industry of taking money from those who have it or have had it and simply take it.

          The finale will be sad .... Men will stop making compliments to women, giving ambiguous hints. The Victorian era will be the era of harassment. Communication between the sexes is already so documented and lined with flags that the "third gender" is flourishing. And violent color.
          1. Irbenwolf
            Irbenwolf 17 November 2017 08: 52
            In the west, they will no longer pay attention to women. Photographic hygiene dolls have already been invented - they will soon learn how to revive. For the most desperate - homosexual. They will die out a little - they will introduce "gifts for the Fuhrer" and other positive laws.

            On the other hand, the conditional Abdullah does not ask - he takes it.
            1. just exp
              just exp 19 November 2017 18: 56
              So this is the goal to free the bed of a white woman from a white man for Abduly.
              they destroy the white race as a phenomenon.
              the white population of the planet 500 years ago was under 30%, now it is less than 8mi.
          2. just exp
            just exp 19 November 2017 14: 20
            I would have scored on this whole thing and started to provoke men to start bap (those who accuse men) also started to accuse of harassment.
            What goes around comes around .
            and by the way, as soon as such women get married or even lead a man to themselves, then also sue them for discrimination on the basis of sex, they took courtship of another man, and if they do not provide evidence in court that this man (husband or just a guy) molested her without harassment, vulgar hints and other things. then put them in jail.
        4. Sunjar
          Sunjar 17 November 2017 10: 11
          I alone saw that this is a trick thrown from the side of Trump? The same Hollywood barked and yelled at him very loudly. Get a return and sign. Well, the anti-Trump magazines also came under the distribution. Here, some will say, they say, so some republicans also fell under the distribution. So not all Republicans are for Trump, and in general are pure angels. Only apparently the hearts of the Republicans are much smaller than pesky men.

          In general, in the West it will be necessary soon before approaching Madame, sending in lawyers, issuing legally that the man is asking for permission to tackle, pat on the knee, hug at the waist, grab at the ass, kiss and at the end of entering his penis into the genitals Madame laughing
          1. just exp
            just exp 19 November 2017 14: 52
            the same thought was, but on the other hand. accusations went from the same Hollywood.
    2. antivirus
      antivirus 17 November 2017 08: 39
      For example, former FIFA President Joseph Blatter has already received his portion of “memories” from the American football player Hope Solo.

      - if this Hope Solo is in the photo, THEN THE PROBLEM IS “HOW WOULD LIKE TO FIGHT WITH BABA, YES BEAR ON ... T” - spiritually strong men in the West. if they cope with such (- were)

      Another way to unite is to create a nation. The constant influx of immigrants requires their coding and previously arrived to tone up.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 15 November 2017 15: 46
    some migrant young lady, waking up from years of sclerotic coma, did not accuse Vladimir Putin of inappropriate stroking his knee in the distant 80th year.

    Why are you ... on the contrary, the young lady harassed and in public ... barely saved our guarantor from sexual violence on her part.
    and on the back she also wrote an indecent word with an invitation ... a pervert in one word ... the GDP should have been dragged through our courts with a decent suit.

  3. gladcu2
    gladcu2 15 November 2017 19: 10
    Hope Solo, can be translated as the hope of "organist".

    Correctly, the author found the expression - "social insanity".
  4. iouris
    iouris 16 November 2017 01: 11
    There is no sex in the USA.
    1. tracer
      tracer 16 November 2017 04: 19
      For money, you can have any lawyer directly in court and a judge to fuck ... There is a sekas but for the money ..
  5. ava09
    ava09 16 November 2017 05: 36

    (c) On the left is “the victim of harassment”, on the right the accused - as if not to confuse (c)
    Do not worry, they have long been mixed up, now the next stage is going on - confusing the most common Sense. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain these pictures.
  6. Sars
    Sars 16 November 2017 11: 01
    Weinstein now has to make a documentary series: “I (Weinstein) and my victims (all the victims are genuine, ready to humiliate again for the sake of art).
    1. iouris
      iouris 16 November 2017 23: 04
      Weinstein is not valuable to mother history. This whole story is imprisoned under Trump.
      1. gaura
        gaura 17 November 2017 09: 27
        Rather, under Clinton. This campaign was sponsored by Weinstein, and Clintonsha immediately said that she would transfer all his money to charity. She was frightened and very uneasy was afraid that the monster that she had raised, including she, would now devour her
        1. iouris
          iouris 18 November 2017 12: 47
          Rather, under Trump. Hillary returned the money, and Weinshane got her mouth shut and used as intended.
          1. gaura
            gaura 20 November 2017 05: 20
            Well, what does Trump have to do with it? Clinton realized that a shell was flying into her garden that would tear her, so she quickly fussed with a refund. And what about Trump here? Or, as in a bad detective, a killer butler and all?
        2. just exp
          just exp 19 November 2017 14: 22
          but this moment can be discussed in more detail, because I’m somehow wondering what kind of power began to inflate this story, and whom it wants and what to throw out of.
          1. gaura
            gaura 20 November 2017 05: 24
            We can only guess what power this started. It is important that after the first statements against Weinstein, it turned out that he allocated money for the Clinton campaign, which immediately made a statement that he did not know how bad he was. And she promised to transfer the money to charity. I don’t know who else was removed there during this hysteria.