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RF will supply more than $ 13 billion worth of weapons for export this year

RF will supply more than $ 13 billion worth of weapons for export this yearRIA News. Russia in 2012 will exceed last year’s level of supplies of arms to foreign customers, Alexander Fomin, first deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, told reporters.

“The plan we have put is slightly higher than the volume we made over the past year - it’s over 13 billion dollars. And I think we’ll fulfill it,” said Fomin, who heads the official Russian delegation at the 17 international military and military exhibition. aerospace technology FIDAE-2012, taking place in Santiago (Chile) from March 27 to April 1.

Speaking about some reduction in the portfolio of orders for military-technical cooperation, Fomin noted that this situation was predicted and there was nothing terrible about it.

"I can not say that now the situation is catastrophic, but a certain slowdown in the growth of the portfolio of orders today for the first two or three months of the current year in comparison with the dynamics of the 2011 of the year can be fixed. Nevertheless, there is nothing too dramatic about this," said Fomin.

The portfolio of orders, he noted, as a rule, includes obligations under already signed contracts, but for one reason or another they are not always completely fulfilled.

One way or another, Fomin noted, at present everything is quite predictable, including the pace of filling the order book.

“We predicted some time ago its stabilization, slowdown and growth. And while I see no reason for concern,” concluded Fomin.
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  1. domokl
    domokl 29 March 2012 09: 28 New
    At present, it was difficult to count on an increase in orders ... Even the preservation of the package is already good .. and if I add the SDO, then the enterprises are busy at the most I can ... Everything is fine ...
    1. older
      older 29 March 2012 09: 34 New
      And such a load is only for our benefit ... Let the plants restore their capacities and personnel .. and there it is already possible to increase exports ...
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 29 March 2012 09: 45 New
        Come on guys, go ahead!
    2. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 29 March 2012 09: 54 New
      Quote: domokl
      At present, it was difficult to count on an increase in orders.

      People in the world see what threatens to neglect defense. Even those who are not threatened by anything, try to keep up as far as possible (what if they find oil!). So orders are growing.
      1. older
        older 29 March 2012 09: 59 New
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        The people in the world see what threatens to neglect defense
        People see it .. Only the same people are so susceptible to information processing that they themselves don’t know who to fear anymore ... us or Americans ...
        1. 755962
          755962 29 March 2012 11: 30 New
          Russia takes the second place in the world in terms of exports of conventional weapons and military equipment. According to AFP, citing a press release from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia's share of the conventional arms market is 24%, and the United States is in first place with 30%. According to the center, in 2012 about 50 will be delivered abroad. fighters of the Su-30 family. These aircraft will be handed over to India (approximately 30 car kits for assembling the Su-30MKI), Vietnam (eight Su-30MK2), Algeria (eight Su-30MKI (A)), Indonesia (two Su-30MK2) and Uganda (two Su-30MK2 ) 15-20 Indian Su-30MKIs under the 2010 contract will also be modernized.

          In addition, it is expected that India will ship ten MiG-29K carrier-based fighters under a 2010 contract and upgrade another ten MiG-29 aircraft to MiG-29UPG level. Myanmar will receive 14 MiG-29B / SE / UB fighters. According to CAST, in 2012 it is possible to begin deliveries of the MiG-29M2 to Syria under a 2007 contract for 24 aircraft. In December 2011, the first MiG-29M2 for Syria began to undergo flight tests.

          According to CAST, the largest helicopter deliveries in 2011 will go to India (about 20 Mi-17-B5), Azerbaijan (about 20 Mi-17 family helicopters and at least 12 Mi-35M combat helicopters) and Afghanistan (12 Mi-17 -AT 5).

          Air defense systems will be supplied to Algeria and the United Arab Emirates (Pantsir-S1E), to Syria (Buk-M2E), and Belarus will receive another battery of the Tor-M2E anti-aircraft missile system. Ground equipment (T-72 tanks, BMP-3, BTR-80A) will mainly be supplied to Venezuela.

          The most significant events in 2012 will take place in the field of transfers of naval equipment, all of which will be associated with India, the CAST report emphasizes. First of all, we are talking about the transfer of the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (the former Russian "Admiral Gorshkov") to the Indian Navy, which is scheduled for December 2012. Also, the Indian Navy will be leasing the project 971I Nerpa nuclear submarine for ten years.

          In addition, two frigates of project 11356M (the first two of three under the contract of 2006) and another (seventh) modernized diesel-electric submarine of project 877EKM will be transferred to this country.
          1. Sergh
            Sergh 29 March 2012 17: 30 New
            If the Makarovs and Popovkins hadn’t blabbed their tongues at one time, then you look, things were going in a straight line.
  2. Dimitrxnumx
    Dimitrxnumx 29 March 2012 09: 30 New
    The more weapons we produce, the faster the foundation of the defense industry will be restored from jobs. Greater cash flow will accelerate the development of new types of weapons. You can only wish that the portfolio of orders grew every year.
    1. older
      older 29 March 2012 09: 35 New
      laughing The chicken is pecking and always full ... The main thing is that all our plans are fulfilled ...
      1. Норд
        Норд 29 March 2012 10: 30 New
        If you just sit and wait, your order book will not fill up. In this case, it is not shameful to learn from the adversary how they "promote" their weapons at various exhibitions and salons. And the Latin American market is far from being mastered.
  3. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 29 March 2012 09: 30 New
    To equip with all the most modern first our army, then sell to the rest.
  4. YARY
    YARY 29 March 2012 09: 32 New
    Another penny to rearm! Nice help. Just not to be pulled away.
  5. patriot2
    patriot2 29 March 2012 09: 37 New
    I would like to add: CONTROL AND ONCE AGAIN CONTROL over the situation with the export of arms. And the message is good! smile
  6. bashkort
    bashkort 29 March 2012 09: 51 New
    The main thing is not to miss regular customers, including not to merge their ruling elite to please the States. A complete scumbags in the quiet themselves to change to more adequate. It’s time to already learn something, at least from the same lemongrass.
  7. logik
    logik 29 March 2012 09: 57 New
    Well, they say that Russia will not reduce it will sell 13 billion, and how much is interesting at the same time Russia will spend on the purchase of weapons
    1. Roman A
      Roman A 29 March 2012 10: 07 New
      Let Russia put on a military needle all who can get used to try it out of the plate you can not tear
      1. Vladimir75
        Vladimir75 29 March 2012 11: 30 New
        -What do you have tasty on the menu? -From the first dishes we can offer strategic missiles of medium and short range. For the second, we recommend trying something from our aircraft or armored vehicles. For dessert, there is a good selection of small arms for various purposes. ? -Oh, of course, the hit of the season anti-aircraft missile system! Bon appetit laughing
        1. Roman A
          Roman A 29 March 2012 12: 01 New
          In-in if more NATO countries go to our menu horseradish remove VIP table open
          1. Vladimir75
            Vladimir75 29 March 2012 13: 02 New
            Well, judging by the news, some of the second and third dishes were sold in the USA (Mi-8 turntables and "saiga")
  8. taseka
    taseka 29 March 2012 10: 44 New
    13 billion $ This amount is significant! My question is: 1. What% of the ratio in the military-industrial complex sector of the state and private business - in other words, who is the boss of the military-industrial complex in Russia? 2. What is the real amount this year for our VS.RF. difference in turnover - import-export? 3. How much finance will be invested in the modernization of the public sector of the military-industrial complex in 2012? 4.% Ratio of purchases of equipment and weapons for our Army from "OUR MIC" and "NOT OUR MIC" 5. Implementation of a defense order for the Russian Army in 2011?
    1. Olegovich
      Olegovich 29 March 2012 11: 35 New
      But I wonder where the profits come from arms exports? Only taxes to the budget, or profit goes to the budget as enterprises with state participation?
      On the first issue, most likely the controlling blocks of shares of the defense industry are state-owned.
    2. Don
      Don 29 March 2012 12: 49 New
      Quote: taseka
      What is the% ratio in the defense industry sector of the state and private business

      Value in favor of the state. 90% of the military-industrial complex belongs to the state.
      Quote: taseka
      What is the real amount this year for our VS.RF. difference in turnover - import-export?

      Almost all types of weapons of the Russian Federation are purchased for themselves and exported over a hill, not many are imported.
      Quote: taseka
      The ratio of purchases of equipment and weapons for our Army from "OUR MIC" and "NOT OUR MIC"

      I don’t know for 2011, but in 2007 the volume of the defense industry in Russia amounted to $ 18,6 billion, of which $ 11,6 billion accounted for the state order, $ 7 billion for export. I think now these numbers have grown significantly.
  9. VadimSt
    VadimSt 30 March 2012 00: 17 New
    As the saying goes, "God proposes, and we dispose." At the end of 2010 there was a "miracle picture" of orders for 2011. And, the year began with the loss of a tender in India (planes, helicopters). The MiG-35 contract alone cost, if I'm not mistaken, almost $ 10.5 billion.