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For President of Belarus Lukashenko opened up Europe

November for Alexander Lukashenko began with good News. On Wednesday, Andrea Victorin, the head of the European Union’s representative office in Belarus, praised the republic’s authorities for “the involvement of Belarusian state bodies in European integration forums.” This Quiz was made at the international seminar on the compatibility and complementarity of various integration processes in Europe. The EU representative emphasized that “Belarus actively participates in international forums, develops cooperation in various areas that are related to the EU, including the Eastern Partnership. Brussels welcomes this position of Minsk.

Belarusian officials took the peak

It is curious that two days before this, the head of the Belarusian National Congress Nikolai Statkevich was once again detained in Minsk. Opposition politician noted the participation in two actions against the current Belarusian authorities - October 21 in the March of Angry Belarusians 2.0 and October 29 in a rally to commemorate the victims of Stalinism outside the republican KGB building.

European politicians usually react very violently to arrests or detentions of representatives of the Belarusian opposition. In the spring, for example, after the crackdown of the Day of Freedom and the first March of Disgruntled Belarusians, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Michael Link made a sharp criticism of the Minsk authorities, deputies of the European Parliament and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe protested.

The official representative of the head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Rey, issued a special communiqué in which she accused Minsk of violating the country's democratization obligations and warned: “The steps Belarus is taking to respect universal fundamental freedoms, the rule of law and human rights will remain key to building European Union relations with this country. "

Now all these warnings and “expressions of concern” are thrown aside. Today, the ladies of European diplomacy are making a curse for the president of Belarus, welcoming his obvious steps to distance themselves from Russia and draw closer to the European Union. Alexander Lukashenko was even invited to Brussels to attend the Eastern Partnership forum, scheduled for November 24.

Prior to that, for many years Lukashenko was “not inbound” to Europe. Last winter, the European Union removed the sanctions imposed earlier by the Belarusian president and lifted the ban on entry to the Commonwealth countries. Evil tongues claim that it was a kind of gratitude for bringing Belarus to the Russian market for sanctioned European products.

Now the Europeans went even further and invited Lukashenko themselves to Brussels. The invitation in Minsk was accepted and confirmed - the president will arrive at the summit. Last week, preparations for the Eastern Partnership meeting were held in Tallinn. Here, at two sites at once (assemblies with the participation of the heads of the foreign affairs agencies and the civil society conference of the Eastern Partnership countries), the agenda for the upcoming summit was set.

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus for the first time participated in such events. Typically, civil society forums they did not indulge in their presence. This time, the head of the pan-European cooperation department of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Andrei Bushilo, did not just participate, but even made a special statement.

It concerned the new European policy of Minsk, focused on rapprochement with the European Union. To the obvious pleasure of those who gathered, Andrei Bushilo noted that Belarusian officials have a common position on this issue. “We proceed from the task set by the head of state that we all need to develop relations with Europe,” stressed Bushilo.

Debt driven to Brussels?

The words of the diplomat, said in Tallinn last Thursday, literally the next day found their direct confirmation in Luxembourg. A Belarusian-European investment forum was held here. He was remembered by the meeting of the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and negotiations on the EU enlargement Johannes Hahn with the Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov.

Khan confirmed to Kobyakov his readiness to “begin expert work on the formation of the main elements of a comprehensive agreement on cooperation between Belarus and the European Union.” The air smelled of "new association." As an advance, the European Commissioner promised the Belarusian Prime Minister assistance in advancing the negotiations of Minsk with the International Monetary Fund.

Experts interpreted this promise as a hint to the Belarusian authorities that the European Union itself is not ready to give them money. Although it was the search for funds to support the economy of the republic that launched the “multi-vector” policy of Lukashenko to the European course. Russia responds to his appetites quite restrained. Often this causes public anger of the Belarusian president.

So it was, for example, this winter, when Lukashenko devoted most of his seven-hour press conference to cooling relations with Russia. There were many claims, almost all of them dealt with financial issues to one degree or another. The President of Belarus, in particular, complained about the refusal of the Russian government in granting loans and the “unreasonable demand” for the repayment of debt for oil supply.

In the Kremlin, criticism of Lukashenko provoked open irritation. The Belarusian president was reminded that in addition to loans ($ 6 billion from the Russian government and $ 2,5 billion through the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development) "from 2011 to 2015 years 18-23 million tons of oil were supplied to Belarusian partners annually. In total for this period the Russian budget did not receive $ 22,3 billion. All this is nothing but direct and indirect support of the union Belarusian state. ”

Alexander Lukashenko did not comment on the Kremlin press statement, and even more hit the “multi-vector” policy, which eventually returned him to the bosom of the Eastern Partnership. The reason for this reversal lies on the surface. The Belarusian economy is burdened with debt. In order to stay afloat, it needs new financial injections.

Belarusian officials do not like to discuss this topic. However, from time to time, it breaks into the pages of the media or on television. This happened on Wednesday, when, during the discussion on in Minsk, First Deputy Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich blurted out about the real state of the public debt of Belarus.

The financier is particularly concerned about the external debt of the republic. As of October 1, 2017, it amounted to 16,3 billion US dollars - historical maximum for Belarus. Since the beginning of the year, debt has increased by $ 2,7 billion, or 19%. Now, only $ 3,5 billion is required for its maintenance per year. The amount for the Belarusian economy is serious.

The Eastern Partnership will definitely not give such money. And Brussels does not hurry to disclose his wallet to Lukashenka. The European Union has another interest in Belarus. He already had a quite definite relation to the “partner countries”. First, he will try to use the market of the state for the sale of European products. Secondly, to expand the sphere of their political influence and together "be friends against neighbors."

What will be the main thing here, and what is secondary (in relation to Belarus), time will tell. Only, it seems, both options are obviously losing. Confirmation of this sad conclusion can be easily found in the open spaces of Ukraine and in the gardens of Moldova. Having torn off these countries from Eurasia, the European Union did not give them anything in return. Only provoked the outflow of the working-age population and created additional problems for the economy.

The Belarusian leaders, of course, see and understand this, but stubbornly follow the path of the countries in need. What motivates them? Probably, the financier Yermolovich opened the portal not the whole truth, but only part of it. It is impossible to seriously consider the new European vector of Alexander Lukashenko as his reaction to the cold attitude of Russian colleagues. After all, the welfare of his country depends on this step of the Belarusian president - it’s not a stranger to us either ...
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  1. izya top
    izya top 3 November 2017 15: 55
    father, do not spit in the well No. you’ll deal with Europe, they will make you stop the construction of the nuclear power plant and buy electricity from the logs, and gas from the far-off mushroom picker
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 3 November 2017 16: 23
      let them make us --- we can (turn off the gas) and run and bend to Berlin (can they give 2 billion yoro for the demolition of the memorial in Khatyn?).
      The Russian Federation will not pull the subjugation-accession of two "little brothers" at once. need to take turns.
      financial weakness is not a joy for the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      we will be friends with the AHL on his terms
    2. avt
      avt 3 November 2017 16: 37
      Quote: izya top
      father, do not spit in the well

      wassat Yes, he regularly pisses into it with a cry - ,, I don’t trade independence "When he is hinted at the amount of money invested in it and that it would be nice to pay on bills.
      The President of Belarus, in particular, complained about the refusal of the Russian government to provide loans and the "unreasonable demand" for the return of debt for the supply of oil.
      Well now let the IMF throw its horse at present, which it regulates the currency basket, having previously thrown the Russian ruble out of it. And we will look at his sexual journey to which his IMF will send with his Wishlist. Nothing super new. Like a few times I wrote on the site - Lukonomy on the march is a sure gut, trodden by the NDP from the time of Uncle Leni. When the Poles took foreign currency loans in the same way, they could live well in the West (such as we understand, the “camp” was socialism with the occupation regime), and to give back - Uncle Lenya! Give the oil for resale, if you just don’t give the currency.
    3. 210ox
      210ox 3 November 2017 17: 28
      As if the debts did not result .... in Rostov. Although he has property in the Kuban.
    4. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 3 November 2017 18: 59
      “The Belarusian leaders certainly see and understand this, but they are stubbornly following the path of the now poor countries. What drives them?”
      The old man behaves like a red maiden: "The EU did not like them, therefore it has fooled them. And he loves me!"
      Well, well, dad, prepare Vaseline, the hour of love with the EU is getting closer ... Well, during the act, do not let things out of your hands, otherwise you’ll lose it at once.
    LAWNER 3 November 2017 16: 17
    Rupee .... costs more than a buck .. but where's the crap?
  3. Eurodav
    Eurodav 3 November 2017 16: 47
    Lukashenko is not young already, no matter how he plays up, walks along the blade ... They will circle around the finger and it will be “good” for us all. Accelerates / sets, but they all do not end, so they will move the dad ...
  4. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 3 November 2017 17: 31
    No if “Involvement of Belarusian state bodies this is important, and where it doesn’t matter, you need to warn in advance what it will cost to clean up the reputation. If only this is possible. (okay about youth, however, about honor it seems too)
  5. Dashout
    Dashout 3 November 2017 17: 32
    Well now (Lukashenko) will carry him ...
    1. thinker
      thinker 3 November 2017 19: 10
      And don't doubt it
      “As for political interaction, we don’t have any problems at all. We absolutely follow the course we agreed to follow.”
      oroshenko-proveli-vstrechu-v-oae-274213-2017 /
      1. Lex.
        Lex. 3 November 2017 21: 42
        And so what ?
  6. iouris
    iouris 3 November 2017 17: 39
    Moscow has a strange system of approaches in economic and foreign policy: everyone milks the country's budget, and then, when the debt becomes unbearable, they run away under the protection of the West along "their development path." Belarus will leave to join the "transit states" for purely economic reasons. So it may end in the dispersal of regions - federalization! But someone claimed that it was Lenin who allegedly "laid the thermonuclear bomb under the USSR." History teaches that it does not teach anything, especially when the chief chronicler is the head of the Ministry of Truth.
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 7 November 2017 06: 58
      Absolutely in a hole, a respected, well-deserved plus to you in a piggy bank!
  7. Lex.
    Lex. 3 November 2017 17: 48
    Something about Lukashenko’s news is so frequent then Skamorokhov who else
    1. Starik72
      Starik72 3 November 2017 19: 05
      Lex. So Lukasheno and Belarus in these verbiage - prtcha in tongues! They cannot do without it.
  8. turbris
    turbris 3 November 2017 18: 01
    Lukashenko found himself in a difficult situation and gets out as best he can - the main task is not the well-being of the people, but the preservation of personal power. If not for this, then the Union State would have taken place and integration with Russia would be in all respects, including political. And now a typical situation is - whoever has something to snatch, save the economy, and therefore the power. This cannot go on for a long time, and "independence" is only a red word here, for the masses.
    1. Lex.
      Lex. 3 November 2017 18: 14
      And what’s wrong with Putin?
      Everyone wants to maintain power and doesn’t mean that after Lukashenko it will be better
      1. turbris
        turbris 4 November 2017 12: 52
        Well then absolutely does not mean that after Putin it will be better. All the top officials of the states want to retain power, this is natural, but for this it’s not at all necessary to try to improve their lives, at the expense of others.
  9. thinker
    thinker 3 November 2017 19: 00
    November for Alexander Lukashenko began with good news.
    ... the leadership of the United Arab Emirates invited Lukashenko to "traditionally stay for a few days." Last year, the President of Belarus stayed in the Middle East for 9 days.
    Surely the president will return tanned from vacation - all these days in Abu Dhabi it is sunny, +26 +34, and the water temperature in the Persian Gulf is kept at +31.
  10. Tarasios
    Tarasios 3 November 2017 20: 12
    That's all, we are waiting for new complaints from Lukashenko towards ungrateful Russia, which does not want to enrich syabrs for free. He will again blackmail him with “friendship”, or else, they say, we’ll go to Europe. In general, for a long time I consider Lukashenko a Belarusian clone of Erdogan, just not as harsh, given the Belarusian mentality;)
    1. igorka357
      igorka357 7 November 2017 07: 01
      He’s not a clone of Erdogan, and to Erdogan he’s like to Beijing .. he’s a yanyk .. he’s just playing for a little longer, and a little stronger .. you’ll see, and he also has a lever in the form of power structures, so far fed by him, as soon as they feed him others will be .. well, I don’t know how the Belarusian Maidan .. guess for yourself!
  11. Sewer krainiy
    Sewer krainiy 3 November 2017 21: 26
    Quote: iza top
    father, do not spit in the well No. you’ll deal with Europe, they will make you stop the construction of the nuclear power plant and buy electricity from the logs, and gas from the far-off mushroom picker

    Even commenting somehow ... well, young people, well, they don’t read the press and don’t even listen to their media ... And the Union State, the West - 200 ...- 2017, and the general air defense system, border protection and a common base of banned people. Well, they’re children, they don’t understand what they say. But they are trying to drive a wedge between peoples. Do not wait. “We, Belarusians, together with the fraternal Russia, were looking for happiness together ...” (Anthem of the BSSR).
    And, for example, "Poland has not yet rotted ..." and "Ukraine hasn’t died yet ..." (from the Anthems of Poland and present-day Ukraine). Feel the difference ...
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 3 November 2017 23: 09
      It's like that. Only now the first line of the hymn sounds different.

      With sincere sympathy for fraternal Belarus.
    2. Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan 4 November 2017 02: 09
      Something "brothers" painfully greedy steel. Only for bread with vegetable oil and enough. The mess however. laughing
  12. Slon_on
    Slon_on 4 November 2017 14: 58
    Around Batsky are undercover games of the tidy groups of "Westerners" and "Easterners."
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 5 November 2017 11: 04
      Inside Father’s head.

    2. IL-18
      IL-18 5 November 2017 13: 23
      Quote: Slon_on
      Around Batsky are undercover games of the tidy groups of "Westerners" and "Easterners."

      In this case, he should act as an arbiter, and not rush from one to the other, depending on which of the groups is sweeter in his ears. Money for loyalty to the west or east can be received STABLE, only if you are in one firm position. Otherwise, Putin, like Erdogan during the coup, may not help. And to the west, without Lukashenko during the Maidan in Minsk, it will be good.
    3. igorka357
      igorka357 7 November 2017 07: 02
      Ha ha .. so he himself leads them perfectly!
  13. nikvic46
    nikvic46 5 November 2017 18: 30
    "What we do not store, having lost weeping."
  14. igorka357
    igorka357 7 November 2017 06: 57
    Marinut .. But father, one hundred percent will bend!
  15. igorka357
    igorka357 7 November 2017 07: 09
    How many people were happy here .. our father was forever, and I said a hundred years ago .. don’t rush comrades, and then I got a lot of cons. But it’s not the essence of the cons, the essence of foresight, the bathek will be redeemed for a time .. people don’t have a decree , he has it there, the MGB .. KGB .. work perfectly .. as he says so it will .. pro-Russian rallies will not help .. or there will be another “Donbass” of several areas .. Throw father's lard five to ten greens, which for The Fed and the IMF are not a problem, and that’s all ... there will not be our little father, but the Russian Federation will not be able to give such money now .. because they themselves with a mustache .. Yes, and all his politics are being blackmailed, even if for us ordinary citizens this is understandable, it’s even more so for Putin, but there is no way out .. or spit on him, but then the focus of tension in five to ten years is for sure, he’s such a west .. he’s not stingy with money for that !!!