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US classified data on losses of the Afghan armed forces

The US military command in Afghanistan decided not to publicize accurate data on casualties in the ranks of the Afghan armed forces and the state of military equipment at the request of the Afghan government, the New York Times reported with reference to the report of the Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR).

In particular, the document states that the US authorities decided not to publish data on the number of Afghan soldiers and police officers, the number of wounded and dead, the state of the equipment.

US classified data on losses of the Afghan armed forces

US Special Inspector-General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR) John F. Sopko criticized this decision. SIGAR is the leading US government oversight body that monitors spending and aid programs for Afghanistan. Once a quarter, the commission publishes a multi-page report on the state of affairs in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, they know what is happening, (radical movement) The Taliban know what is happening, the US military knows what is happening. The only ones who do not know what is happening are the people who pay for it.
- declared Sopko.

The representative of the US armed forces in Afghanistan, Tom Gresbak explained that the decision to classify this information was made at the request of the Government of Afghanistan. As the New York Times newspaper notes, this information was previously classified only once - in 2015, on the basis that the publication of this information could endanger the lives of the citizens of Afghanistan and the United States, reports RIA News.
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  1. Livonetc
    Livonetc 31 October 2017 16: 46 New
    So there is no loss.
    1. bert123
      bert123 31 October 2017 16: 50 New
      like Russia in Syria
      1. The black
        The black 31 October 2017 16: 55 New
        ... so there half the losses from the "friendly fire" of the Americans themselves laughing... those from fear will be stoned, anasha and dumbfounded anywhere ... an exceptional nation, however laughing
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 31 October 2017 21: 26 New
        Quote: bert123
        like Russia in Syria

        And what are you doing in Syria, who called them? Forgive me, ISIS is being led?
        The first American soldiers killed in Syria were four special forces soldiers who were injured in the north of the country, Times writes.
    2. Muvka
      Muvka 31 October 2017 17: 24 New
      And recently, one commentator wrote that they, unlike our Mordor, publish all the data about the dead. Well, where are you, answer me!
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 31 October 2017 21: 12 New
        Quote: Muvka
        And recently, one commentator wrote that they, unlike our Mordor, publish all the data about the dead. Well, where are you, answer me!

        Not alone. They were singing in unison, breaking in falsetto. And here they probably spilled coffee on their pants, from such an un civilized step on the part of their idols and are now thinking how to justify the difference in classifying HERE and classifying TAM.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 1 November 2017 05: 17 New
          You don’t understand anything: Russia is totalitarian and tyrannically hiding losses, and America is not democratically and freely voicing information for protection against terrorism and “at the request of the working people”. tongue laughing
    3. Barshchik-M
      Barshchik-M 31 October 2017 18: 56 New
      There again the feudal system based on opium ... Schools are all destroyed, hospitals, too, after Shuravi. I remember many Afghans in the USSR who studied at higher educational institutions. We tried to lay at least something in the foundation of the Afghan people, but alas! Now the United States is sitting there and controlling drug trafficking, to finance its decrepit deals around the world ..
      You need to wet them there and that's it!
    LAWNER 31 October 2017 18: 07 New
    Read the Pakistani newspapers. There, all the "secret" data on the third page is printed. The editorial is no longer relevant.
  3. japs
    japs 31 October 2017 18: 14 New
    Those who do not want to publish, apparently, have something to lose. Most likely, Afghan activists funded by the SGA are creating an IDB (simulating violent activity) to counter the Taliban and drug trafficking. The results, of course, are zero. Is it logical?
  4. aries2200
    aries2200 31 October 2017 19: 45 New
    and on the income of the funeral homes and insurance companies, it’s impossible to figure out the exact figure ...?
  5. razved
    razved 31 October 2017 21: 54 New
    Because they kept it secret that no one counts them ...
  6. Normal ok
    Normal ok 1 November 2017 00: 26 New
    My tactics teacher, served in Afghanistan as an adviser to the headquarters of the Afghan division. He told me that you could never rely on them. So it was then, apparently so it is now.
  7. stolz
    stolz 1 November 2017 09: 37 New
    Quote: LAWNER
    Read the Pakistani newspapers ..

    I will certainly read it, I’ll only learn the language.
  8. stolz
    stolz 1 November 2017 10: 28 New
    Quote: Bathhouse attendant-M

    You need to wet them there and that's it!

    So drenched, but what's the point? After all, you won’t get it over.