Storming the Terrible 1995 of the Year - Plan for Lightning Capture

One of the heavy pages stories The Russian Federation reflects the events of January 1995 on the territory of the Chechen Republic in its capital, Grozny. The plan for the assault on the capital, in which Dudayevites concentrated, was developed in a hurry, but this did not embarrass the military officials. Pavel Grachev's famous phrase that Grozny can be taken in two hours turned out to be refuted by two months of bloody battles.

Storming the Terrible 1995 of the Year - Plan for Lightning Capture

Four groups were to enter Grozny, codenamed “North,” “West,” “East,” and “North-East.” As Potapov, chief of staff of the North Caucasus Military District, stated in his report, the conduct of lengthy battles for Grozny is not supposed. The plan, developed just a few days before the outbreak of hostilities, had many significant shortcomings, and the commanders of the groups, consisting of a huge number of recruits who did not have the relevant experience, unanimously argued that the assault should be postponed for additional training. The main miscalculation of the strategists was the almost complete disregard for the ability of the Dudayevites to repulse the federal troops. However, the group included a few assault troops, consisting mainly of battalions of airborne or motorized rifle troops, reinforced tank company or anti-aircraft guns. In the plan there was absolutely no indication of a case of resistance by militants in the form of fire, and the command was strictly forbidden to occupy residential buildings and open fire on them. In such buildings, the Dudaevites dispersed. The goal was set for the groups: to take administrative buildings, including the Presidential Palace and the government building, radio, railway station. However, the cards issued on the eve of by no means all turned out to be outdated, and the aerial survey is of poor quality. The assault squads were intended to block the quarters and organize safe corridors along which the main forces should follow.

The Western group under the command of Major General Valeriy Petruk was to go to the railway station, and after the building was occupied by federal troops, go to the Presidential Palace and block it from the south. During the assault, tasks were transferred to the North division. The western grouping consisted of 6 thousand people, 75 guns, 43 tank, 50 BMD and 160 BMP. Federal troops "West" entered Grozny in 7 hours 30 minutes, but during the operation the task of taking the station was canceled, and the forces were sent to the Presidential Palace. Up to 12 hours of the day, Dudayev residents did not show any resistance, as subsequent events showed not by chance. Aslan Maskhadov’s plan was to pass and block federal forces in the center of the city. Each of the columns came under heavy fire, snipers worked professionally. The Dudayevites tried to block the ways of withdrawal in order to destroy the attackers completely.

At about 2 hours of the day 693-y sms was suddenly attacked, the column rose not far from the city market, a fierce battle ensued. By the 18 clock, the motorized riflemen tried to move away, but were taken into a tight ring near Leninsky Park, radio contact with them was lost. In the Andreevskoy valley, the militants opened fire on the consolidated 76-th ppp and 21-th ovdbr. Unprepared for such fierce resistance, the western parts already by 13 watches were forced to gain a foothold in the southern areas of the city and go on the defensive. The offensive group plan was completely thwarted.

The "North" under the command of Major General Pulikovsky consisted of a 4100 man, possessed 210 BMP, 80 tanks, and also 65 mortars and guns. His main task under the assault plan was to prevent reinforcements from approaching the militants from Katayama, as well as advancing along the city’s designated area and blocking the Presidential Palace from the north. The group entered the city from its direction exactly at 6 in the morning. The soldiers were met with frightening inscriptions: “Welcome to HELL!”, Which was not far from the truth. 81 msp and 131 omsbr almost unhindered advance to the railway station, where they settled without taking into account a possible attack. As a result, the enemy was able to concentrate more than 3 thousands of people at this point and surround the federal troops. The fight began at 7 hours of the evening and lasted all night. The station was not surrendered, but at the end of the defense only eight people remained in the building. Part of the squad tried to break through along the railway, but was almost completely destroyed by the militants.

The northeastern group, consisting of 2200 military, 125 units of armored vehicles and 7 tanks, 25 guns, and mortars, was headed by Lieutenant General Rokhlin. According to the plan, the grouping should have attacked along the Petropavlovskoye Highway, but intelligence just a day before the start of the assault informed Rokhlin that the road was mined by land mines, so the route was changed. In order to deceive Dudaev, it was decided to imitate the attack on the highway, and throw the main forces on the bypass road. Even 30 December 33-y ssp under the direction of Colonel Vereshchagin occupied the bridge on the Neftyanka River, pulling back a large part of Dudayev’s. The main offensive began in 6 hours 30 minutes, already by 9 hours, the 33-ss went to the cannery, providing a safe corridor to move assault companies. 10.00 was taken to the city cemetery, occupied by militants who did not expect artillery to hit the shrine.

The assault group Kornienko occupied the cannery and left some of the people for his defense. The main forces moved into the depths of Grozny. On the Circular and Mayakovsky 255-oh connected with 81 MSW. The task of 68 Orb was to occupy a position in the hospital complex. The hospital complex was located on Ordzhonikidze Square, in order to occupy it, the detachment had to break the resistance of Dudayev residents at the Sunzhu crossing, and then wage a fierce battle on the square itself. As a result, the building was taken, and the detachment went on the defensive. During the battle, the northeastern group found itself under fire not only from Chechens, but also from other federal forces, there was no clear radio link, sometimes it completely disappeared, there were no exact maps either.

Further, the group did not advance, as Rokhlin understood that further movements could deprive the forces entrusted to him with respect to a quiet rear, reinforcements and the supply of food and ammunition. Soon the militants still managed to encircle the troops of the northeastern group, but Rokhlin did not think to retreat, but the connection with the rear was maintained. January 7 under his command also entered the northern group. Two days later, Rokhlin launched an offensive, with the result that the city’s airport was taken, as well as a petrochemical plant. Only to the 19-th number after long battles managed to occupy the Presidential Palace. For more than two weeks of fighting, federal forces were able to capture only a little more than a third of the city, and the situation in some positions was characterized as very tense and unstable.

The Eastern group was originally supposed to act under the command of Rokhlin, but a few days before the assault, Major General Stasko was appointed instead. On the preparation of the operation remained no more than two days, and consisted of a grouping of scattered detachments, most of which participated in the hostilities for the first time. The task in this direction was the following: to seize the eastern districts of the city along the borders of the Sunzha River and Leninsky Prospekt, and without setting up checkpoints, or exposing them at exceptionally important points, move to Minutka Square. In fact, the Eastern group was entrusted with the function of depicting the main attack of federal troops in the city; it had to cover the maximum territory and then withdraw from Grozny.

Troops of the Vostok moved forward at 11 in the afternoon hours from the side of Khankala airport. The movement was carried out in two columns, and their trajectory was on a bypass road. Passing the suburbs, the assault troops were ambushed on a road bridge. The coordinated actions in the column were extremely bad, the connection was constantly interrupted. The fire impact on the convoy of militants caused panic and confusion, so the assault groups for some time proved to be a target for the attackers. The main forces of the group were scattered, and Stasko decided to retreat, until the 2 January, the Vostok group did not enter the fighting.

Reinforcement, which was successfully blocked by Dudaev, went to the groups held in a ring, largely due to the lack of maps, and the inexperience of drivers of armored vehicles also played a role. Losses in the first days of the fighting turned out to be significant, the lightning assault failed. However, the federal troops soon recovered and launched not only defensive but also offensive activity. As a result, by February 6 the resistance of the Dudayevites was broken, and the numbers of the same month on the organized scale of 26 ceased. 6 March was occupied by the last district of the rebellious city - Black Rivers.

Nevertheless, contrary to the forecasts of the Russian leadership, the war did not end there, the bloodshed continued for a long time. Militants used guerrilla war tactics, hiding in difficult mountainous terrain.
Marines. Storming the Terrible 1995 in detail (Russia, Grozny) 1995 year

The video was made by the soldiers of the 76 th Guards, assault landing, but it is possible that the 98 th, 104 th or 106 th.
It is well told about the formation of the column, as the paratroopers entered the city, the first battles, the events of the first days of the battles for Grozny.

The video is unique because for the first time several fighters take part in its creation - quite understandably and intelligibly telling what happened in the beginning of January of 1995 and how. In particular, battles in the area of ​​the railway station, battles for individual buildings, movement of the column and other funny events on the streets and on the outskirts of the city.

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  1. Uralm
    April 2 2012 09: 07
    And not a single general was shot for the death of thousands of soldiers. Although of course, the whole Kremlin would have to be shot. Led by EBN
    1. oiuy
      April 2 2012 13: 50
      And let's leave Boris Nikolayevich alone ?! If not for him, there would be no GDP. Why hasn't the generals responsible for the disaster in Grozny been publicly named so far? Who was criminally responsible for such a mediocre and conceived "operation"? Who shot himself admitting his mistakes on his own? What are the names? And about the "militants": THE WHOLE REPUBLIC fought! People wanted and had the right to greater independence. Everyone saw the perniciousness of the forceful "solution" of problems, which is proved by today's events ... and after all, 17 long years have passed!
      1. Che
        April 2 2012 16: 45
        EBN court of history, in absentia condemn the traitor.
        1. Insurgent
          April 3 2012 21: 01
          Well, with Gorbach tagged, you need to start
      2. Tan to
        April 2 2012 18: 18
        Oh, to me these "Young Europeans", any stupid person with a gun, for them is already a revolutionary rebel, a fighter against the regime, yomayo. Doesn't it bother you to report for the whole republic? What they wanted in Chechnya, the former "ghost commander" very succinctly formulated to me, "We wanted a cow to eat in Russia, and milked her in Chechnya, but this does not happen."
        1. Flight Recorder
          April 3 2012 17: 25
          Now where is the cow eating?
          1. Tan to
            April 3 2012 20: 46
            And this is which side to look at, for me, so now a greyhound, eats from his hand.
            1. Flight Recorder
              April 4 2012 10: 06
              But the essence? You have to feed one thing, but how many wolves do not feed.
              1. Tan to
                April 4 2012 20: 52
                But the essence is simple, Chechnya is an outpost of Russia in the North Caucasus, by the way, are Chechens, this was confirmed in the conflict on 08.08.08., Neither North Ossetia, nor Ingushetia, and not Dagestan, namely Chechnya.
          2. 0
            14 May 2013 05: 53
            Quote: Flight Recorder
            Now where is the cow eating?

            And how! And regularly milked.
      3. +1
        April 2 2012 22: 11
        Bloody B - there will be no rest for him and no one will forget it! Just as not to whitewash Nikolai !! bloody, which even his own mother did not forgive for the deliberate murder of her older brother! That is why the revolution occurred with the support of the guard!
        1. +4
          April 3 2012 18: 11
          ANSWER for verunchik !!!
          Batenka, fear God, what are you talking about? "
          "Just as not to whitewash Nikolai !! the bloody one, whom even his own mother did not forgive for the premeditated murder of her older brother! That's why the revolution took place with the support of the guards!"

          This is what kind of brother, the Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich put to death ??? Yes, and the older !!!? This is despite the fact that he was with his father, the Sovereign Emperor Alexander Alexandrovich, in the family was the eldest son ???? request
          And who is the Sovereign Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich drowned in blood then ??? Is this the orange revolution of 1905 of the year?
          You are probably a "socialist" and no less than a "Bolshevik"?
          And the story is you probably passed the exam?
          1. 0
            14 May 2013 05: 57
            Quote: Azzzwer
            ANSWER for verunchik !!!
            Batenka, fear God, what are you talking about? "
            "Just as not to whitewash Nikolai !! the bloody one, whom even his own mother did not forgive for the premeditated murder of her older brother! That's why the revolution took place with the support of the guards!"

            This is what kind of brother, the Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich put to death ??? Yes, and the older !!!? This is despite the fact that he was with his father, the Sovereign Emperor Alexander Alexandrovich, in the family was the eldest son ???? request
            And who is the Sovereign Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich drowned in blood then ??? Is this the orange revolution of 1905 of the year?
            You are probably a "socialist" and no less than a "Bolshevik"?
            And the story is you probably passed the exam?

            The Tsarishka deserved his share. Brother Gergy really sent to the other world.
          2. 0
            2 May 2021 16: 05
            Well, you dude
      4. +2
        April 3 2012 19: 41
        oiuy, about the fact that the "WHOLE REPUBLIC!" fought against the federal troops! you better tell exalted middle-aged young ladies. They love this stuff ... wink
    2. Lech e-mine
      April 2 2012 13: 56
      I agree. The death of our soldiers and officers lies entirely with EBN. And FOR THIS on Grachev for (Sorry) agreement with EBN. You have to fight the enemy according to your own rules and not according to the rules of human rights activists like Kovalev.
      1. +5
        April 2 2012 19: 35
        How did they manage to appoint Grachev Minister of Defense ??? He is a paratrooper, with all due respect to the Airborne Forces, under the USSR there was a "ceiling" for a paratrooper in his career - the Commander of the Airborne Forces.
        1. +4
          April 2 2012 22: 14
          This is a 91 g maintenance fee
    3. Igorboss16
      April 2 2012 14: 58
      Yes, understand this operation was from a military point of view (I can’t find the words other than obscene), to put it mildly, it’s very poorly planned, in principle, nothing at all, and it was something to someone’s hand, many know why, if you really would like to win it would be withdraw civilians from there and work well with aviation (which they didn’t specially go there for some time) with artillery (which, after receiving coordinates, was shot almost 40 minutes later) and only then bring in infantry, because of someone’s discretion the tanks weren’t even dynamic defense, what kind of victory can we talk about when the state is ruled by such (censorship) and one thing saddens us that we are not able to change this
    4. +5
      April 2 2012 22: 10
      They will answer for everything! And Grachev and all who occupied stood. This is a criminal offense against the people and the army!
    5. +1
      April 3 2012 16: 37
      it’s paramount to punish those who handed out weapons there, but there were a lot of weapons in Chechnya (they were exported from Armenia after the earthquake and from Ayzerbajan) .. it seems like I read about two army kits!
  2. patriot2
    April 2 2012 09: 17
    I do not want to talk now about the miscalculations of the generals.
    Eternal memory to the sodates, sergeants and officers who carried out the order. You can talk a lot about the price of victory. Each victory of the Russian soldier is now being discussed and viewed from different angles. I don’t think that veterans of the Chechen wars longed for blood when they defended the integrity of Russia.
    All miscalculations are on the conscience of senior leaders and politicians.
    Article +
    1. Lech e-mine
      April 2 2012 13: 59
      I remember very well how our young guys died and at that moment I wanted to break up not Chechen, although he is our enemy and EBN with Grachev for their mediocrity, dullness and drunkenness.
  3. +13
    April 2 2012 09: 44
    I don't want to shoot a Mercedes for those guys who died there in pursuance of an idiotic order ....
  4. Tyumen
    April 2 2012 09: 45
    I remember this time well. I was young and drunk, we
    everyone then lived in anticipation of change, events raced
    gallop. Awareness of the tragedy came later.
  5. Brother Sarych
    April 2 2012 10: 15
    How could you screw up that?
    Until now, it’s even scary to read about the hopeless stupidity of leaders who issued a reckless order and did not give time to prepare - everything turned into such blood ...
    1. +8
      April 2 2012 20: 12
      Quote: Brother Sarich
      Until now, even reading scary about the hopeless stupidity of leaders who gave a reckless order and did not give time to prepare

      The most paradoxical thing was that there were no consequences! Not that they didn’t plant anyone, but we just don’t know the names of mediocrity and traitors ............. precisely traitors !!!
  6. valeroid
    April 2 2012 10: 26
    How he spoke on TV then ...
    - We’ll take Grozny with one landing regiment in two hours.
    ... did not take ....
    -Pavel Sergeyevich, what about your notorious promise to take Grozny in two hours by the forces of one paratrooper regiment?
    -And now I don’t refuse him. Just listen fully to my statement. It was about the fact that if you fight according to all the rules of military science with unlimited use of aviation, artillery, missile forces, then the remnants of the surviving gangs could really be destroyed in a short time with one paratrooper regiment. And I really could do it blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ...............
  7. +13
    April 2 2012 11: 43
    .... And now imagine that an enemy attacked us in 1995, anyone, .... and then a repetition of 41-42 years would be ensured ...
    The Army and Navy are a direct indicator of the organization and power of the state ....
  8. +6
    April 2 2012 12: 42
    So at first no assault was planned, since the possibility of a serious rebuff from the Dudayevites was either swept aside or ignored. In fact, the army was entrusted with a police operation to disarm illegal armed groups, they believed that as soon as tanks and infantry fighting vehicles appeared on the streets of Grozny, the Dudayevites would scatter in panic. At the same time, the Kremlin "strategists" simply dismissed the military intelligence data about the accumulation of armed detachments to the teeth in the city.
    I recall the words of one Austrian general (Laudon, it seems) during the Seven Years War - "In order for the Russians to start fighting, they first need to be well pushed, then they rise and begin to beat mercilessly."
    More than 200 years have passed, and everything remains the same.
  9. Kostyan
    April 2 2012 12: 46
    the video is super ... I just could not determine the time of filming .... yes pay attention ... during the filming there is constant shooting ...
    1. 0
      April 4 2012 01: 23
      filmed brother's colleagues, after the fighting in mid-May.

      in the last minutes of the video about the fight that went on February 4, 95th. By the way, the video is not until the end
  10. Lech e-mine
    April 2 2012 14: 15
    Yes guys on the video hard workers of the war.
  11. cumastra
    April 2 2012 15: 49
    there was an elementary betrayal. Someone received the money and conscientiously worked it out. If it weren’t for the stamina of the army, they would now have a jamaat in the south ... And the bastards (t. Human rights activists) honestly worked out the money in Moscow
  12. +2
    April 2 2012 16: 13
    As always. IRRESPONSIBILITY! The generals would answer once with freedom, another lesson would be for life. Moreover, they told their successors for many years. But, as they say, it would interfere.
  13. +4
    April 2 2012 18: 12
    Troops "East" moved at 11 o’clock from the Khinkala airport. The movement was carried out in two columns, and their trajectory went along the bypass road. Passing the suburbs, the assault troops were ambushed on the automobile bridge. The actions in the column were extremely poorly coordinated; communication was constantly interrupted. The main forces of the group were dispersed, and Stasko decided to retreat, until January 2, the Vostok group did not enter the fighting.

    For this paragraph - MINUS article.
    The main forces of the group (129MSP and 133OTB) not scattered anywhere !!
    From the description of the battle: "At the entrance to the city, the assault group was divided into first and second. The first clashes began in the city on Ioanisiani St. and Kirov Ave. enemy tanks T-13A, periodically jumped out of cars, from which opened fire from grenade launchers. "
    From the description of the battle: "The 1st assault group consisting of the 1st motorized rifle battalion and the 1st tank company, turning, moved along Kirov avenue in the direction of the center. Coming out to the cinema" Russia ", at the intersection of Kirov avenue with Sultan Dudaev boulevard, subdivisions took up defense.
    From the description of the battle: "The 1st Motorized Rifle Battalion on Kirov Avenue went to the area of ​​the" Russia "cinema at 16:00 pm and stopped two blocks from it at the Promavtomatika Institute.
    From two five-storey buildings of the Institute of Promavtomatika by 17:30 the militants were driven out and a perimeter defense was taken. Then the commander of the 129th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment received an order to move in the dark to the Rossiya cinema, where the 2nd assault group was concentrated. After moving, we took up a perimeter defense there. "
    From the description of the battle: "At 20:25, the command center of the [8th] corps received information about the actions of the Eastern grouping: they ran up against the rubble of reinforced concrete blocks and, having met strong enemy resistance, went over to a perimeter defense in the area of ​​the Rodina cinema [" Russia " The engineering equipment to clear the rubble never arrived. The units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which were supposed to ensure the installation of checkpoints in the rear of the group, were also lost somewhere. And the units of the 104th Airborne Division, which were supposed to support the offensive of the 129th regiment in case of success of his actions remained in the same area. In the 129th regiment 25 were killed and 65 wounded. 19 pieces of equipment were burned. "
    From the description of the battle: "At about 20:129, with the onset of complete darkness, the defense of the XNUMXth Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment opposite the Rossiya cinema was attacked from three sides by tanks and militant infantry, the units came under heavy enemy mortar fire.
    From the description of the battle: "The defensive battle lasted up to 2-3 hours. From a nearby building, with an RPG shot, the militants hit the transmission of a tank of the 1st tank company in the RSA (adjustable nozzle apparatus), the tank could not move and was shot from another tank while retreating, on the morning of January 1 , two GAZ-66s from the mortar battery were destroyed. Subdivisions of the 129th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment and the 133rd Guards Separate Tank Battalion repelled the attacks with fire from the spot. The enemy was firing sniper and mortar fire. "
    and so., postscript ..
    According to official data "During the hostilities on the outskirts of the city of Grozny, personnel of the 129th infantry regiment picked up wounded Russian men and women. They, along with other civilians, were forcibly rounded up for use as human shields. They were placed in front of the Chechen fighters and ordered to run towards the positions. The militants walked behind them. Those who refused to obey were shot at soft tissues so that they could slowly but move forward. Those who could not walk were shot. In those cases when it was necessary to hold the line, the militants they interrupted the tendons of the legs of civilians so that people could not budge. The wounded were sent to the hospital.

    From the summary: "During the fighting from December 31 to January 1, the Vostok group lost more than 200 people and half of the available armored vehicles. The staffing of the 133rd Guards Separate Tank Battalion on January 3, 1995 was 85% (including 76% of officers), serviceable tanks 43%, a similar result was in the 129th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment.
    Out of 660 small and medium-sized hospitals, 129 were admitted to MOSN No. 128 (field hospital).
    And the author nonsense !!! am
    Stasko decided to retreat, until January 2, the Vostok group did not enter the fighting.
    1. 16
      April 3 2012 12: 43
      in cities and towns you need to fight in small groups !!!!! b..d !!! there was the experience of the Second World War !!! and so enter columns from 2-3 directions ------ complete absurdity !!! all of these reports, articles ... nonsense and heh ... nya !!! I can argue with everyone !!!
  14. Tan to
    April 2 2012 18: 23
    For objectivity, there have often been situations where com. companies, command platoon, have no idea where their personnel are, the same can be said about sergeants, well, what does the general have to do with it. This is me because not everything is so simple.
  15. Scholarships
    April 2 2012 19: 25
    Troshev had a bright head. clever - a general. in a duet with a hot Shaman, they did not leave a single chance to the enemy.
  16. 0
    April 2 2012 23: 32
    The older brother was then missing crying
    Only through unbelief found and buried crying
  17. rolik
    April 3 2012 00: 24
    The most striking thing is the complete illiteracy in the operation. Having a wealth of experience in street fighting, so mediocre to conduct training. Let the tanks in front of the infantry, it is necessary to think of it. After such losses, the generals, led by the Minister of Defense, had to, like real officers, put a bullet in their forehead.
    And the courage of our guys is amazing. Any other army, in their place, would have stood up long ago and the figs would have moved wherever. As long as the city is not razed to the ground with aviation.
  18. skychnii
    April 3 2012 08: 50
    If you recall that time, then the assault in a different way could not have happened. Who started this war would finally finish off our army, our country.
  19. Turanchops
    April 3 2012 10: 04
    Yes, unfortunately, a black page in the history of the Russian army, the absolute unsuitability of generals
  20. +3
    April 3 2012 11: 48
    The generals were "hit on the hands", apparently the political leadership was profitable to lose in that war as many personnel as possible.
    And Lev Rokhlin (the kingdom to him be heaven) being a skilled military leader was able to save the boys as much as possible, thereby gaining great authority among his subordinates, and indeed in the armed forces.
    By the way, Rokhlin planned a military coup in the country, but as you know, shortly before July 20, 1998, when Boris Yeltsin was to be arrested, Rokhlin was killed in his own cottage, veiled by a household quarrel.
    Glory to the Russian Army that linked its fate with the fate of the Motherland!
  21. 0
    April 3 2012 12: 24
  22. 16
    April 3 2012 12: 30
    b..d !!! was in the 2nd campaign, there they fought more competently and, most importantly, with less losses !!! I do not believe that in RUSSIA at that time there were no people who could really plan correctly and, most importantly, to put it into practice ----- there was the experience of Afghanistan !!! those officers and generals (most of them) were still in service !!! is it really leaning towards rubles and dollars in today's RUSSIA !!! if so , then where are we going !!!
    1. Tan to
      April 3 2012 20: 52
      There were Afghans in my unit, and so what, the burning Grozny was just as incomprehensible to us as it was for us who were not in Afghanistan, not everyone had experience in conducting military operations, in a military community, such as a village, not to mention the city, such things.
      1. 16
        April 6 2012 23: 43
        Afghans could at least be able to explain how to protect themselves from bullets !!!!!!! where it is necessary and where it is not necessary !!!!!!!!!! and even I hardly believe that they could transmit something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. controller
    April 3 2012 12: 46
    The troops of the "East" advanced at 11 o’clock from the side of the Khinkala airport. The movement was carried out in two columns, and their trajectory went along the bypass road. Passing the suburbs, the assault troops were ambushed on the automobile bridge. The actions in the column were extremely poorly coordinated; communication was constantly interrupted. The main forces of the group were dispersed, and Stasko decided to retreat, until January 2, the Vostok group did not enter the fighting.

    Here for this paragraph - the MINUS article.
    The main forces of the group (129MSP and 133OTB) did not disperse anywhere !!

    I confirm! Both units took part in the New Year's assault, and took it with dignity. In the future, the Czechs called the "Black Wing", and specifically the first company, "Mad Dogs". Both divisions suffered heavy losses.
    1. BLIZNEC78
      10 March 2014 08: 15
      I support. I myself served in the North Caucasus Military District in 1995. in the 133th Guards HSE in 1TP.
  24. 0
    April 3 2012 18: 01
  25. 0
    April 4 2012 03: 45
    the video is not Pskopian. Consolidated baht, 119th Naro-Fominsk regiment of 106th Airborne Division .... in the mid-2000s, one of the many disbanded units in favor of the murky reform and "newly democrat" doctrine
  26. Kostyan new
    24 May 2012 21: 11
    nothing changes .. always a soldier ... but for military leaders .. along the way in the Russian Federation it was and always will be .. it's just a diagnosis .....
    1. 0
      25 May 2012 06: 55
      "... it was like that and it will always be like that ..." - the state of the Russian Federation is 20 years old with all the consequences ... in the events described, the Union army fought, with its brains, rules
  27. Axel
    15 July 2012 14: 54
    I just don’t understand why so many soldiers were killed, it’s easier to take the city into a ring and untie the hands of aviation, use 3-day detonating bombs for XNUMX days, and when there’s no stone left to offer to lay down arms, and tell the whole world that there was a gas leak