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Perspective corvette of the project "Breeze". Infographics

“Breeze” is a project of a promising corvette, which was developed at the Krylovsky State Scientific Center. The main focus of the project was on optimizing the seaworthiness of the corvette. The results of the work has become a completely new form of the underwater part, which gives the ship increased stability during sea rolling, significantly reducing water resistance and simplifying motion control. As stated, the new form of the body reduces the wave resistance by half, and the total - by a quarter at full speed. On the nasal bulba of the corvette, additional wings of the pitching dampers are mounted.


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  1. svp67
    svp67 25 October 2017 08: 19
    And when can we see this ship in metal? And why is there no PU under the "Caliber"?
    1. Bronevick
      Bronevick 25 October 2017 12: 16
      PU most likely universal, for calibers and for anti-aircraft.
      1. Bourbon
        Bourbon 18 November 2017 18: 17
        Quote: svp67
        And when can we see this ship in metal? And why is there no PU under the "Caliber"?

        this is pure anti-submarine .... why would he need calibers?
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 25 October 2017 08: 49
    Judging by the armament - some kind of crap ....