"The Right to Know": strategic frivolity

The program of Dmitry Kulikov was made by Fyodor Lukyanov, the scientific director of the Valdai Club, whose October meeting in Sochi was an event in broad political circles. Vladimir Putin’s speech on this “Valdai” is compared to the Munich speech of 2007 of the year, so he celebrated her tenth anniversary. Although it did not contain any special attacks on the West, in the Western capitals it was considered a continuation of Putin’s harsh Munich speech about Russia's independent political course. Maybe they were waiting for concessions under the action of their sanctions, and Putin said that Russia would react "immediately and mirror" to the unilateral actions of the United States?

This Valdai was also remembered by its participants by a new term - “strategic frivolity”, reflecting the current unstable times in big politics. They are mainly connected with the unpredictability of the administration of the US President Trump, who is shocking at his statements and actions towards North Korea and not only his Western satellites. America still defines the global political atmosphere in which we all live.

There were both quite pessimistic statements that “extreme times are coming” and existential questions: is this the threshold of the collapse of the world or the creative destruction of the old world for the construction of the new? On this occasion, Lukyanov recalled the “good old Marxism”: “We will destroy the whole world of violence, to its foundations,” and noted that this time the foundation of the world could not withstand, given the great advances in military technology.

In general, on this “Valdai” they came to the conclusion that the world is heading towards defragmentation, and the USA is creating fashion with Donald Trump with his slogan: “America first!” All countries try this slogan on themselves. The American elites at Trump plunged into some kind of self-destruction, schizophrenia with hysteria about Trump's secret connections with Russia and the ubiquitous, but elusive “Russian hackers” who successfully undermine democracy throughout the West. But American democracy alone cannot plunge into such a crisis! ..

Therefore, the United States sees in Russia an enemy that needs to be weakened, and better destroyed. But then what is the point of Russia trying to improve relations with the United States? This is perceived in Washington as a weakness, and hysteria is intensifying: Russia is inferior, you need to crush it. Perhaps that is why Putin said about the “immediate and mirror” response actions of Russia: for American hysterics, this is, of course, a slap in the face, but it will benefit them when they cool off.

The key word in Valdai was "respect." At such sites it is possible, but it is no longer in big politics. President Trump threatens the destruction of the whole country, his subordinate, the director of the CIA Pompeo threatens to kill the North Korean leader. It’s not the threats themselves that are terrible here, the CIA has been involved in the killing of entire countries and foreign leaders before, but the publicity, the cynicism of these statements, which spins the world in irresponsibility. After such statements, the key word in the world is “irresponsibility”, which other leading Western politicians demonstrate following. Against this background, Vladimir Putin is becoming the world's leading leader, together with comrade Xi Jinping.

Another theme of Valdai is the macro-regionalization of the world around new world centers, one of which is Russia. “Russia is no longer on its knees, it has already risen,” said Lukyanov, so we successfully defend our interests in the Middle East and in the world. At the same time, Russia relies on its technologies, and develops them, despite the sanctions, and somewhere - thanks to Western sanctions.

And about democracy ... Everywhere they talk about the crisis of democracy, political life everywhere turns into a farce, the old parties and party systems of the countries are collapsing, in France this was clearly demonstrated by the phenomenon of Macron, who jumped out of the box. Around the world, a large-scale political reorganization is underway, and it is not clear where it will lead. Although it is already clear that leadership political systems are beginning to prevail. In Germany, leadership is associated with the name of Chancellor Merkel, in France Macron claims for this role, in America - Trump, in China - Xi Jinping, in Russia - Vladimir Putin. And any leadership system, whatever it may say, is the “presidential vertical” that put Russia on its feet under Vladimir Putin ...

This is how the global liberal-democratic world of the United States collapses, but Washington cannot recognize this, and blames all the blame on “Russian hackers”, Putin, authoritarian Russia and China. The logic of the West is simple and primitive: the West is democracy, Russia is not the West and does not want to accept Western values, to submit to the West, therefore: Russia is not democracy, but authoritarianism. That is, any policy independent of the West is authoritarianism, while a democratic one is the subordination of the United States and the West as a whole. Therefore, Bandera’s Ukraine is democracy, since it is a satellite of the United States and Europe, and independent Russia is authoritarian, hence the only way to become a democracy is to surrender to the United States. What Putin says: "Do not wait ..."

So what can we expect from this “strategic frivolity”? Unfortunately, the “Valdai” did not recall those prophets who, even in the last century, warned of the inevitability of an acute crisis and the collapse of world liberalism, our dissident philosopher A.A. Zinoviev wrote a lot about it, “The 21st century will be much more tragic century of the twentieth.

Liberalism set foot on the road of communism, after all, the chicks are from the same nest, ”wrote the researcher of the two Alexander Zinoviev. But the liberal western edition of the communist idea of ​​the "kingdom of freedom" and the consumer paradise on earth "was offended by the primacy of Russian communism", and ostracized and defamatory it to totalitarianism and authoritarianism. And she stepped on the path of authoritarianism and totalitarianism, as evidenced by the revelations of ex-CIA officer Snowden, Assange and other fugitives from the American matrix.

The world crisis, which Alexander Zinoviev predicts, most likely, cannot be avoided, you need to prepare for it, and only hope for the best. It is possible, according to the biblical analyst: "What was - that will be." “Everything is back to normal”.

Fyodor Lukyanov did not answer only one question: “What does Russia want in Ukraine? - I do not know". Although Vladimir Putin directly answered him at Valdai: “Russia needs a friendly Ukraine.” Political scientists perceive these words of Putin as a common phrase, a pretense, but in vain. It consists of the “strategic frivolity” of Russia's policy towards Ukraine.

Now Bandera Ukraine is not even friendly to the United States, since Donald Trump came to the White House, but to the remaining globalist corridors at the State Department and personally to Senator John McCain. By the way, the US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker is an employee and like-minded McCain, that is, a representative of these very globalist corridors of the State Department.
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  1. +6
    October 25 2017
    Well, Comrade Xi clearly indicated that by the year 50, China would steer. And this is clearly not even a program, but a statement of the obvious things coming from the current program of China.
    And for some reason I believe him.
    As a matter of fact, now China is steadily taxing.
    And by the 50th, it is certain that the whole world will know the foundations of communism with a Chinese bias.
    1,5 billion people in the asset and clearly understanding the goals of the leadership - this is not for you khukh-mukhra ..
    1. +2
      October 25 2017
      It is no accident that this year on Chinese school maps, Baikal and the southern part of Western Siberia have been included in the "disputed northern territories"
      1. +2
        October 25 2017
        In such cases, the card must be presented in order to preserve its good name.
        1. +2
          October 25 2017
          The links are full, and in the most diverse sources. Here, for example
          nika-po-istorii-vorovskoe-povedenie-rossii /
          ll-grow-larger /
  2. +10
    October 25 2017
    You will forgive me ignorant, but why do we need this Valdai with highbrow experts? A platform for discussion? Maybe he sets the trends? They simply display obvious theses, trends that are already visible to the naked eye. For me it’s better to organize a platform for discussions of domestic problems in order to transform the socio-economic formation in the country. There would be more benefit. A country in which there is no elementary order inside cannot “steer”.
    1. +2
      October 25 2017
      It's so easy that it’s even boring. Do I really need to explain that this is a recruitment ground for “Putin’s agents”, and I’m not joking at all; notice this on your nose.
  3. +1
    October 25 2017
    "... Therefore, the United States sees in Russia an enemy that needs to be weakened, but better destroyed ..." - for me, this is the key phrase in this article. Consequently, if our country acts in a mirror manner, then this phrase will sound like this: ".... Russia sees in the USA an enemy that needs to be weakened, but better destroyed ..." It is necessary to call a spade a spade. When we raise our flag, other countries will stand under our banners. May there be enemies, but there will be friends. Russia should offer its idea of ​​morality and justice to the whole world, but for this it should be attractive to most Russian citizens. It’s obvious. The US wants to destroy us as a civilization. Our people have the historical experience of convincingly defeating enemies. But for this, the elite and people must be united by one goal - to defeat the enemy. In the meantime, we have a confrontation between the two financial elites (the bright representative of Gref) and the raw materials (the bright representative of Sechin). They have different interests. Bankers do not recognize the Crimea, "... The war in the Donbass and Syria also do not cause them delight ...". And the raw materials workers are trying to defend their interests in the global world: "... both wars are waged in the interests of another powerful group - the raw materials oligarchy, which seized control of the country's natural resources and are desperate to break through the distribution channels of these resources ...". Therefore, the elections in Russia in 2018. will determine the path of development of our country. This is what El Murid says (Anatoly Nesmiyan). I agree with him in something.
    "... We are faced with a classic unbalanced contradiction between different elite groups, which cannot be resolved amicably and by agreement. This is not a purely revolutionary situation, but its threshold: a large-scale elite crisis. Such a crisis in its development will inevitably be resolved through intra-elite a coup, and the loser can lose a lot. This creates an extremely fierce situation around the contradictions. The current elections allow the two largest power groups to resolve this conflict relatively peacefully, without open violence and clashes. Therefore, Putin’s silence is indeed a serious question. .. "
    1. +2
      October 25 2017
      Unfortunately, the world historical experience, and the Russian one first of all, shows that the bourgeoisie does not give back the loot without the blood. If we hypothetically imagine that Kurginyan will win by convention and begin to dismantle oligarchic capitalism in the Russian Federation, the hucksters will immediately unleash a civil war. For almost 30 years, the brains of the non-Soviet generation have managed to set fairly.
      The masses will not be tempted to take advantage of the situation. As if not to lose the country. Although something needs to be done, it is absolutely necessary, almost to the brink.
    2. +1
      October 25 2017
      It's nice to meet El Muride, even in the face of his admirer. What about "attractive to look like" - Russia is not a bride. And if anyone wants to become at least a “situational ally” - he will come. As for the elites and their struggle, they have been equidistant for a long time, they were told, "that they will torture the dust to swallow," if that ...
      And what about their greed, this Marx nonsense and 100% profit: there are greedy goodies among the workers, and the life of any oligarch and his family is more precious than money, and they understand this very well, unlike Marx. And El Muride. And to some, nothing human is alien, even though they are oligarchs ... Death level of all ...
  4. +3
    October 25 2017
    Quote: andrej-shironov
    You will forgive me ignorant, but why do we need this Valdai with highbrow experts? A platform for discussion? Maybe he sets the trends? They simply display obvious theses, trends that are already visible to the naked eye. For me it’s better to organize a platform for discussions of domestic problems in order to transform the socio-economic formation in the country. There would be more benefit. A country in which there is no elementary order inside cannot “steer”.

    I absolutely agree with a friend. There is still no basic idea of ​​life - patriotism - this is not an idea for the state. But the oligarchic state will not live long.
    1. +1
      October 25 2017
      Those who wish the main idea can be invited to take part in the construction of the Crimean Bridge, not all Rottenberg and his company suffer. On the approach to the tunnel to Sakhalin, there is the Power of Siberia - which is not the Komsomol construction, which, it seems, the fans of some kind of "movement" dream.
  5. 0
    October 25 2017
    For rent, Mr. Kamenev. He, the so-called analyst, was previously commented more.
    1. 0
      October 25 2017
      Do not wait tseevropa!
  6. +1
    October 25 2017
    What other predictors did not grow besides Alexander Zinoviev? which could not predict its end
    1. 0
      October 25 2017
      Did you predict your end? But Zinovievs are often not born, geniuses ...
  7. A.
    October 25 2017
    That's for sure, Merkel and Macron took the lead in licking the fifth point of their overseas host. Then Grybauskaite, then the first persons of Poland, etc. etc.
    1. 0
      October 25 2017
      However, Trump is not very pleased with their work, and promises to dismiss. Or give at the mercy of Putin.

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