March 27 - Day of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

History The internal troops are rooted in the distant past, in the time of Ivan the Terrible, who created the so-called “residential shelves” in the capital and cities located on the southern borders of Russia.

Under Peter I, the old name “residential shelves” was replaced by the more familiar to modern servicemen concept of “garrisons”. Under Peter I in Russia, the 43 infantry garrison regiment was formed, which were later reorganized into internal and border battalions.

However, the birthday of this kind of troops should be considered 27 in March 1811, when, in accordance with the Decree of Emperor Alexander I, internal guards were formed from state provincial companies and teams, which became one of the most important elements of state security. The tasks of the internal guards included the execution of court sentences, the fight against organized crime, the suppression of riots - “scattering of illegal huddles”, law enforcement during mass events, convoy convoy, security treasury, and the elimination of the consequences of natural emergencies.

An important milestone in the history of the internal guard was the military reform of Alexander III, during which in 1886 was created a convoy guard consisting of 567 teams, whose task was to escort prisoners to the courts and to the places of execution of punishments.

When the Bolsheviks came to power, in 1918 year, according to the order of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, the convoy guard was reorganized, and in 1919, the Soviet government decided to create internal security forces. Thus, the Soviet VOKhR-VNUS-VChK-OGPU-NKVD appeared.

In the years of the Great Patriotic War, the NKVD fighters selflessly fought against the Nazi invaders from the first minutes of the war, defending the Brest Fortress, proved themselves in the defense of Moscow and Leningrad, Kiev and Odessa, Voronezh and Stalingrad, fought with the Germans in the North Caucasus, participated in the Battle of Kursk arc. During the war years, 97700 military personnel of the NKVD troops died, and more than 100000 soldiers and officers were awarded orders and medals. 295 representatives of internal troops became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

After the end of the war, the soldiers of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs eliminated the consequences of natural and man-made disasters, including at the Mayak plant in the 1957 year, and, of course, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the 1986 year. The soldiers of the Internal Troops were among the first to begin assisting the residents of the Armenian cities destroyed by the 1988 earthquake. Forces of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in restoring order in Nagorno-Karabakh, Fergana, Ingushetia and North Ossetia, in the course of other armed conflicts, preventing new fighting clashes of the warring parties, disarming the gangsters, protecting the civilian population and refugees.

March 27 - Day of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

The soldiers of the internal troops honestly and professionally performed their duty, taking part in the Chechen campaign 1994-1996, as well as in counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus, continuing with the 1999 year. During the performance of combat missions over the years, more than 11000 military personnel were awarded state awards.

The Day of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation was established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 394 of 19 March 1996, but it is celebrated on March 27 - on the day of the signing of Alexander I's Decree on the creation of the internal guard, which pays tribute to historical tradition and underlines the continuity of more than two hundred years old fighting traditions of this kind of troops.
Internal Guard Special Report by A. Sladkova

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  1. +16
    27 March 2012 08: 38
    I congratulate everyone on their great-grandfather! YES THERE WILL BE SALUTES IN YOUR HONOR !!
    1. +11
      27 March 2012 08: 50
      Happy holidays to our guys! I wish them health in their work, health for their loved ones, love in their families and respect from the State! To gather at the festive table from year to year in full strength! Russia has someone to be proud of! These are our fighters! And let me bring to your attention, colleagues, a video that confirms this. Grab the link -------
      1. re321
        27 March 2012 12: 40
        Of course, we all congratulate all these children on the greatest holiday of the entire planet, only now the author forgot to add to the exploits:
        punitive detachments of their own people during the civil fratricidal war of 1918-22;
        the most active participation in the "dispossession" of the peasants of the whole country;
        the eviction of entire nations;
        foreign detachments and executions without trial during the Second World War;
        long-term killings of citizens demanding independence from the Stalinist regime in the Baltic republics and Ukraine;
        backbone of the Gulag system;
        and of course, the Caucasus for the past 20 years!
        After all, you have to be objective, aren't you friends? With all the heart of the holiday and good health!
        1. Olegovich
          27 March 2012 12: 53
          And objectivity in that is that for the fight against people like you-there is BB !!! Unfinished, what did he get from VVshnikov on the hump? Sit in the ass.
  2. vadimus
    27 March 2012 08: 38
    Happy Birthday to you guys!
  3. +8
    27 March 2012 08: 45
    Once in the Soviet Army there was only one company, which was respected by all specialists (the company of Dzherdzhinki ... And now, after what men in the Caucasus and other places do respect to all BB ... Men are happy with the holiday ... So that business trips end at the festive table, not in a hospital bed!
    1. Sergh
      27 March 2012 10: 31
      The internal troops have great victories! Happy holiday!

  4. +10
    27 March 2012 08: 46
    happy holiday guys !!! 27.03.1999/131/2 graduated from the Krasnodar VAI under the accelerated program, then to the XNUMXst in Maykop and then in August the beginning of the XNUMXnd Chechen!
  5. +10
    27 March 2012 08: 48
    Happy Holidays, Vova ..
    So that the red color was only on berets and a banner.
  6. +9
    27 March 2012 08: 54
    You sparkle, clear falcon
    A couple of holiday epaulettes.
    There is a BB on a red background,
    What doesn’t mean “Get out!”
    Maybe the Great Warrior? -
    The essence is that, but the text is not the same!
    Their Turgenev is not worthy
    Although the author of "Spring Water".
    Hair is long, mind is short
    Instantly decide: "Come back, Vakhtang!"
    And BB only - “Drink Vodka!”,
    Well, then even a tank!

    Happy Holidays!
  7. Bravo
    27 March 2012 08: 59
    VV Homeland Krapovye berets men !!!
  8. +8
    27 March 2012 09: 03
    As the conscripts of the veveshniki said, "two shoulder straps of VV- Вdifferent Вoenkomat, Вjerk Вs ... boo. "
  9. Sergio
    27 March 2012 09: 03
    Happy holiday men!

    Two letters "B" on maroon shoulder straps
    Love for the Fatherland in violent hearts
    In frost and heat, at any time of the year
    All on the alert in the Internal Troops!
  10. +8
    27 March 2012 09: 10
    Happy Holidays !! drinks fellow

    We are proud of this rightfully
    And this is not a lie and not a bluff ..
    Do you remember the fame brothers
    VV MIA RF !!!!!!!!
  11. Odessa
    27 March 2012 09: 16
    C HOLIDAY MEN! love
  12. patriot2
    27 March 2012 09: 16
    Happy All Vshnikov, the defenders of the integrity of Great Russia. Glory to the Heroes of the Internal Forces of all time! good
  13. +5
    27 March 2012 09: 59
    Without them in any way, sovereign people ... happy holiday ...
  14. +7
    27 March 2012 10: 28
    Happy holiday of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation! Separately, I congratulate the fighters of the DON-100 division now 50 ObroN, health and good luck and without loss!
  15. Alexey Prikazchikov
    27 March 2012 11: 14
    Happy holiday vovany !!!!!!
  16. Trudy
    27 March 2012 11: 17
    You are a formidable sword for terrorism, crime,
    And a durable shield for the security of the country,
    And all of you, from a fighter to a general,
    The oath given to the Motherland is true!
    Almost two centuries to our internal troops,
    And you keep your traditions holy;
    Let the service be light and the armor strong
    Health, happiness and good luck to you guys!

    And also congratulations to my beloved brother-in-law! Be well, dear! And thanks for the peaceful life and for the service for the good of the Fatherland!
  17. thatupac
    27 March 2012 11: 48
    Happy Professional Holiday! He himself served in the MVD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, North Caucasian Military District, military unit 3753, Nementovsky battalion, Neftekumsk, Stavropol Territory, and training in military unit 3033 (Persianovka, Rostov Region) I-2005 - I-2007. Thanks to the service in the Internal Troops, I was in Chechnya for six months (Mozdok-Khankala-Grozny (Staropromyslovsky and Leninsky districts (April 2006 - September 2006)). Veteran of the Combat Operations. So it was not in vain that he spent 2 years. Still, not somewhere in the taiga , near Yakutsk. I do not regret it.

    "Know, Bro, one moment,
    The BB soldier is not a cop. "
    1. Trudy
      27 March 2012 21: 33
      thatupac today, 11:48

      "Know, Bro, one moment,
      The BB soldier is not a cop. "

      Congratulations, and wish you all the very same!
      My brother is also "not a Kent", he served in the penitentiary system. Retired. Sincerely.
  18. dred
    27 March 2012 12: 47
    Happy holiday to all the servants in the internal troops.
  19. Vanek
    27 March 2012 14: 49
  20. Vladimir75
    27 March 2012 15: 03
    Congratulations to BB all drinks as well as congratulations to the native in \ h3498 now 928 OBVVV Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
  21. Bat1stuta
    27 March 2012 15: 04
    I join all the congratulations! and personally congratulate my father. even though he doesn’t read it. laughing
  22. wk
    27 March 2012 15: 24
    funny ... today I had to walk along the corridor to the Internal Affairs Directorate of one of the Moscow Region districts, there is a shorter picture ... the corridor is narrow, probably this exhibition should have been done in the hall ... but oh well, there are picturesque images of the history of the Russian Internal Affairs Directorate , in all its temporary details, starting with Ivan the Terrible ... so, here I remember one work, there two "young men in white shirts harass the third with some objects, roofing felts with sticks or rods, and next to their boss in a cocked hat from the times of Peter the Great or Catherine the Great .... there were still a lot of pictures, but there were a lot of people in the corridor who were ashamed to take pictures, but a very interesting collection ... if you are in the Mytishchi Department of Internal Affairs, look at the 2nd and 3rd floors and on the stairs!
    1. Sergio
      27 March 2012 15: 40

      .... will be in Mytishchi police department .....

      You are better off to us (s).
  23. +8
    27 March 2012 15: 45
    Two letters "B" on maroon shoulder straps! ..

    With the holiday, you are the specklers, the most warring troops of Russia! drinks
  24. Download Do Re Mi
    27 March 2012 17: 05
    Happy Holidays to all the servants and employees! Health to you all men and all!
  25. +4
    27 March 2012 19: 36
  26. FiremanRS
    27 March 2012 19: 37
    Happy holiday to all VVshnikov! Separate hello 3526, call 96 (2). Intelligence I remember you! ))) Specialists, keep it up! Well, relatives on the 4th baht, especially !!! )))
  27. SAVA555.IVANOV
    27 March 2012 21: 22
    Happy holiday Faithful "Wolfhounds"!
    And let your strong grip not weaken !!!
    1. Trudy
      27 March 2012 22: 36
      Hi Sava! And all the best to you! +
      And comments are our common problem. drinks
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        27 March 2012 23: 05
        Hello Svetlana !! Glad to see you, hear and get your approval and comments from my sincere comments !!!
        Congratulations to all the women serving in the BB troops, these Ladies are admirable !!!!!!
  28. SAVA555.IVANOV
    27 March 2012 23: 16
    And may women of BB employees have such bouquets every day !!!
  29. Novosibirsky
    27 March 2012 23: 26
    Thanks to all! And to all those present, all the best, and peace to the house!

    Here he is my third platoon of the eighth company NVVKU VV MVD! Green is everything! laughing After the oath ..)))) Scattered the boys ...
    Serve the Motherland, brothers! )))

    (friends, do not put pluses please)
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      27 March 2012 23: 47
      Quote: NovoSibirets
      friends, do not put pluses please)

      And who will listen to you on your holiday !?
      Happy holiday, health and all the best !!
      1. Novosibirsky
        27 March 2012 23: 53
        Quote: SAVA555.IVANOV
        Happy holiday, health and all the best !!

  30. 0
    28 March 2012 16: 15
    Thank you for your congratulations!!!!
  31. 755962
    29 March 2012 00: 00
    All those who served with me in Karabakh military unit 5402 Peter .88-90 with a HOLIDAY!