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Prospective nuclear destroyer project 23560 "Leader". Infographics

Destroyers of the project 23560 "Leader" - a project of nuclear destroyers for the Russian Navy. The tasks of the prospective destroyer will include the protection of sea and ocean communications, the destruction of important coastal facilities of a potential enemy by long-range cruise missiles, fire support of amphibious groups, as well as anti-landing operations. In addition, the "Leader" will be able to independently act as part of the strike groups, including carrier-based.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 23 October 2017 10: 19 New
    Destroyer destroyer project 23560 "Leader" - a project of nuclear destroyer destroyers for the Russian Navy
    Which seems so, alas, the project will remain. Maybe next generations will have enough resources for them, and most importantly political will ... if by that time they will still be relevant and needed.
    1. Krabik
      Krabik 21 November 2017 03: 24 New
      There is a feeling that I will not live to see the realization of this masterpiece, as well as until the end of the construction of TOKOMAK.
  2. Lex.
    Lex. 23 October 2017 19: 29 New
    Well, you still have to update the fleet, sooner or later