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Tolerant Cannibals


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the head of the Department for New Challenges and Threats, Ilya Rogachev, reported on the active involvement of the Islamic State group banned in the Russian Federation in the illegal trade in human organs.

An analysis of the foreign press of the United States, Western Europe, and the Near and Middle East reveals the monstrous mechanism of the criminal organization of barbaric removal of healthy organs from healthy people and their sale on the black market, tracing the routes by which human organs are delivered to consumers from rich countries without fail.

In addition to the extreme extremists of the IG, the so-called United Syrian opposition organization, whose militants receive serious material and military-political support from the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, is also engaged in this. One of the largest militant groups leading an armed struggle against the Assad government, the Free Syrian Army (LLArmee syrienne libre - ASL), is participating in the trade in human organs, according to the Turkish newspaper Yourte. Armed gangs kidnap people, forcibly seize their livers, kidneys, eyes, pancreas, and sell them to dealers. The illegal circulation of human organs belonging to Syrian citizens has reached a huge scale.

CounterPsyOps, a free American website with no age restrictions, reprinted this material with his own commentary: "The SSA is funded by Western countries that promised them power in exchange for serving to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad to become independent from Russian gas."

Most Syrians abducted by armed groups of terrorists, writes the daily newspaper The Syrian Citizen, "killed, and the militants sell cut out their kidneys, eyes, liver." Mutilated corpses are offered for ransom to their relatives. A newspaper correspondent cites a ransom for the body of a thousand Syrian pounds (300 euros) tortured by terrorists for 556.

Dr. Mengele serves you

The health sector of Syria during the years of the civil war was virtually destroyed. Vandals from the SSA destroyed hospitals, looted equipment and medical supplies. Therefore, Syrians, especially those living in the northern part of the country, in Aleppo and the district, are forced to seek help from nearby Turkish hospitals, unaware of the real threat to their health and life. One of the best-selling Ad-Diyar daily newspapers in Lebanon, in the material under the symptomatic heading “Turks in their territory kill wounded Syrians for organ removal,” reports the exact number of people subjected to this terrible fate. After sleeping 15 injections, 622 Syrians lost their kidneys, liver, eyeballs, heart, Awake Goyim correspondent writes. These monstrous operations were carried out in the hospitals of Antalya and Iskenderun.

About the serious danger faced by ordinary people, turning to Turkish doctors for help, writes the independent site Syrianews. The terrorists, together with the medical staff they have, have created a whole system for delivering wounded Syrians across the border. In Turkish hospitals, vital organs are being taken from them. Syrianews writes about one of the victims of bandits in white coats - Jacem Al-Minbadzhi (Jassem AlMinbajy). Wounded in the shoulder and chest, he was taken to the Kamal martyr hospital in Turkey, where he underwent two operations, after which he died. After examining the body of his dead son, Jacem’s father found traces of surgery not in the injured area, but in the abdomen.

Suleiman Turkmeni received a slight gunshot wound to the leg and was taken by the SSA group led by Sultan Mohamad al-Fateh to the same field hospital Al-Zarzur, from where, like Jacem, he was quickly transferred to the same notorious martyr Kamal. Suleiman’s father wasn’t even shown a son’s body. Through a friend of the orderly in the hospital, we managed to find out that the cause of the young man’s death was the removal of internal organs. The site Syrianews calls the name of the modern Dr. Mengele. The killer doctor in the Turkish hospital was Murad Kozal, condemning the patients to martyrdom. The site claims that the SSA militants “with the help of their doctors seized organs and killed many of the captured military and civilian hostages. In the discovered graves in many bodies there are no eyes and kidneys. ”

The Iranian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran reported on the participation in the “human organ trade of some Turkish, French and American officials” in the French-language program. This information came from competing with Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia of the Lebanese television channel AlMayadeen, which is popular in the Arab world. The report refers to the scale of the criminal business, which trafficked gangs of terrorists in the north of Syria. The program cites the words of the Turkish expert Gasser Barkat (Ghasser Barkat), who saw the wounded Syrians who had kidneys taken from the hospital of the city of Jassar al-Chaghor, which was under the control of extremists.

Al-Ahd, a popular TV host Al-Akssi, quoted witnesses who claimed that the wounded Syrians were being taken to Turkey. Traffic, according to expert Barcata, functions well. In the refugee camps, gangsters deliberately arrange the attacks. The ambulance cars that collaborate with them instantly appear, the “health workers” select suitable victims and take them to the Turkish cities of Antakyu (Antioche) and Kilis (Kiliss), where they commit the heinous crimes of organ harvesting, which are then sold to dealers. The price for a kidney in Turkey reaches six thousand dollars.

The conservative American Christian website at the beginning of 2017 reported that the liberation of Aleppo from militants confirmed the existence of an extensive network of trafficking in human organs created by terrorists. In the market near the Turkish border, you can buy a wounded Syrian for 150 thousands of Syrian pounds (Euro 278). According to unofficial statistics, about 18 thousands of illegal transplants were recorded in northern Syria. However, the survivors are still afraid to tell the truth.
The German magazine Der Spiegel drew attention to the material of Reuters news agency about the permission of the governing structures of terrorists to withdraw the organs necessary to save the lives of igilovtsevs from “traitors and renegades” even in the case of a real danger to the health of involuntary donors. The right-wing populist internet platform in Vienna,, known for criticizing the integration of migrants into Austrian society, reporting the same, points to the confirmation of the authenticity of the document by the US representative in the international coalition against the IG, General Brett Mac Gurk.

Reuters reporters Warren Strobel, Jonathan Landey and Phil Stewart provided final clarity on a special raid by American commandos in eastern Syria near Deir-ez-Zor, which resulted in the elimination of chief financial officer of terrorists Fathi bin Aoun bin Gildy Murad al-Tunis ( Abu Sayyaf) and captured documents, as well as seven terabytes of data on electronic media. Acquaintance with information obtained from militants ’computers and mobile phones allowed journalists to conclude“ on the provision of legal justifications for a number of practices by the leadership of a terrorist organization, ”including authorizing the selection of human organs.

Kidney - a ticket to Europe

In addition to forcible removal of organs from hostages, civilians and prisoners of war, terrorists created a system of attracting Syrian refugees to voluntary donation so that “they could earn money to send their families by boat to Europe”. The psychological pressure on people to encourage them to voluntarily sell parts of their bodies led to the flourishing of the second source of supply of human organs to the black market. Desperate Syrian refugees are forced to go for it to save relatives from starvation. Karl Kopp from the Pro Asyl organization says that “while engaged in human rights activities, I got used to the fact that people in need of protection, as a rule, have no shelter, are without means of subsistence, are forced to beg that women should trade their bodies. A distinctive feature of the present time has become the organ trade. ” The third way to remove organs is to fraudulently remove them from Syrians who have turned to doctors for help.

An entire industry has been built in which police, transport companies and hospitals are involved. The foreign press cites examples when the arrested were shot for the purpose of seizing their organs, when the need forced a person to sell a kidney for a thousand dollars and when doctors received up to 250 thousand dollars for successful transplantation.

Illegal organ trafficking has become widespread in neighboring countries of Syria, it flourished in refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon. The German newspaper Die Welt believes that in Lebanon, where 800 thousands of Syrians have accumulated, many of whom suffer from a lack of everything that is necessary, ideal conditions have been created for trafficking in human organs. First of all, those engaged in this criminal business do not need to fear any control from the state. This is precisely the combination, concludes the newspaper, which ensures the rapid growth of trade in organs. Poverty among refugees is such that prices have shown a downward trend. Doro Schreier writes in that the illegal trade in human organs is experiencing a real boom in Lebanon. In Beirut, one million Lebanese pounds or about 670 dollars per kidney seems like a tempting sum for desperate Syrian refugees. Thousands of wealthy Arabs go to Beirut for treatment in Lebanese hospitals. There are many specialized plastic surgery clinics. And local authorities traditionally do not notice whether a recent patient is returning with new lips or with a new kidney.

According to a BBC investigation by the British Broadcasting Corporation, about 70 percent of refugees in Lebanon live below the poverty line. BBC News correspondent in Beirut Alex Forsyth talked with a man named Abu Jafar, who is looking for "people desperate enough to give up part of his body." According to him, the Palestinians, who are already considered refugees in Syria, are in the worst situation, and therefore they cannot be re-registered by the UN refugee agency upon arrival in Lebanon. These people live in crowded camps and get no help. For them, selling organs is a way to make money fast. Abu Jafar does not lack voluntary donors. "I can get any bodies the customer needs." He delivers donors to doctors who sometimes work in rented houses converted into temporary clinics. Donors undergo a basic blood test here before surgery. Abu Jafar is not afraid of persecution by the authorities. His phone number is openly emblazoned on the wall of the house.

The first channel of German TV showed documentary materials about the shocking living conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey. A reporter for the most popular German political TV magazine, ARD-Magazin FAKT, studied on social networks the advertisements accompanying organ trafficking and interviewed potential donors. In the evening show of the popular moderator Felix Zebert-Dyker, a young Syrian refugee was shown saying: “I don’t know Turkish, I don’t have friends, I’m not working, I don’t have an apartment, but I have huge problems.” Respectable German burghers were amazed by Ahmed’s frank words, this was the name of the refugee: “There is no other way to make money. Only in parts to sell your body. ” Journalists of the Springer tabloid Bild report price fluctuations on human organs from dealers and middlemen on the black market in Turkey. Currently, kidney prices range from six thousand to eleven thousand euros.

Washington's Blood Trail

Hussein Nofal, head of the forensic department of the university in Damascus, a specialist in forensic medicine, pointed out the scale of trafficking in human organs in areas of Syria that are not controlled by the Assad government. Prices for donor organs are different and depend on the place and conditions of purchase. In Turkey, you can buy a kidney for 10 thousand dollars, in Iraq - for about a thousand dollars, in Lebanon and Syria itself they pay up to three thousand dollars. Gangs that work with doctors sell corneas to foreign clients for 7500 dollars, supplying them with false certificates.

Numerous dealers and intermediaries, profiting from the sufferings of ordinary Syrians, have managed to create entire networks for the smuggling of organs across borders. The richest consumers, “buying their second life for an amount from 35 thousand to 150 thousand dollars,” according to the Stern magazine, live in Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA. The author - Bernhard Albrecht speaks about the development of an entire industry of transplant tourism. With German thoroughness, he notes the need for a thorough preliminary medical examination of the donor, otherwise there is a real threat to life due to various fungal infections, liver inflammation or HIV acquired by the recipient along with the new organ.

Wealthy buyers from the Gulf countries, the USA and Europe pay a mediator from 12 thousand to 15 thousand dollars per kidney. Correspondents Bild Merlin Scholz and Maximilian Kivel reported from Berlin and Los Angeles about the prices of organs in the United States when selling through the Internet: a new heart costs 225 thousand (about 180 thousand euros) and a kidney - 115 thousand (93 thousand euros). In the UK, Julie Bindel writes in the Telegraph, kidney prices reach 84 thousands of pounds, and even a million pounds on the heart. The newspaper explains the high cost of criminally obtained organs, firstly, by reducing the number of donor organs for transplantation, in particular, in connection with the improvement of legislation on seat belts, which has reduced the number of healthy young adults who die prematurely in road traffic accidents. And secondly, an increase in the number of people waiting for a transplant.

The authoritative New York website VICE News, which has a fairly dense correspondent network in the Middle East, has posted extensive material by Italian journalist Julia Saudelli, which contains horrific stories refugees arriving across the Mediterranean to the southern shores of Italy. Their smartphones preserved the image of the corpses of children and adults "with bloodied faces and large scars made in haste on the body." Catholic priest Mussi Zerai (Mussie Zerai) talks about unscrupulous doctors who remove organs to people right in car trailers, somehow retooled for operating theaters. The mutilated people are "abandoned and no one cares about whether they can survive and what will happen to them next." The deputy prosecutor of Palermo, Maurizio Scalia, also confirmed at a press conference the information about the forced removal of organs.

Avvenire's daily clerical edition quotes a letter to the editor of the Milan doctor Paolo Calgaro from the San Carlo Borromeo Hospital, which tells about the 42 patient for years, delivered by employees of the temporary center for receiving migrants. Suspected pneumonia required a thorough examination of the man, which immediately revealed a scar on his left side. The patient explained that while taking the blood for analysis, he was put to sleep and came to his senses "with this painful scar on his side." The kidney was cut from the victim without his consent. A journalistic investigation confirmed the words of the refugee.

The trade in organs of the unfortunate Syrians reached even to the exotic resort places of the globe. Lisa Natterer and Doro Schreier, published on the women's website, estimate that about a thousand foreigners come to Sri Lanka each year to buy an organ or to have a transplant. These are people from Israel, Malaysia, Maldives and other countries. Doctors in Sri Lanka earn very well on this - up to 60 thousands of dollars from each transplant, which are held here in private clinics. The authorities look at this through their fingers and get their share of the income from the organ trade. Traffic trafficking in organs has not bypassed and distant Australia. Already a hundred Australians have done illegal transplants. In the absence of money, migrants are forced to pay for crossing the border with their own kidneys. This circumstance allowed the authors to mercilessly call the refugees "walking stocks of cheap parts".

According to WHO estimates, at least 10 thousands of kidneys are sold annually in the world. The real figure is much higher. The number of criminal kidney transplants is between five and ten percent. The international non-governmental organization Global Financial Integrity, which monitors illegal financial flows, in the report “Transnational Crime and the Developing World”, published in March 2017 of the year, estimates the annual profit received by traders of human body parts from 840 million to almost two billion. The number of illegal transplants is estimated at 12 thousand per year. We are talking about the transplantation of five organs: kidney, liver, heart, lung and pancreas. The scale of the criminal trade in human organs attracted the attention of the Vatican. The statement adopted at the Summit of the Pontifical Academy 2017 of the year dedicated to trafficking in organs and transplant tourism cites the words of the Pope, stating that the trade in organs and people for the purpose of removing organs is “genuine crimes against humanity,” he said. political and community leaders, as well as national and international legislation. ”

Independent media are increasingly voices that give a fair assessment and reveal the origins of the disgusting phenomenon. Burgerstimme, well-known in Western European countries, writes that the trade in human organs has long been a secret. It has become a "shameful spot in the history of mankind." The publishers of Syrianews directly link the growth of trade in human organs in Syria with the presence of Americans in the region. A similar picture, they believe, is taking shape wherever US troops appear.
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    Awful of all this ... Erdogan knows about this interestingly? If there is evidence, then it is possible to organize an international tribunal against these, there is no word even what to call them, and everyone should be punished as they did in Nuremberg once. In general, things must have accumulated here, and not just Nuremberg, the destruction of the entire Middle East and southern Europe, where millions of people in these countries have suffered for anything, should be condemned in the most severe way and everyone should know about it.
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    "To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear" ...
    "... In independent media, more and more voices are heard that give a fair assessment and reveal the origins of the disgusting phenomenon. Burgerstimme, a well-known site in Western Europe, writes that trafficking in human organs has long been a secret. It has become a" shameful spot in the history of mankind. "Publishers Syrianews directly connect the growth of human organ trade in Syria with the presence of Americans in the region. A similar picture, they say, is taking shape wherever US troops appear. "

    "Provide capital with 10% profit, and the capital agrees to any use, at 20% it becomes lively, at 50% it is positively ready to break its head, at 100% it violates all human laws, with 300% there is no crime for which it does not would venture to go, at least under pain of the gallows "
    "Capital". Karl Marx.
    Mordechai Levy has matured into the rotten root of the servants of the mammon and the priests of his cult of profit.
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