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Fake news as a tool to fight

False (fake) news have become an instrument of political struggle, which even very serious organizations do not disdain to use. For example, in 1950, the CIA created the Free Europe radio station, which allegedly officially had to provide objective information to Eastern Europeans, but in fact, with its help, American intelligence conducted campaigns to weaken Communist governments. But how to explain where the budget of this radio station came from in millions of dollars?

CIA scout Frank Wisner created a front organization that annually conducted a campaign to raise funds to fight the lies of the Kremlin. Attention to these campaigns attracted everyone, from politicians to artists. And now, intimidated by the "global communist threat", ordinary Americans are thrown off to fight the Kremlin, creating an alibi for the CIA. One shot of two birds with one stone. Bravo! During the Cold War, not only the radio, but all the TV channels and hundreds of newspapers gave out such anti-Kremlin propaganda, which is firmly entrenched in the minds of American society and still responds.

America once again expands its propaganda activities. Today, it has powerful media that have a huge impact around the world and naturally it uses them for its own purposes. Official representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry have repeatedly denied the fake news of major US state media and strongly advised not to distribute it. The site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation even created a column with the publication of inaccurate news of foreign media. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, also said at the forum that pages were created in social networks, allegedly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which spread false information. According to her, the ministry found that funding for these accounts was carried out by structures of other states.

As you know, the best defense is an attack. Some representatives of the United States launched a flurry of accusations towards Russia over its influence on the course of US presidential elections in 2016. And again with one shot of two birds with one stone: the American elite, dissatisfied with the results of the elections, decided to shift the blame for all troubles to Russia and plus support anti-Russian sentiments.

So if Russia, in their opinion, is engaged in the dissemination of fake news, why block the draft resolution proposed by Russia on the development of a mechanism to counter the spread of false news? Is it possible that your fake news is not revealed? Although they can be seen without it with the naked eye.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 20 October 2017 06: 09
    Fake news? So let it be! Only there, we don’t. I personally on the drum how many more fools will be behind the hill! But not here! Yes! Her Majesty censorship! And what comes out on our screens needs to be filtered. It's a shame that we ourselves are making programs and films clearly of the "Hollywood format", like "Stalingrad" and "Salute 7"
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 20 October 2017 06: 36
      Quote: 210ox
      Fake news? So let it be! Only there, we don’t ...

      It is clear that fake news can be an instrument of struggle, and unnecessary and completely unimportant messages such as news, which are full on our TV channels for what?
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 20 October 2017 07: 42
      210quq Today, 06:09 New
      Fake news? So let it be! Only there, we don’t. I personally on the drum how many more fools will be beyond the hill!

      Etc. hi ! ... judging by recent years - they don’t even have a clever thinking person in the media ... and this campaign for a long time, for a very long time .... bully
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 20 October 2017 08: 16
        Lord! I hasten to please you - our media have miraculously mastered these technologies and even surpassed the inventors! If you set a goal and just hammer in the search engines, you can be surprised to find out that a sufficient percentage of the noodles that hang on our ears is not edible at all! And in the near abroad even whole cycles and programs have appeared, exposing the "masterpieces" of our Kiselevs, Solovievs, Skobeevs and Tolstoy ...
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 20 October 2017 06: 49
    Euphemisms are so popular and in demand only because it’s scary to tell the truth, and it seems like * uncomfortable * it became a bugger to call a pederast, and an outright bandit a bandit. Moreover, laws were enacted in defense of * subtle mental attitude *, including outright and professional liars. Even President Trump, with all his rudeness and shamelessness, did not dare to call the media lies, only * gently and paternally * fakenews. And no more.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 October 2017 07: 40
    ... announcement of the article, along the way ... nonetheless .... you just need to be able to separate flies from cutlets ... bully
  4. Catherine II
    Catherine II 20 October 2017 10: 15
    Come on ... Any information can be distorted beyond recognition, fakes can be an instrument for promoting one’s interests, destroying the interests / reputation of competitors. Well they didn’t even come up with it now and started using it. Even when they came up with a speech. When the information of images in the mind was transformed into words. Already a distortion. And everyone will add “details from himself” as he wants.
    Fakes in the history of mankind have been used for a long time. T. n. rumors and quite official fakes from the "broadcasters" - ministers of the church, heralds and just rumors. Create the right mood / behavior.
    As far as the “poor RF” is concerned, which was faked with fakes, it’s worthwhile to figure out that the RF is part of the same capitalist system and the same techniques are used here. And given the strong craving for TV, even better. And rumors here are more believed. Baba Manya will not lie.
    Who is right here who is to blame is pointless to find out. The methods are the same.
    As for Zakharova, she writes to the American social network, she herself complains about them ... funny. Popularity makes American social networks.
    1. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 20 October 2017 10: 38
      The English word Fake is pronounced “fake”
      and translates "fake, fake."
      In politics, faking facts is misinformation.
      It comes from powerlessness. one who fakes And has a short-term effect. But. faith to that source is completely lost over time
      The recipe against fake throws gave Gorky-think.
      "But Thought is proud, and Man is dear to her - she enters into an evil battle with Lies, and the battlefield is the heart of Man" "
      "But if a Man is poisoned by the poison of Lies, he incurably and sadly believes that there is no happiness on earth above the fullness of the stomach and soul, there are no pleasures above satiety, peace and small comforts of life, then the Thought sadly lowers its wings in captivity of the feeling and slumbers, leaving the Man in power of his heart. "" (Maxim Gorky MAN)
  5. Proton
    Proton 20 October 2017 12: 36
    Yes, there is nothing new in these fakes of the West that 60,50,40 and t d years ago all this was and didn’t go anywhere, it just gained mass character and accessibility and clarity (Internet, TV), if only radio and newspapers before, then right now everywhere nonsense climbs that's the whole difference wassat
  6. Normal ok
    Normal ok 20 October 2017 15: 27
    Fake news as a tool to fight

    Thus, VO is clearly at the forefront))) of so many fakes like here, it’s hard to find anywhere else laughing
    1. Vityaak27
      20 October 2017 16: 08
      Which for example?
    2. Catherine II
      Catherine II 20 October 2017 22: 39
      Quote: Normal ok
      so many fakes like here, it's hard to find anywhere else

      For me, TSN and the First of the channels are fake, and from the sites, almost everything that covers the real war in the ORDILO (it doesn’t matter Ukrainian or pro-Russian, Russian)
      nowhere do they lie so much as in war, fishing ...
      Politics - the highest degree of lies with a smile on his lips