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"The average salary" of Navalny

How to start living in 2 tomorrow is better than today. And the day after tomorrow, 5 is better times - in the beautiful Russia of the future. Alexey Navalny's recipe.

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  1. Eurodav
    Eurodav 19 October 2017 10: 18
    This "doctor" will give a prescription, I have no doubt ... And what relation to VO?
    1. Lord
      Lord 19 October 2017 21: 13

      It seemed .... what
  2. gray
    gray 19 October 2017 17: 15
    Quote: Evrodav
    This "doctor" will give a prescription, I have no doubt ... And what relation to VO?

    Hello. Everything is just "ELECTIONS."
  3. Dedall
    Dedall 20 October 2017 22: 20
    Official statistics in our country have little in common with statistical science. Simply put, it was specially invented in order to deceive the masses. And this I can clearly see for myself, when, with my doctor’s salary received for working at one rate equal to 7620 rubles, the GDP loudly declared about 63 thousand. I do not think that Mr. President is so naive that he believed the official certificate. So, he deliberately misinforms the population (all the same, the past profession makes it known).
    And if we talk about statistical values, then, in addition to a simple average, there is also a rms, weighted average and mode. Therefore, as the data in the results of scientific research, the average value is taken, which is noted in 75% of observations around the mode, that is, the most frequent result encountered. This scatter approximately corresponds to the 2 mean error values. And extreme values ​​at this are discarded. But for some reason, we are always presented with only a simple average, which is characteristic only of natural phenomena. Something about the essence of this video.