Military Review

Why do not the "independent" media write that the Central Bank has "stolen" trillions?

Presenter Yury Pronko and famous economist Mikhail Khazin discuss the following topics in the studio: Offshore absurdity Shuvalov and Co.; Central Bank slammed 4 trillion on the "recovery" of banks; Gref suggests the government to "fall behind" with regulation; "Oreshkina stories": instead of industry services ?; Simplified withdrawal of currency from Russia.

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  1. Tatyana
    Tatyana 18 October 2017 19: 14
    Well done Khazin! Khazin sets out the financial, economic and political situation with the Russian "elites" in Russia and the world absolutely correctly! All this is sad, however, and extremely dangerous both for the country and for ordinary Russians!
  2. Vard
    Vard 18 October 2017 19: 14
    The old truth ... steal a loaf and go to jail ... steal a million ... and you will be a respected person ...
  3. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 18 October 2017 19: 35
    Independent media are actually very addicted! from financing and customers information, ratings, like these gentlemen from Constantinople. In general, they say it correctly, but the devil is in the details. They are not original.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 18 October 2017 22: 19
      we are not 5-10 years old, from 1992, but all our lives we will live IN ORIGINAL ACCUMULATION, UNTIL 2050G) - until the generation that saw this cap (NACH 90-HGG) dies
    2. Dedall
      Dedall 18 October 2017 23: 38
      But about the ratings do not! They do not "roll" with us. And he rules the order of the "beholder." He will say - and white will turn black, or vice versa. For example, like many others, sucking on the site everything that is happening in Ukraine is tired. I want a purely military something. I already wrote once that the topic of combat training is not plowed. And also discuss the problems with the repair of military equipment and its supply. Yes, and medical support, as when Serdyukov was destroyed, so still will not come to its senses. With all this I face at work every day.
  4. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 20 October 2017 14: 29
    We will wait for cardinal changes to eliminate liberal brakes and sharp economic development, akin to what happened in 1937
  5. Forever so
    Forever so 15 November 2017 20: 43
    Because both the Central Bank of Russia and the "independent" Russian media have one owner. Overseas lives. But after all, we have democracy, pluralism of opinions, consensus, tolerance, this is scientifically called the looting of the Russian state, which has been in the form of a colony of Anglo-Saxons and other geyropesky rabble for 27 years. By the way, everyone is aware that the so-called gold and foreign exchange reserves cannot be removed from the Central Bank ??))) to solve the problems of Russian industry or some others. The Central Bank of Russia belongs to the IMF, that reserves belong to the IMF, and what is Russia ??