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Two anti-sabotage boats of the Northern Fleet will be named

The first of the three anti-sabotage boats of the Rook project, which entered service with the anti-sabotage units and the main submarine base of the North fleet (SF) Gadzhievo, passed a scheduled dock inspection at a shipyard in the Murmansk region.

In the process of docking, the condition of the boat hull was checked, the bottom was cleaned and tinted. Also, a board with the name “Yunarmeets Zapolyarya” was attached to the board of the boat. This name was given to the boat in a solemn ceremony at the beginning of the year, on the day of the first rise of the Naval flag on the first two boats, which entered service with the Northern Fleet.
- said the press service of the Northern Fleet

Two anti-sabotage boats of the Northern Fleet will be named

The command of the submarine forces of the Federation Council initiated the assignment of names to two more anti-sabotage boats of the main submariner base. They are planned to be named after Hero of the Soviet Union Mahomet Hajiyev, who commanded a division of submarines during World War II (he laid down the tradition of saluting when returning to the base after a successful march. The number of salute shots was equal to the number of sunk ships and ships of the enemy) and the Hero of the Russian Federation sailor Sergey Preminin, who at the cost of his own life prevented a radiation catastrophe on an emergency submarine K-219 in October 1986 of the year in the Sargasso Sea.

The boats of the 21980 Rook project were developed by the Nizhny Novgorod Vimpel Design Bureau, built at the shipyard in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl Region). They are designed to perform the tasks of protecting water areas, and combat sabotage forces and means in the waters of bases and in the near approaches to them. The boats are equipped with large-caliber machine guns, anti-sabotage grenade launchers and man-portable air defense missile systems. Electronic weapons allows you to search for objects that are located and moving under water.
Photos used:
press service of the Federation Council
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  1. Komsomol
    Komsomol 17 October 2017 14: 05
    Yes, damn it ... The cruisers were adopted by the Navy .... Do not write news such more here, one upset ..............
    1. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 17 October 2017 14: 08
      Quote: Komsomol
      Do not write news such more here, one disorder ..............

      Then, there won’t be anything special to write about .. Nothing, I hope we will reach the cruisers.
      1. Komsomol
        Komsomol 17 October 2017 14: 15
        I would like to, Bratishk ... hi
        1. Monster_Fat
          Monster_Fat 18 October 2017 09: 01
          Yeah, than not an "event". While another nuclear submarine of the Virginia type went into operation in the USA ...
    2. Primoos
      Primoos 18 October 2017 15: 26
      Quote: Komsomol
      Yes, damn it ... The cruisers were adopted by the Navy .... Do not write news such more here, one upset ..............

      Do you need boats? Give you all the iron caput? Yes, more fun. That these boats carry the bulk of the service aren't you interested in? They are the daily sea hard workers.
      1. Komsomol
        Komsomol 18 October 2017 15: 35
        Oh damn it WORKS SEA-
        I was not too lazy, I found ... A Brigade of Ships for the Protection of the Water District of the Baltic Naval Base of the Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet ...
  2. Monarchist
    Monarchist 17 October 2017 15: 23
    Below the comrade "Komsomol" is upset about the "rook" and to some extent I understand him: what is the contradiction, lose the boat, so a booger. But on the other hand, such “boogers” are becoming more and more popular: some uncles really “love” us and they like our settlement in the North as a lazy mare whip. I am sure that narrow-minded specialists are sitting in certain rooms and are thinking: they should pay a visit to Gadzhievo, and there ....
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 17 October 2017 19: 54
      And how many cruisers were based in Gadzhievo? Forgive my incompetence ... Where from Gadzhievo go on cruisers? Forgive my incompetence ... The Gadzhiev base will not say what. Why are there surface cruisers needed ?! Forgive my incompetence ...
  3. San Sanych
    San Sanych 18 October 2017 08: 22
    The names of Magomed Gadzhiev and Sergei Preminin should be called corbles of a more solid displacement