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Who needs a bush "Patriot"?

Who needs a bush "Patriot"?

Attention! You are a participant in a social experiment. You are offered a choice of two approaches in the visualization of the people's feat. Take a deep breath, exhale, close your eyes, open your eyes, now we will begin. Participation in the experiment can damage your mental health!

So, let's start.

Before you photo. This illustration is called "Monument to a healthy person." You see a green hill, its normal people call it the Mamayev Kurgan, on the hill stands a sculpture depicting a woman with a sword. "Motherland" - for normal people.

And now - attention. You are required to maximum concentration. Before you photo. It is called "Monument to an unhealthy person." It makes no sense to describe this composition, you yourself see everything.

Thank you for your participation. The experiment is over. If you have an overwhelming desire to send the authors far away, congratulations, you are a normal person.

Now, despite the obvious initial crap that was simply necessary, we continue.

Do you remember this scandal with the Patriot park in Sevastopol in the winter of 2017? We recall. In three words.

Read voiceover:

“The surgeon, who is on the tick and in the skin, from 2011, cherished the mountain, which everyone calls Gasforta in honor of the general of the Crimean War. The Ministry of Defense, having listened to the Surgeon, wanted to build a branch of its giant-man-owned Patriot park on 267 hectares.

There were disgruntled lawmakers from Sevastopol headed by a man in a sweater (distantly similar to the people's mayor A. Chaly) and in one voice said “No pasaran Patriot and minoboroni”, and they “made” the Crimean spring, they can.

It turned out that juniper bushes on Gasfort are actually red book.

The Ministry of Defense looked at this circus and reluctantly invested 3 billion in Patriot. All went to catch their breath and smoke.

After some time, the person of the person in the sweater declared that they would build a sports park on the site of the not-built Patriot Park, and that juniper bushes are not red book at all.

Then a man in a sweater appeared again and declared that the Patriot would be just right on the 30 coastal battery, the park is needed, and you just need to reconsider everything from beginning to end.

True, no one was embarrassed that the 30-I battery is not a museum at all, but an operating object.

The acting governor, who already knew that he was not at all, supported this idea, and a couple of days before the elections, he opened Patriot Park on an abandoned part of the 30 battery.

Final credits, thank you all, disagree?

But no.

Seriously, Aleksey Chaly, regarding the construction of the park on Gasfort, said: “I think that this project cannot be implemented at this place, it must be implemented in another.”

And then there was a proposal to move to the North side and build a park there.

Many media outlets noted in this proposal that the Patriot had dried out 130 times - from 267 ha on Gasforte to 2 ha on the 30 battery.

The figure for comparison: the area of ​​the park "Patriot" in the Moscow region - 5 414 ha. Five thousand four hundred and fourteen hectares.

It is clear that even 267 ha on Gasfort in comparison with the “Patriot” is so, a public garden. But 2 hectares ...

It was immediately clear that the political will of the opponents of the park “overwhelmed with a cry” the will of supporters, and mainly, the Black Sea Fleet Commander A. Vitko and the Ministry of Defense in general.

The idea of ​​a hasty discovery of the Patriot park at the place of the abandoned part was “conquered” by the former acting O. D. Ovsyannikov.

He told the media: “Together with the commander of the Black Sea fleet Alexander Vitko <...> approved the layout of facilities on the first site of the park - the 30th coastal battery. "

And already September 8, for 2 the day before the election itself, D. Ovsyannikov made the same solemn discovery with a pomp and a breakfast at 300 schoolchildren. Thus, the victory of opponents of "surgical" intervention in the politics of Sevastopol on 3 billion rubles recorded in the form of a strange section, which was called the park "Patriot".

At the opening, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet A. Vitko and the chairman of the legislative assembly E. Altabaev unanimously stated to the cameras that the Patriot park would be 5 clusters (the fashionable word “cluster” can be replaced with the usual “piece”) located in different parts of Sevastopol :

1. 30-I coastal armored battery on the Mekenzievoy mountain.
2. Militaryhistorical complex "Sevastopol Bay".
3. "Central" (exhibition pavilions, open areas for the demonstration of technology and mass events).
4. Balaklava underground strategic facilities (submarine base, storage of nuclear ammunition, as well as a diving complex).
5. The tract Alsou.

Without a clue, the eye is able to catch some fragmentation in the new project of the Patriot without a hint. And the inveterate conspiracy theorist will see in this the realization of the Caesarian Maxim "divide and conquer." Seekers of the beautiful will simply admire the beauty of the original “divide et impera” and go on to take their turn at the local history museum.

Or participate in the exciting patriotic quest "Collect" Patriot "in one day."

Now, we hope, the foolish photomontage on the second photo is clear to you.

Meet the bush "Patriot".

For clarity, we present a photo of the torn off project of the Patriot Park on the Gasfort Mountain.

And this is at the saved scale of the new “Patriot”. We recommend using the functionality of "Magnifier".

The imposition of one object on another shows the degree of drying up the idea of ​​"Patriot".

And if you add to the size of the "Patriot" distant location from the tourist routes, add up with the concept of atomization (translation - discord into atoms), then you can derive an amazing formula: "How to destroy the project."

Let's go to the park"!

We entered the territory ... as it were, rather, the place “Patriot” from the side of the tower battery. A hill dug in with trenches is like the back part of a “park”.

This is the 30 battery itself, the active object of the RF Ministry of Defense, enclosed by barbed wire.

Sports ground and antenna city in one - this is inevitable, given the small size of the territory.

This is the facade of the object - a banner stretched on a building with peeling plaster. The facade alludes to innovation and modernity, isn't it?

This is the park parade ground. Here you can see what was (in the background) and what will happen (in the front).

Continuation of the parade.

This is a legacy from the once-operating military unit.

Alley leading to the monument to the gunners of the 30 battery.

Luxurious, isn't it? And now the mayor of Sevastopol solemnly opened this place, proudly calling it Patriot Park.


The evil genius who forced the Defense Ministry to apply the “do what you want, just roll back” formula to the Patriot park deprived Sevastopol of the opportunity to have a unique cultural and patriotic center, the only one in the Southern Federal District. According to the project, it even had to house a branch of the presidential library, as well as leisure areas for the whole family.

The conception of a patriotic upbringing object scattered around the city, which is being implemented, will create a lot of difficulties for tourists who plan to see all the pieces of the Patriot in one visit to the Crimea.

Please note that the fleet commander Vitko speaks openly about the search for equipment to be placed in all the clusters. That is, everyone is happy with everything.

Let's see what happens. It will be especially interesting to see the technique of the times promised by the admiral. first defense of Sevastopol. That is 1855 of the year. With the second defense, everything is clear, there is no doubt that it will be found, but there are doubts about the first one.

Okay, let's miss these promises, in the theater of the absurd is not a sin and to make a reservation.

The fact is that there will be no single center of patriotic education in Crimea. And there will be clusters.

And if everything will be the same as on the “Patriot bush”, then the savings will be guaranteed, and at a frantic scale.

The builders of the “park” are already faced with logistical difficulties - it is more difficult to carry out construction and repair work at five points scattered around the city than in one with convenient access.

Following the “traditions” of the leadership of the military memorial cemetery on the 35 battery, next season the quest “Get the patriot piece by piece” can become popular among young people. Recording participants is about to begin ...

In no way do we criticize either the Ministry of Defense or the authorities of Sevastopol. September of this year 10% of voters who came to the polls voted for the governor of Ovsyannikov 71 of September of this year. It came, however, only 34% of the total number of voters.

Nevertheless, the mayor of Sevastopol Ovsyannikov, who was elected by an almost absolute majority of residents who came to the polls, confidently pursues a policy that says that the Crimea did not need the original idea of ​​the Patriot park, even if not on such a scale as in the Moscow Region.

We can only come to terms with this regrettable fact. And express the hope that the Red Book junipers will not suffer during the construction of the tourist complex and equestrian center.

Well, carefully monitor how the authorities will water and fertilize a two-hectare patriotic bush. Suddenly, what will grow?
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 October 2017 06: 55 New
    Frankly - I do not know how to respond to the article. But the fact that everything is not right with the authorities in Crimea is becoming noticeable.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 18 October 2017 07: 21 New
      in some, the “patriotism of the brain” is going through the scale, taking on the most perverted forms.
    2. garx
      garx 18 October 2017 07: 25 New
      In Crimea, just like in Ukraine, the formation of power is underway, but unlike Ukraine, in Crimea everything will be settled faster!
    3. Finches
      Finches 18 October 2017 09: 36 New
      The best Patriot fleet for the Crimea is a couple of three active full-blooded divisions: two motorized rifle divisions, one tank ... and a Rosguard brigade, for men in sweaters ... To the habitat area of ​​the most odious Tatars is not a monument, but a real train with heats in pairs ... Just in case ... And calm down! laughing
    4. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 18 October 2017 11: 31 New
      It's simple, colleague. Where loot is shared, there is no place for patriotism. And they divide, already the crunch costs (juniper).
      "I will tell you a big secret - nobles, unfortunately, there are no honest ones." (King and the Clown)
      1. AUL
        AUL 18 October 2017 17: 24 New
        So why be surprised, the land in Crimea is worth its weight in gold. So interests clashed!
  2. Alex_59
    Alex_59 18 October 2017 08: 10 New
    The evil genius who forced the Ministry of Defense to apply the formula “do what you want, just fuck off” to Patriot Park deprived Sevastopol of the opportunity to have a unique cultural and patriotic center, the only one in the Southern Federal District.
    I doubt that Sevastopol lost at least a gram of its unique history and atmosphere. Personally, I have enough facilities for raising the cultural level and patriotism in Sevastopol. And if Patriot Park appears even in the "surgical" version, then in the lineup for a visit it will not be in the top ten in my personal rating for sure.
    The conception of a patriotic upbringing object scattered around the city, which is being implemented, will create a lot of difficulties for tourists who plan to see all the pieces of the Patriot in one visit to the Crimea.
    Frivolous. During a week of being in Crimea, I visited the 35 battery, Balaklava, Sudak fortress, Bakhchisarai palace, Chufut-kale, Malakhov Kurgan, Khersones museum, cape Fiolent, Mikhailov battery, and still managed to swim and sunbathe. It would be a desire.
    1. Serg65
      Serg65 18 October 2017 10: 01 New
      hi Welcome Alex!
      Quote: Alex_59
      Personally, I have enough facilities to enhance the cultural level and patriotism in Sevastopol, and so

      And note, many of them are in poor condition, i.e. to that, what we have of mind we cannot give, but we are burning with the desire to get something mega-huge !!!
      1. Alex_59
        Alex_59 18 October 2017 11: 17 New
        Quote: Serg65
        And mind you, many of them are in poor condition,

        request For example, what? Maybe I didn’t see something.
        1. Serg65
          Serg65 18 October 2017 13: 26 New
          Quote: Alex_59
          For example, what?

          For example, Alex 1-th bastion on Karabelka

          Monument to Admiral Istomin, at the place of his death .... he was on the hill.

          Monument to the fighters of the 8th Marine Brigade on Aziz-Ob

          Monument to the soldiers of the 134th howitzer artillery regiment of the 172th rifle division of Colonel I. Laskin

          Mass grave of soldiers of the 2-th Guards Army.

          And there are many such monuments around Sevastopol!
          Quote: Alex_59
          Maybe I didn’t see something

          Maybe tourists are not taken there!
          1. Alex_59
            Alex_59 18 October 2017 14: 33 New
            Quote: Serg65
            Maybe tourists are not taken there!

            Well, you give what a tourist I am. Tourist it somehow even sounds insulting. I’m going to Sevastopol to my home, my sister lives there, my uncle and aunt are on Kalf. Nobody drives me, I crawl myself. But I really didn’t get to these places. Of the monuments I met in disastrous condition was Lazarev’s house on Fiolent. But on the same Fiolent, for example, the grave of Private Romanov or a monument to the gunners of the 18 battery looked well-groomed. I also remember the objects of the 623 battery painted with graffiti, but inside it is quite clean (by our Ural standards, since I’m used to detect sewage of biological origin and landfill in waste water, this isn’t here). Yes, these memorials are somehow forgotten. All attention is apparently thrown to the untwisted ones - the 35 battery, the base of the submarine in Balaklava. It is painted clean.
            In general, I agree, there is something to work on.
            1. Serg65
              Serg65 18 October 2017 14: 58 New
              Quote: Alex_59
              Tourist it somehow even sounds insulting.

              what Without thinking, I ask Pardon!
              1. Alex_59
                Alex_59 18 October 2017 21: 13 New
                Quote: Serg65
                Without thinking, I ask Pardon!

                C'mon, all your drinks laughing
            2. Dedall
              Dedall 18 October 2017 22: 52 New
              And I only rested several times in the Crimea during the Soviet era, but then they simply didn’t let me go to Sevastopol. And now on my retirement only on foot and move around. So all these policies are gone!
  3. Nonna
    Nonna 18 October 2017 08: 16 New
    I spend the summer in Sevastopol for a year - my sister lives there. There is no Russian government there. Absolutely all officials, starting from the passport office, work according to Ukrainian time. With land in Sevastopol in general, complete mess and redistribution But the people there are wonderful. Patriot Park saw - a wretched sight.
  4. VadimSt
    VadimSt 18 October 2017 08: 19 New
    Damn, they haven’t built anything yet, they haven’t opened it, but here everyone is criticizing and discussing! Right, the hadron collider, according to the clash of public opinion, like - I live in Khrushchev, it’s bad, they were going to demolish Khrushchev, it’s also bad.
  5. Ostromirov
    Ostromirov 18 October 2017 15: 49 New
    The author is absolutely right.

    A place near Mount Gasfort is not even a suburb of Sevastopol. It is out of town. In fact, on the “roadside” of the highway to Yalta, that is, to the entire South Coast.
    And a few kilometers from the Sevastopol – Simferopol and Sevastopol-Yevpatoriya highways from the “Sapungor ring”. And that means - in CONVENIENT accessibility for all Crimeans and guests of the peninsula and without any infrastructure load on Sevastopol itself.

    Small-town attempts to build a cripple “under the Patriot” on some “clusters” are short-sighted stupidity. And for Russia, and for the peninsula, and for Sevastopol and for the education of Patriotism. Because the proposed places for clusters are speculation on already “ready-made” historical objects, some of which, for example, the land clearing in the “Alsu tract”, are in a state that has been destroyed and not safe for visitors. By the way, this object is located almost next to the place proposed for the Patriot Park.

    For the essence of the Patriot Park from the Ministry of Defense is, first of all, a single military-technical and historical-patriotic space with well-thought-out logistics for guests visiting it.
    And not running around, sticking out, especially in the summer, the tongue along the clusters tens of kilometers apart.

    So, I would like to thank Altabaeva, Chalom and Vitko for the fact that they have perverted the POWERFUL State idea into squalor of rickety clusters.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 20 October 2017 23: 09 New
    Near Moscow Patriot, this is Kazhugetovich’s favorite toy ... chop off such areas, and then drive graduates from all over Moscow there to justify all this, a strong move ...