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Qatar will buy combat training aircraft Hawk

BAE Systems Corporation for the first time indicated that an intergovernmental agreement of intent (Letter of Intent) signed by Qatar 17 of September on the acquisition of 2017-x multi-purpose fighters Eurofighter Typhoon also provides for the purchase of Hawk AJT X-train fighters, reports bmpd.

Combat aircraft BAE Systems Hawk AJT Mk 166, built for the Oman Air Force.

Qatar’s intention to acquire six Hawk AJT aircraft has not been reported previously.

Kaktar currently has Pilatus PC-25 turboprop aircraft and six old Alpha Jet E high-performance training aircraft for training pilots of 21 aircraft. For replacement of the latter, apparently, it is planned to purchase Hawk AJT aircraft.

BAE Systems also warned of upcoming cuts at its facilities.

“The company's plant in British Bro (East Yorkshire) is now building Hawk AJT aircraft for Saudi Arabia’s orders (44 aircraft, deliveries started in 2016 year) and Oman (eight Hawk Mk 166, deliveries started in 2017 year), which will ensure that it will load up to 2018 of the year. However, a new order for six aircraft for Qatar Hawk AJT may not be enough for BAE Systems planned to maintain the production line of these aircraft in Bro at least until 2021 of the year, ”the corporation’s communiqué for investors said.

BAE Systems warned of upcoming job cuts at its facilities due to insufficient orders for the prospect of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets and Hawk AJT combat training aircraft. In total, over the next three years, about 2-thousand employees will be reduced.
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  1. oldseaman1957
    oldseaman1957 16 October 2017 13: 26
    It would be better if we bought our Yak-130. No worse.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 16 October 2017 13: 42
      Quote: oldseaman1957
      It would be better if we bought our Yak-130. No worse.

      And twice cheaper! But, to sell planes, these are not the shares of the oil and gas company Rosneft to push on the bottoms, to the same Qatari people.
  2. Arikkhab
    Arikkhab 16 October 2017 13: 41
    HAWK has been produced and sold since 1974 (!) This is for fans to cry about "morally obsolete Russian aircraft"
    1. Großer feldherr
      Großer feldherr 17 October 2017 01: 31
      Do not confuse combat vehicles and training, among which piston aircraft of the construction of the times of World War II are actively used.